ySense Review

ySense Review ,If you are looking for online jobs and want to earn money ySense can be a good choice for you.ySense is a GPT site ( i.e get paid to). It is one of the trending and genuine websites to earn money from home.

ySense Review

Based on our ySense Review You can earn rewards and make money on this site by taking surveys, completing some basic tasks, shopping, and many more.

For every successful task, you will be rewarded.

Now if you are questioning the legitimacy of the site I would like to reassure you that ySense is a legitimate survey site. It has many trusted survey clients and systems.

In its initial stage, it started as a PTC site ( pay to click ) but later on, in the year 2017, it became a GPT site (get paid to). From the year 2017 ySense staff focused more on payment per task, surveys, and microwork.

The ySense staff has been operating since the year 2007 and has always paid its users efficiently and quickly.

It also claims to have issued over 40 million dollars as payments to its users.

ySense supports its use for free registration on the site and is also available in all countries all over the world.

Recently in Aug 2019, they made big changes like they rebranded themselves and moved to a new domain(

How to get started with ySense?

Registration on ySense is a really easy task. It only takes some minutes for your registration and you can get started with it immediately.

Based on our ySense Review ,If you want to register yourself with ySense you should follow some steps that are given below:

  • Step 1. Firstly you have to visit the ClixSense or ySense official website. When you open the website you can see a Dropbox to your right asking for your email and password.
  • Step 2. Click on Dropbox and fill out your email address and a password you want then click on the Join Now button. Then enter some details asked like your name, username, last name, etc.
  • Step 3. When you fill out all details click on the button join now again and a privacy statement page will appear on the screen.
  • Step 4. Read the privacy policies carefully and then click on agree and continue option.
  • Step 5. When you agree and continue further a confirmation mail will be sent to you on your Gmail account. Verify your mail and then you will be successfully registered under ySense.
  • Step 6. After you verify your email a sign-in drop box will appear again. Put in the details like your email and password and you can sign in to your account.

how to earn money on ysense

The main work of these kinds of sites is to earn money from surveys but on ySense you can earn money and rewards through many activities.

It’s not only surveys but activities like watching videos, completing tasks, and many more things. Some activities are listed as follows:

  • Paid surveys– You can earn money on ySense by taking surveys. One nice thing about ySense is that although the page is in English the surveys will be shown in your native language.
  • can provides you plenty of surveys on daily basis. The surveys depend on country, salary, age, etc.

One thing to keep in mind before taking any survey is that you have been allowed to earn money because researchers need your valuable information. In any survey, you do take your time and read the questions carefully. Try to answer all the questions truthfully and accurately.

Sometimes if you are not honest and your answers are not useful you may get disqualified and kicked out in between the survey. You will not get any rewards or payment for that. Most of its surveys pay immediately if you are eligible except for some who have a red flag and pay after 30 days of completion.

If you want to get maximum surveys on your account keep on completing the surveys one by one and more surveys will be listed in your account fast.

how to work on ysense

  • Cash offers- ySense has a section that is full of paid offers. Through this, you can get access to a large number of different offers offered by ySense. In this section basically, a person can earn by completing some tasks like:
  • Registration for different sites
  • Mobile apps installations
  • Earning money by playing online games
  • By watching videos

Once you complete a cash offer task you will earn some ClixCents in your account. But before completing any kind of task make sure to read their terms and conditions carefully and the exact task you need to do earn your reward. These offers can boost up a person’s income very fast. Some of these offers give small rewards but some provide bigger rewards so it is suggested to check the offer page regularly.

  • Appen or Micro online tasks- You can also earn through some online tasks- known as Appen tasks. The leading companies that provide crowdsourcing solutions are Figure Eight and the former Crowdflower.

These kinds of web development companies get work from websites, organizations, and different companies and break them down into small and easy tasks that are known as micro-jobs. These tasks pay higher rewards but they are not that easy.

The micro-jobs usually take less time but if they are taking time then the reward will also be higher.

As you do more tasks you will gain more trust and opportunities and you can also gain higher-paying tasks.

Watching videos- The new method of earning on ySense is ySense watch. In this section, you earn money by watching some videos.

You just have to choose your preferred video topics.

Ysense Referal Program

  • ClixSense or ySense affiliated programs- ySense allows you to earn money even without any kind of referrals, but an affiliate program can maximize your earnings. Even if you refer this site to anyone and they don’t remain active you will not earn anything. You can only earn if the other person remains active.

At the start, you will earn a 20% commission on the earnings of the other person. If you have more than 100 people referred and that too is active you will earn 25% as commission from that person’s earning and if it’s more than 200 people you can get a 30% commission.

How to withdraw money from ySense?

Pay-out methods of this site were changed when it was rebranded. The minimum payout value is 10 dollars.

There are 6 ways to withdraw your earnings:

  • PayPal- With PayPal the options to withdraw balance start from 10 dollars.
  • Amazon Gift vouchers- If you choose gift vouchers the withdrawal balances are 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 50 dollars, or 100 dollars.
  • Reward Link- With the reward link the minimum withdrawal balance is also 10 dollars.
  • Skrill ( formerly known as Moneybookers )- With Skrill, the minimum withdrawal balance is 5.05 dollars.
  • Payoneer- With Payoneer the minimum withdrawal balance is 52 dollars.
  • Steam- The minimum withdrawal balance from Steam is 50 dollars.

You can also get discount vouchers from many companies such as Amazon, App Store, eBay, Play Store, Adidas, Nike, Uber or Xbox, etc.

Can ySense be operated from your cell phone or mobile?

most people use phones instead of laptops and PCs. So people find an app that can also be operated from their cell phones.

Many of these kinds of websites are not cell phone friendly but ySense is very convenient and can be easily used on your cell phone too.

YSense is also available on the Google Play Store for Android users. Just because it’s an app you can easily fill up your surveys without any interference and you can earn money on the go.


Based on our ySense Review ,There are many GPT (get paid to) sites in the market but not all of them are legit.

Some of them can also be a scam or illegal. So people get worried about their legitimacy.

But I would reassure you that

  1. is ysense legit

    ySense is a legit site that helps you to make money legally. If you are thinking of earning some extra money in your spare time you can use this site.

  2. is ysense a scam

    ySense is one of the biggest companies in this field and has had over 7 million members who joined their community.

  3. What is ysense

    ySense is also popularly known as ClixSense. It is a company that started in California in the year 2007.

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