Wufoo review

Wufoo review ,Wufoo is an amazing online form builder. It is the easiest and fastest way to build online forms which lets you to design online forms. With Wufoo’s features you can get your online form up and running within a few minutes. When you design your online form using Wufoo, it will automatically build the backend, database and scripts that is needed to make collecting and understanding your data fast, easy and fun. With Wufoo, no coding is required its forms are fully customizable and ready to do your command. 

Wufoos features

  • Build and customize online forms: Wufoos powerful features offer you to build great online forms without writing a single line of code.
  • Form builder: You can build online form very easily using Wufoo’s award winning drag ‘n drop form builder. You will not get any easier option of form building than this.
  • Theme designer: Wufoo offers you to customize or design your own online form. You can also use one of the ready to go themes as per your needs.
  • Custom branding: You can also add logo and brand elements of your organization to your own online form, so that it looks different and attractive.
  • Collect data, files and payments: Collect files and payment that you need on your terms. Insert your form onto your own website or else you can share it using the direct link.
  • File uploads: Wufoo do not share your personal data you need. You can access your data whenever you need and collect all types of files through your form, right from your account.
  • Accept payments: Do you have an online store? Or are you collecting donations or even event fees? Associate your form with one of the most popular payment providers that Wufoo integrate with and get paid.
  • Real time notifications: You will get notified the moment when someone completes your form. Wufoo can send you text or email so that you never miss a beat.
  • Automate workflows to save time: Wufoo provide you with hundreds of integrations and uncountable ways to automate workflows, you can save your time by spending less time on tedious tasks and focusing on more important things.
  • Integrations: You can link your form data with other business tools. Wufoo have dozens of native integrations and more than 1000 of good friends at Zapier, so that you can get the most of the form entry.
  • Workflows: Automate workflows for which your data comfortably move to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing automation system and many more.
  • Branching and logic: based on our Wufoo review ,Put the rules which customize the visitors form filling experiences. You will be recompensed with top notch reactions and delighted form takers.
  • Make sense of your data: Examine your data with simplicity and in the way that suits you the best.
  • Custom reports: Recognize your data like a boss by using Wufoo’s one of the out of the box reports or build your own custom data right in your own account.
  • Data export: Do you prefer to work in spreadsheets? No problem. Transport your data and start analyzing the responses on your favorite spreadsheet software just in seconds.
  • Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure: Wufoo is a part of SurveyMonkey. It provides state of the art security measures so that your data is safe all the time.
  • Smart CAPTCHA: Wufoo’s CAPTCHA integration intercept your forms from receiving spam, so that you can have a confidence about the security of your data.
  • 256-Bit SSL encryption: No one can break Wufoo’s encryption. All of the data on Wufoo’s forms are fully protected with 256-bit SSL encryption before they are transferred to its server.
  • Data fortress: Wufoo’s servers live in system in a chip, type II inspected data centre in the United States with the industry leading security measures.

Advantages of Wufoo

Wufoo lets you especially the digital marketers to analyze, collect and recall the data which has lost or never been recorded with the traditional email systems. Executing a web based form presenting software is an extremely effective and easy way to collect data, stay informed or produce better marketing or advertising decisions.

Here is a list of some advantages of Wufoo that you definitely look at:

  1. Wufoo is very easy to navigate: Wufoo has an easy to navigate option which has dashboard with easy to find option.
  2. Wufoo forms will integrate very smoothly with your website: The form made by Wufoo can be placed or submerged nearly everywhere. based on our Wufoo review ,And if you know what exactly are you doing, then you can even customize the design and look of the form by operating the HTML Wufoo which generates after creating the form.
  3. Wufoo forms have forwarding options and customizable notifications: based on our Wufoo review It allows the users to create customize notifications and receive those notifications through multiple methods. As for example, you might receive an email notification like this:

From: (The Administration) 


Subject: (First name) (Last name) has a question about (The Administration)

Also, these notifications can be forwarded to a uncountable number of people. So it is not a problem, if you are a owner of a business and just trying to stay in the know, you can easily get a copy of your lead submission or customer satisfaction survey outcome.

  1. Wufoo has automatic database entry: There are also many other options, Email inboxes are not only place where a form submission’s information is sent. Each of the Wufoo form automatically generates its own database which means with no extra effort each of the form will automatically links itself to a database and this information can be stretched, pulled, used and manipulated to provide you all kinds of cool numbers.
  2. Wufoo forms are easy, quick and customizable: Using Wufoo you can build a form, customize that form and also have the automatic database entry set up in less than 5 minutes. It also uses an amazing drag and drop setup which allows the administrators to build forms while displaying the finished product. It also allows the users to add disclaimers, make certain fields required, CAPTCHAS and even provide custom labels to every field just by clicking around. Digital marketing is actually all about making a educated decision. And the applications like Wufoo lets people advertising or marketing online collect relevant data to help in making a better decision.

Disadvantages of Wufoo

based on our Wufoo review ,The downside of the Wufoo which is the visual elements of its success pages cannot be formatted very easily. The only way of customizing the format is by manually adding the HTML yourself. It’s success pages can also be designed and customized on the basis of form submission through the aforementioned ‘Rule Builder’.

Why should we use Wufoo in spite of creating a HTML custom coded form for your website?

Here are the reasons why you should use Wufoo in spite of using a HTML custom coded form: 

  • Building forms for collecting data takes a lot of time: Forms which are customized to capture information such as online order forms, surveys or registration pages take even more time than a normal custom HTML coding projects and you will have to create all of the database scripts and structures, in addition to customizing the design. It is boring and though you may understand how skillful and talented you have to be to create said forms, chances are, your users will not. But when you use Wufoo’s form, they do all the hard work for you. They build the backend, database and scripts for collecting your data and they host it very securely, freezing you up to focus on drop dead amazing design code you are famous for.
  • You will be able to host and use their XHTML and CSS: based on our Wufoo review Wufoo is a sharer and if you are impressed by their code and want to design, then you will be able to download the XHTML and CSS by just applying it to your site for free. Simply just create your account, then you will be able to download and design your markup and handle your server staff by using their very attractive XHTML and CSS form markup.
  • In spite of coding, try Drag and Drop: You will really enjoy the simplicity and time saving powers of Wufoo’s form builder. In spite of throwing down lines after lines of code in the form, the function drag and drop lets the elements where you want them and also create the form to be as customize as you want. Wufoo also allow you to add in your own HTML touch, but also save yourself some serious time by selecting their form builder for a test drive and it is sure that you will not regret it.
  • Copy and paste their code: Besides being a sharers, Wufoo also has an amazing feature to explore is their share page. If you want to see a survey or form which you think would enhance you site then just copy and paste the code into your website, blog post, email newsletter or social media page. You can also take a zip file of the CSS and HTML code and catch it into your database.
  • Enjoy the benefits of branching and logic, without the hassle of coding it: If you would like to have a dynamic form which follows logic that you have specified, as for example, if people press on one field, you want the form to skip ahead a few pages or you want other field to be hidden. Coding this could take a lot of time even hours, so Wufoo has built it in for you. Save yourself from inconvenience by just using their rule builder to create the logic and branching that you want to incorporate into your forms and focus your attention on other, more glamorous parts of customizing your site.
  • Collect the data that is valid and leave the coding to us: When people fill a form or a survey, their data may not be valid if they do not enter the correct number of characters or do not fill out all of the fields correctly. based on our Wufoo review , This will lets you to save yourself a big time needed for coding each and every validation script by simply just using one of Wufoo’s forms with field validation. Organize your rules: make sure the emails are properly formatted, choose which fields are required and even get prompted when there are errors so that you can keep the conversion rates high.

Is your data safe with Wufoo?

As Wufoo is a part of SurveyMonkey, which is the world’s leading survey software, so it deploys top security services which include the deep expertise of their security team and the state of the art hardware and networking analysis.

  • A true data keeper: Wufoo’s servers live in a System on a Chip 2, type II examined data center in United States, with:
  • Security guard
  • Encrypted offsite backups
  • High end surveillance equipment
  • Biometric recognition
  • Best practices in coding: Wufoo keep your account safe from the backend too. based on our Wufoo review ,They monitor sessions to restrict access to your account as appropriate so that your account is isolated and safe.
  • Fighting against spam: Automated spam is a curse for online forms and is a major problem to many admins. Wufoo’s CAPTCHA integration will give you tools to ensure your user are human and their multiple coding coding checks along the submission process verification in which your responses are coming from people using a web browser.


What is Wufoo

Wufoo is an online tool which is very easy to use and allows you to build and create online form without any coding and programming is required. It also stores and hosts everything which lets you to build form easily

What is Wufoo’s best feature?

Wufoo is a great online tool for creating an online form with many great features. So you must try it and it is for sure that it will not let you down.


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