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Whatsapp Survey , whatsapp Launched in 2009, WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows you to share pictures, make voice calls, video calls, messaging and lot more with the help of internet connection. 

With over billion active users, WhatsApp is extremely popular among families and friends who stay in different countries and love to stay in touch. It is quite popular because of its simple and easy to use feature.

WhatsApp works both on I-Phone as well as Android, it is platform agnostic though WhatsApp is not only limited to messaging and doing voice calls, but you can send documents too such as spreadsheets, PDF and slideshows without using e-mail and different document sharing apps. It is an all in one tool. 

Business owners can convert the normal dashboard of the WhatsApp platform to a business account. It organizes your contacts so you can easily find them and also you can set an away message if you are unable to respond to your customer as well as you can create greeting message as an introduction of your business to your customer.

So today we will not only discuss about WhatsApp and its features but also about WhatsApp surveys and how to create one.


To get started with WhatsApp first you need to download the application (works both on IOS or Android) and create an account.

After downloading you will need to enter your phone number to register. Unlike some apps, WhatsApp doesn’t need any username; your number is your identification which means it automatically added to your contact list.

Once registering yourself with your phone number you are all set to use this app. WhatsApp has an easy to use interface and you will get the hang of it quickly. You can now start sending text messages to your friends and family share pictures, also you can do voice call as well as video call with the help of your internet connection. But the voice call can only be done in the mobile version and not in the desktop version.


One of the reasons why WhatsApp is so popular among the people is that it provides end-to-end encryption which means every text messages sent, every voice call or video call done are secured and only the recipient can view your messages no third party can listen in to your conversation.

Also if you want to double up your security then you can set up the two step verification in the WhatsApp setting menu. Here you have to add PIN (Personal Identification Number) to prevent anyone accessing your account. 


Before starting the main topic let’s try to know the basics first. 

What actually is a survey? Well it is a simple question but the answer is complex than many people realizes. Surveys can be in various forms but the most usual is the questionnaire form either online or written. 

Basically a survey or a survey research is the process to conduct research using various methods of survey where the researchers send their survey to the respondent to get their opinion on a particular product.

Researching helps the researchers in getting an insight of their product from the point of view of their audiences. And only a survey can help in researching.

Traditional definition of a survey or a survey research is collecting data from a group of people with the help of survey questions and analysing it. Surveying helps the researchers by providing them insight about the on-going trend in the market for their product.

Survey is the primary step towards getting immediate information about the on-going trends in the market.


After getting an insight about a survey; your next step is conducting a survey. Here are 4 major points on how to conduct a basic survey.

  • Why you want to send a survey
  • Identifying type of respondents to target
  • Number of respondents you need for a survey
  • Choose the correct moment to conduct a survey


The first and the most important thing you should know before conducting a survey is why you want to send it. Does conducting a survey will help you in the long run? What will you gain while conducting a survey? These types of arising thoughts will help you in creating a good survey for your respondents.

For example let’s say you want to know what people think about mango flavoured ice cream. The first thing you need to solve is: why do you want to know about people’s opinion? Is it because you have an ice cream parlour? Or is it because of the summer season?


After getting an idea why you want to conduct a survey the next step is to figure out the type of responses you want to get from your respondents. You can’t just create a survey and send it to every respondent as possible; this will affect you in the long run.  

For example let’s say if you have a Toy Company and the type of questions you create to a 9 year old kid has to be different from the ones you ask an adult person. As the point of view of a kid will be different from an adult person, so you would have to send out two different surveys to them.


Once figuring out to whom you want to do a survey, your next step is to make certain that you have quite an amount of people to ask your questions. Trying to figure out the number of respondents will allow in getting strong basis to make good decision for your business in the long run.

Without targeting the number of audiences and sending surveys to many people as possible will most probably confuse you which later will affect in taking decision for your business.


Choosing the correct moment to conduct a survey might have a huge impact on your business. If the survey launching time is not right this will decrease the percentage of people who you targeted to respond to your survey. 

Say for example if you are targeting young people age between 18-24, who likes to go out on the weekends and you send your surveys on that very same day then you might not get any response, this will lead in decreasing the number of responses for your survey.

So choosing the correct timing is also an important factor while conducting a survey.


Although there are various ways of gathering data for research, but survey method is chosen by researchers for its several benefits. Listing some of the benefits of a survey to let you know if surveys are worth your time.


Online surveys as well as mobile surveys can be created with low investment, even though lots of incentives and gifts are provided; to the respondents for participating in the research study. Compared to paper based surveys online surveys are more economical.


As the respondent’s personal data are kept confidential, this feature makes the respondent answer the survey questions with complete honesty. Researcher who needs unbiased and true answers should mention to the respondents about providing their personal information private. 

High representatives

Survey Research can be conducted on large number of population which is a great way to gather authentic information from different geographical area. As compared to other data gathering methods, survey research is the first choice of every researcher to gather authentic and reliable information.


Due to high representatives it is quite easier to get relevant statistical results by doing survey research, compared to other research method which is beneficial for researcher to get an insight for their study.


As discussed before surveys are a way of gathering information by creating questions for the respondents to get an insight of your business. Survey method is used to get information about your particular products that is provided in the market.

WhatsApp surveys are not different from normal surveys, but these surveys are done via WhatsApp with the help of third party apps such as Google form, Survey Monkey and many more, as WhatsApp doesn’t have any in built feature to create surveys.


As we all know WhatsApp doesn’t have any inbuilt feature to create surveys, which is kind of a drawback of WhatsApp and use the help of third party apps. But people tend to do survey via WhatsApp because of its mobility and you can send your survey on the go without any need of email id’s of your respondents.


  • Navigate to and click blank, you can use the templates provided by Google forms
  • Give your survey a name
  • Click untitled questions box and write your question
  • Tap multiple choice
  • Select an option how you want your question to be answered. For Short answer and Paragraph provide a blank field to fill in
  • Multiple choice will let respondents to select one answer and Checkbox allows respondents to select multiple answer
  • Click the menu and
  • The plus button will add another question in your survey
  • The tt button lets you add description in your survey
  • The photo and video icon allow you add pictures and videos in your survey
  • And the two rectangle icon will let you break your survey in section
  • Repeat the steps according to your need
  • Select palette icon to change the colour of your survey
  • Select the eye icon to preview your survey
  • Select gear icon for survey settings
  • Select send and add your respondents email address if you want to send it via email
  • Select send if you want to share the survey via hyperlink you can find by clicking the link icon.
  • Select < > icon to get code for implanting the survey on a website click.
  • Now you can share your survey link on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Also Google form can be created on your phone too.


There are various applications to create poll on your phone; just download it from your Google Play Store or Apple store. Some examples of polling apps are- Voliz, Pollscape, Poll For All and many more. Install it on your phone, sign in with your email id or phone number and start creating it

  • Give your poll a name
  • Add questions allow single or multiple options to choose
  • Set the date and timing to end a poll
  • A poll link will appear
  • Share the poll link with your contacts via WhatsApp
  • After getting your required responses check the results at your poll link.

These are the way of creating surveys for WhatsApp if you don’t want the hassle of sending your surveys via email addresses.


From the above mentioned topics we come to a conclusion that WhatsApp is really a great way to connect with your friends whether it’s a short distance or a long distance one. You can share music, videos, PDF files and what not. However the only drawback of this app is that it does not provide any inbuilt feature to create surveys. But we did get a solution for that too. 

Google forms and other third party apps such as Voliz, Poll for All, Pollscape etc. came as a blessing for you.

It is an easy and hassle free way to create polls. 

Just make sure that you do not overdo with your survey questions. Keep your questions as simple as possible; don’t ask questions that might hurt your respondent’s sentiment. Also try to keep your questions fresh and interesting, boring questions will bore your audience which will not motivate them to answer your questions with full honesty. 

And finally you are ready to create your own WhatsApp survey.

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