What is online form

What is online form?

An online form or web form is a form on a web page which allows a user to enter data which then sent to a server for processing. Forms can match the database or paper forms because the web users fill up the forms using the radio buttons, text fields and checkboxes. As for example, a form can be used to enter credit card or shipping data to order a product, or can be used to reclaim search results from a search engine. 

Internet connectivity has lighten up all the dark corners of the world. This increased online access has result the collection and analysis of market research data has soared.  This enhanced the use of online form. Whether it is an application for something, a subscription, or an event sign up, you will be asked to complete an online form at some stage during the day. 

Features of an online form

Simple to build

An online form builder offers a secure, an intuitive and a straight forward way to capture data that can be scalable to fit teams of all sizes. You will get the option of using a range of fields in case of collecting whatever data is needed, whether it is multiple, matrix or single text boxes through these tools and there might also be needed to insert rich media files such as videos and images into the forms or allow the visitors to insert documents, as for example, a CV or identification. After completion of your form, you must think about the designs, styles, colors and other elements especially where will it be used?

Online form can be customized and built for a range of functions including reservation for an event, pricing request, registration of new customer or secure orders and short customer surveys also. You will be offered with a variety of distribution options like an auto generated embed code by the effective form building tools. It can be use on websites and even allows you to send a link to the form via SMS or email.

Gather accurate data

An online form maker increases the accuracy, efficiency and standardization. It also reduces the costs. It is confirm that you will be regularly asking about the feedback and it will also ensure that you capture the data which you require to meet you final objective. You can operate the online form on devices such as mobile, tablets, laptops and computers, thus increasing the reach of online form among the people. 

You can ensure that your team is providing the same question each and every time, if you are using the form in a face to face surrounding. This is very useful in many aspects such as dealing with customer complaints, in case of taking an order or even gathering the personal details. This is very advantageous for customer as the customer experience is regulated and it also deletes the risk of forgetting the risk of forgetting to apprehend certain result which might result in having to survey the customer for a second time.

Increase conversion rates

An online form can be submerged into any opening page on your website and have the objective of capturing visitant details at the most relevant time. This might be a new prospect for your sales team or for your foster programs.

The moment data is captured and if the consent is given then the data can be used for regular communications, future marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. For no matter, the online form means that data is apprehended in a proper manner. Except this additional option, it means that the additional steps may need to be taken for converting the visitors and increasing the chance that they will quit the site without providing any details.

You will also find an additional automation for form which requires a quick response, such as, customer service help or call back requests, is what you can setup email triggers for forwarding the data into a customer service team or helpdesk. This will help you to clear up your problems and manages enquires faster and more efficiently than before.

Full control

The factor such as the number of fields, placements of your form and choice of color schemes not only provides everything up to the mark with your branding, but also increases the conversion rates accordingly. Online form will definitely perform better than the forms that look out of place or ask for more details than is needed. A proper and well designed online form will grow the amount of trust of the users, meaning the users are more likely to feel that their data is going safe and only used as they wanted. The colors and the front inserted on the form can be customized accordingly so that it matches the brand guidelines.

In case of online forms, the number of question asked, length of the form and the number of question asked all play a great role in increasing the performance. As this is an editable online form so you can easily optimize the design, the format and the question field as you want to result in a greater return on your overall investment.

Data use

Online form offers you to capture your data in a secure and consistent manner. The time when the requested information is captured, it is safely stored and ready to be accessed by the selected users. These reduce the stress and provide a mental peace that your data is safely stored and as paper forms it will not be misplaced or lost.

Digital storage is very safe and reduces the risk of data loss because the files can be backed up and protected, ensuring that your data is recoverable. It provides you a wide range of options for collecting data for almost all industries and clearly intended to reduce the paper work and increase data security.

To help the researchers, the availability of professional and easy to use survey software has been increased. This has revolutionized the process of creating the online form simple and swift.

Reasons to create an online form


Online form reduces the waste of your money that you need to print the paper forms and postage stamp when you use as online survey templates. 


With online form, there is no need of waiting for the paper questionnaire to be delivered to you. It is time convenient and you can easily create a form using customizable survey template and get feedback almost instantly.

Customer Tailored:

The survey settings can be designed using the customized form so that are not applicable to a particular participants can be skipped automatically depending on their previous answer. This will to get more useful information without the reader having to sort through inappropriate questions.

Easy data handling:

Online forms are acquiring popularity due to their simplicity of data entry and way of processing. The data entered by the participant can be easily evaluated and analysed which reduces the time gap between collecting a data and its evaluation.


Using a online form, a visitor can choose a moment that the visitor feels comfortable to answer the question. The participant can also take more time for providing longer and more detailed answer of the questions.


You can customize the style of your online form so that it matches your brand and remind the visitors about the benefits you provide. You can customize the background, images, layouts, fronts and logo of your form. It looks beautiful as well as innovative.

Easy follow up:

using online form, you can easily follow up the participants by just dropping an email to them. This process is convenient for both you as well as the participants.

Reduced survey bias:

Online form also allows you to design you online survey so that the participants cannot access the next question before answering the first one. This reduces the appearance of survey bias and help in getting accurate results. The online form can also mean that the visitors are more likely to give detailed responses in the anonymous surrounding of the internet, rather than when he is being asked by an interviewer. 

Global sampling:

You can send the survey form to any location just by one click as each and everyone use the internet all over the world. You can get an access to the insights and opinions of over millions all over the world. This helps to get the answer that you want for any survey faster.

More response rate:

Nowadays the rate of using internet is increasing and many people involve themselves in lively debates online. The customers are more likely to respond the online survey form than answering a paper form and this increases the rate of response greatly.


Online form offers many benefits and with the availability of customizing survey templates, the best way of conducting a survey is undoubtedly online. So you must try online form which will let you to get more responses.

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