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Why Should You Sell Merch On Amazon

Why Should You Sell Merch On Amazon , It’s not a new concept to sell personalised t-shirts via the internet. That is true; however Amazon is by far the finest platform. They are presently the largest online clothing store, outselling their nearest competitors by more than $10 billion each year.

  • There are no inventory charges because your “assets” are picture files.
  • (Almost) NO design skills necessary “Attractive” isn’t always what sells on Merch, and there are TONS of tools to make the design process simple for even a newbie like myself.
  • When shirts are purchased, you get paid a royalty -There is no “punishment” for not selling designs (other than individual designs being periodically removed due to no sales).
  • Hundreds of Millions of Amazon Buyers – These are sold on the Amazon marketplace directly.
  • Set Your Own Prices -You decide how much your Merch t-shirts cost, and your royalty is based on a percentage of that cost! Royalties increase when prices rise.

If you assume the royalties must be ridiculously low since the process is so “simple,” you’re mistaken.

In compared to other firms, Merch by Amazon pays pretty well. A $25 t-shirt, for example, will pay you about $12 in royalties. A $25 t-shirt sale on many other sites will only get you approximately $4-6.

It’s feasible to rank any product high in Amazon’s search engine results with the correct keywords. Why Should You Sell Merch On Amazon , All of their items score highly on internet search engines, which mean your t-shirts will obtain organic traffic. If you sell t-shirts on other websites, you may need to perform a lot of self-promotion in order to earn a sale. To attract consumers on Amazon, carefully select your t-shirt topic and keywords.

What Is The Best Way To Make And Sell Amazon Merch?

The process of getting started is simple. You go to the landing page and click the “request for invitation” button. Fill out a short form after logging in with your Amazon ID. Following that, you must play the waiting game. Keep coming back to see what’s new. It’s possible that the welcome email will arrive late.

Make the most of your time. You may perform t-shirt research and refine your designs while you wait for formal admission into the Merch programme. You’ll need to research strong niche keywords and design an eye-catching item of apparel.

The method of making a t-shirt is straightforward. Amazon provides a template that can assist you in sizing your PNG file for t-shirt placement. The ultimate creation procedure is quick and easy:

  • Place your PNG file(s) on the shirt’s front and/or back.
  • Type, colour, and pricing of the shirt may all be customised.
  • Provide a brand name, Amazon title, and product description for your t-shirt.
  • Choose whether to sell to the broader public or through a direct product connection.

It’s truly that simple to get started. If you want to make money, make sure you sell to the general population. Why Should You Sell Merch On Amazon , Although Amazon has made the procedure as simple as possible, you will need good picture software to create the PNG file.

The t-shirt will be printed at 300 DPI by Amazon, thus your PNG file must be 300 PPI (pixels-per-inch). You can only sell ten different t-shirts at beginning. This is the first layer. Amazon will ultimately promote you to tier 2 once you earn 10 sales.

Tier 2 allows you to submit up to 25 designs. From there, the levels progress: 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and beyond. It makes no difference which shirts you sell. You may climb up the tier rankings by selling the same garment 25 times.

Bear in mind that t-shirts can be printed with artwork on both the front and back, however printing a t-shirt with artwork on both sides will cost extra. Your Amazon Merch royalties will be considerably reduced as a result of this.

What Makes A Shirt Profitable?

It’s difficult to define what constitutes a good t-shirt design, but terrible ones are simple to identify. There are several considerations to make.

“The design of a garment is not that important. Some of the most popular tees on the market are text-based and quite simple.”

The use of colour is crucial. It might be the most essential thing to remember, and you should try to make your colour palette as simple as possible. For basic shirts, many outstanding t-shirt designers advocate utilising three colours or less, although you may have more intricate artwork in mind. It’s critical to comprehend the colour wheel. Complementary colours, warm colours, cold colours, and neutral colours should all be considered. Your t-shirt will stand out if you select the right colours.

Make sure your garment isn’t too “busy.”

When designing t-shirt images, it’s tempting to get carried away; yet sales data show that basic designs sell. Your shirt may be too busy if someone has to stare at it for 30 seconds simply to understand it. Your clothes should be clearly identifiable.

People wear graphic t-shirts to draw attention, but confusion is not the type of attention you want to attract with your shirt.

Why Should You Sell Merch On Amazon , Another crucial factor to consider when designing a beautiful shirt is balance. Asymmetry is present in the great majority of effective shirt designs. Although asymmetrical designs aren’t always terrible, the human brain seeks structure.

Always keep in mind, who your shirt is intended for, and keep in mind that Amazon sells the majority of these shirts to persons under the age of 34. It’s never a bad idea to seek advice from your pals.

To Sell Your T-Shirts, Use Keywords

Amazon’s greatest asset is its massive client base. With the proper keywords, you may reach millions of potential consumers. You may include some of these keywords in the product description and title of your t-shirt.

Merch Informer, KWFinder, and Merchant Words are three of best keyword tools.

It might take you days to research long tail keywords. It’s critical to select keywords with less competition. For your investigation, choose “clothes, shoes, and jewellery,” and don’t underestimate the power of Amazon’s autocomplete tool. Any long tail terms found in the autocomplete engine are actual searches made on the site.

A Google search for “Mao Zedong Shirt” turns up 69 results. Shirt searches return a big number of results on the first page, which is beneficial to company. In any search, you want to be on the first page. There are 19 results for “President Jefferson shirt.”

Always double-check your findings’ Amazon ratings. The first result for the Jefferson shirt has a Best Sellers Rank of nearly 300,000. That indicates that this individual only sells a few shirts every week. 

Understanding Amazon Merch Fees

The costs of selling on Amazon Merch vary depending on a number of things.

The shirt’s price – Bigger prices result in higher net payments per shirt.

The style of shirt you select – You may now pick between Anvil and “Premium” shirts. It cost $1.50 extra to upgrade to premium.

Whether your shirt is one-sided or double-sided -Double-sided shirts cost $4.50 more.

The base cost of materials, fulfilment, and manufacture of a shirt is $9.80 as of March 15th, 2017.

There is also a 15% listing fee from Amazon.

Is It Possible To Profit From Amazon Merch?

Yes, Merch by Amazon can certainly help you generate money. Thousands of people have already gotten money from Merch by Amazon for selling clothing. But you’ll have to put in a lot more effort than you think.

Allow me to present three high-earners I investigated.

Neil Lassen

Neil Lassen is the first. his business partner were able to make over $150,000 in 2016. Despite the fact that he didn’t provide any screenshots to back up his claim, I’m confident that he’s been truthful with his profits.

He didn’t explain, however, that the money he received was pure royalty. But even if that weren’t the case, and he just made 13%, that’s still $19,500. Finally, he and his business partner sold the website on Empire Flippers for $73,091.

Elaine Heney

Elaine Heney was able to make as much as $17,000 profit in a single month, which is incredible. She now operates her own website, where she discusses her own experiences and educates people how to make money using Merch by Amazon. In the podcast she discussed how she used Merch by Amazon to sell over $128,295 worth of items at a profit of $53,000 in the first ten months.


Benny is the final one, and his results are far more realistic than the others. He was able to sell 802 goods before the end of 2019 and earned about €2.546, 90 in sales (around $3,000). He kept track of his progress and issued revenue reports. His August 2020 Print on Demand Income Report showed that he earned over $600 in royalties from Merch by Amazon, according to his website.

How Much Money Could You Make If You Started Right Now?

This is a difficult question to answer, especially after reading about some people who have made a lot of money using Merch by Amazon.

Why Should You Sell Merch On Amazon ,The first is from Digital Fodder, who made no money during his seven-day trial. One of the most likely explanations for his inability to earn anything is that he claimed himself to having lost interest in the service. He cited several reasons for his dissatisfaction with Merch by Amazon. The lack of search engine optimization (SEO) features was one of them.

You might ask, isn’t 7 days too short? Well, it certainly is! That’s why I am going to talk about Danny, who after 60 days of attempting to profit from the business; he was able to sell 26 shirts in his second month, netting $121.06. 

Danny, unlike the Digital Fodder man, was able to keep it going until 2018. After more than a year, he was able to make anything from $300 to $1,000 using Merch by Amazon, according to his monthly revenue report.


As you’ll discover in this case study, Merch by Amazon (MBA) is one of the lesser-known internet business concepts, but it’s no less successful.

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s print-on-demand service for custom-made shirts, for those who haven’t heard of it. It was created to assist indie software developers in creating apparel for their games as well as tangible items to sell alongside their virtual games. However, this rapidly changed as marketers raced in to take advantage of Amazon’s massive ecosystem.

To cheat the Amazon algorithm and get all that organic traffic flowing in, the dominant method has been to perform keyword research for shirts that people are currently searching for, build a superior design, and apply some basic on-page SEO for shirt listings.

When you have hundreds of shirts in your catalogue, even modest sales may add up to a sizable monthly revenue stream that is very hands-off in terms of day-to-day operations.

Merch By Amazon Is Not a Bad Way To Make Money At All

How to make money on Amazon merch ,If you’ve been creating shirts and selling them locally (while doing everything yourself), Merch by Amazon is for you . Even if all you did was design the shirts, you’ll be well compensated for every product sold .

However, as previous studies have shown, if you want to make a considerable amount of money with the business, you must stay with it for a long time. Furthermore, there is a lot of effort that goes into the designs you create, such as identifying trends and promoting the product.


So there you have it. I hope that by reading this post, you will have a better understanding of how Merch By Amazon operates. 

Here are some important points to remember-

  • Merch by Amazon allows you to earn money.
  • It is a fantastic option for you if you have a large audience.
  • Merch by Amazon is a site that is exclusively accessible by invitation.
  • To be considered for the programme, you must be a talented designer with innovative ideas.
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