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Is yougov Legit ? Yougovis an international business company based on market opinion research on internet surveys. Its head quarter in London U.K and founded in May 2000 by Stephan Shakespeare.

They have six million member around the world. With its huge acceptance and public demand,

In April 2005 YouGov established as public venture and set down substitute finance marketing.

Is Yougov Legit

YouGov is preferably genuine and most reliable authentic survey website because of en cash this website. People can earn few points then they  get those points .

It simply adds a descent amount by just clicking and contributing in surveys. It basically works on public opinion. We can make a lot of money with these simple surveys by answering simple questions like banking, marketing, politics and so on.

It consist of 25-30 question and just took around 15 minutes to complete. Once you complete the survey you can redeem your points and use them in many ways.


First of all you, if you want to earn money; start your account from this site, which is absolutely   easy and free. Sign up with your email address along with password, after that you get a verification code on email. When you confirm your verification code, you will be able to register for this website

After completing the registration you are directly allowed to receive survey by your email. You can receive 5-6 surveys in a week.

Yougov asked very simple questions, Mostly asked questions are based on politics basically wants to analyses people’s perception on daily matters. 

Completing the Yougov Survey

Survey does not get much bigger it takes 10-15 minute in one survey but on every survey you make money

 Once you get involved and taking part in the survey, you start getting points for each survey which you can redeem for prize money or you can get your points cashed through Paytm by entering your paytm number.


Yougov also has its own app for iphone  as well as android users from where you can start survey. You will get a notification on the app whenever you get a new survey


However this website has different age criteria from country to country

Minimum requirement of age to making survey is 18 years, but U.K peoples apply in the age of 16 years and for U.S peoples the minimum age is 14 years. 


There are several ways of making money from yougov. Here are some of them.

  1. Taking survey when you get notification in your email. They ask your opinion on 10 line chart.
  2. Referral programme for every person that join yougov via your unique referral link and complete 6 surveys. You will receive 200 points
  3. Monthly prize – you have an option to make monthly prize to draw  cash or prize
  4. You can easily redeem your points into gifts, however it takes 2-3 week to redeem
  5. In several countries this website provide lottery by changing points to win


YOUGOV is a legitimate website where one can earn a descent amount by just sharing simple opinion. In India the bottom amount to withdraw is 5000 points after you gain this point you are allowed to cash your amount via paytm. This is as simple as that without any hurdle. Ihence yougov is Legit



  1. The disqualification rate is very low
  2. They have different options when it comes to redeem the points by gift cards or cash
  3. Referral programme
  4. They have an app to allow you to access, so you can take the survey from app
  5. Explore your point of view about interesting topics


  1. Minimum cash out threshold is very high
  2. It takes a while to receive your gift card
  3. Sometimes its surveys are so big and boring that the time is wasted
  4. In single survey you hardly got very few points


Is yougov Legit These Surveys are collected by YouGov website.  One survey brings about 2000 responses. They are also allowed to see on the website, you can also see the survey done by finding how it is used. They collect the data and store the information. This data helps in often ways in   analysis which benefit global market. They also published the survey in each month by media in daily newsletter mail. It shows how authentic and genuine it is.


Yougov survey is a very good website especially in this pandemic where no one is well pleased with the circumstances. Everyone is forced in this situation

benefits of this Youguv Survey

  1. It helps in digital future investment which generate some descent amount along with settled work
  2. Easy to make passive income with less time and effort. One can do survey at no time cost
  3. It helps in financial crisis, where everyone facing pandemic effects.
  4. Easy to work from home as best future earning source
  5. Explore our very own opinion and make participating in global research and development yougov Legit definitely

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