What is a survey

What is a survey ? Surveys can be of many forms in any field which relate the immense need of the question.

What is a survey

Survey is a research method which collects the set of question in a particular sense of material which gives result or feedback in various topics.

Survey research design are procedure in quantitative research in which investigator make a sample or to the entire population of people to describe the opinion, behaviour, or characteristic.

It simply means population parameters. A particular view of an assumption of a particular group or items in order to quality or quantity, the point is what the requirement of the majority.

The surveys of a grocery store, the surveys of the building, an online survey of the specific website or product, population which is called sensus.

It examine and analysis the record of a person as per their interest, their requirement, their intentions and so on. In small words it is basically an examination of the opinion of a group of people.

Select the type of , prepare questions, then select the targeted audience to hit it after the end you will receive result or feedback in a desirable manner. 

Survey templates

Now artificial intelligence takes the position of men power and ability.

There are enormous results of using free template for making countless individually surveys.

Templates are very convenient to use. Templates are surveys tool with many stimulating features to make iteven better and more attractive.

They are ready and easy to use with less effort. Survey templates as follows

Hub spot tool

  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited responses
  • Automatic transfer customer data into your CRM

Pro prof survey maker template

  1. Number of surveys are unidentified
  2. Number of response is only 10
  3. Analyse survey report graphically
  4. Qualtrics survey tool
  1. form of question are not specified
  2. 100 responses are allowed
  3. Pre – built template facility

Google form template

  1. Unlimited questions
  2. Unlimited responses
  3. Data export facility

Survey monkey tool

  1. Form of making question is only 10
  2. Number of response allowed only 40
  3. Immediate share response via link or embed coding

Type form tool

  1. Number of question allowed only 10
  2. Number of responses allowed 100
  3. Embed surveys as per your choice by text

Sogo surveys template

  1. Number of surveys are unspecified
  2. Number of responses allowed 200
  3. Unlimited questions
  4. Survicate template or tool
  1. Number of it is unlimited
  2. Number of responses unlimited
  3. There are many new customise template available and easy to use.

Survey legend tool

  1. Number of  this is unlimited
  2. Number of responses are unlimited
  3. It has a paid version also which is pro
  4. Many exciting feature in pro version
  5. Free
  1. Unlimited surveys are available
  2. Number of responses are 1000
  3. This tool is used artificial intelligence which has a great feature.

Survey sparrow template

  1. Number of it are available 10
  2. Number of responses are available 100
  3. It has a pro version also which has many exciting feature

Alchemer template or tool

  1. Number of question are unlimited
  2. Number of responses only 100
  3. It gives you 3 free trial

Survey methods

It means to learn steps by steps for making surveys. As it introduces very fast in this new digitalisation world so it also affect its method of making surveys.

Exploring new methods in making surveys is a new trend or demand of the venture.

Creating surveys or making them better in all possible manner are going so fast now a days. 

Types of surveys

  1. Online
  2. Email
  3. Personal
  4. Telephone
  5. Professional
  6. Institution
  7. Global
  8. Product review
  9. Location
  10. Trend
  11. Paper
  12. QR code

Different Survey Types

These are the Different Survey Types.

Online surveys

It means taking answer or review in an online mode via social network. It is an easy and fast method to create and collect data and ready to use. Their results are also very easily available.

Email surveys

It is another way or method to create it You can easily receive survey in just one notification far. You can receive immediate response after the survey has been done.

Personal surveys

the frequently asked question is about your personal inquiry like name, age, sex, date of birth, education, marital status etc. Their intention to gather personal detail and data.

Telephone surveys

different marketing companies create surveys on telephone network to consume and analysis data for various marketing programme. This type is very convenient for the users as well as the creator of the it

Professional surveys

their simple perspective is to ask professional question for further advantage of business and companies for example 

Institution surveys

It gives you variety of surveys about educational query or review. In this type they learn review, optimise brain based learning and personalize theory and socio economic development which relevantly used by institution.

Global surveys

It is the leading type which expanded in market research venture to help others to build a common faith and value to specific market and research. It has wide range in global market research foundation. This type of surveys are quite profitable in any field. 

Product review surveys

– In brand review it set a targeted audience traffic to introduce a brand value and give others a perfect vision and faith for their product.

Location surveys

it provides direction or map review for other to make decision. It also ask market need to make buildings, bridges, railway line, metro network

Trendy survey

created to analyse what and which product or public appearance in demand. It also set an audience to make these kinds of surveys.

Paper surveys

It was very popular when digitalisation were not introduce. As it mention in the heading it was a survey which had done by pen paper method. It hit the selected audience due to paper work.

SMS surveys

It is another and fastest way to collect the data and analyse the report or feedback.

There is no need to utilise extra effort and time. This method was used when surveys were easy and short. For quickly gather information.

QR code surveys

If you have a smartphone then this is quite convincing because you can easily open in an browser and complete on time and easy to publish just need the QR code.

Characteristics of Surveys

it is an exercise or duty to gain knowledge or receive proper report to achieve in the field of it.

Here are some Characteristics of Surveys

  1. Intentions- without carrying the intention or need of the it is prominently wastage of time and effectiveness. Conducting it with an efficient result make them successful and highly productive.
  2. quality- It highly depend its effectiveness how you create and construct a quality with appropriate tool. Questions of surveys should be direct, honest, and highly required information
  3. Detailed research format- This characteristic is the most important ingredient for creating survey. Research should be crystal cleared. One can get all information and analysis report regarding . Detail is necessarily relevant to the context.
  4. Direct hit the traffic- it should be the top most priority for constructing to directly hit the format to the audience. Set your target and directly reached out for further.
  5. Designing instruments for data collection- It obtaining a high response rate. researcher seek high response rate from participants in a study so that they can have confidence in generalizing the result to the population under study.
  6. Sampling from a population- researchers select and study a sample from a population and generalise result from the sample to the traffic.


Everyone is familiar with it. how to create, how to respond and how to use of it.

There are tremendous ways to do or create ,now have a look some examples which help you to understand more easily.

  • Customer satisfaction- In any field customer is a hero. The top most priority is the satisfaction of the customer, so it means the it should be in that manner in which easy for customer to do so and understand very well.
  • Market research- itsurvey should be convincing that it is up to the market expectation. It is very important what the market demand and  need which should be fulfil by the creator
  • Not for profit- This type is for non Profit volunteer and donors which is for charity based to set examples for addressing non profitable academy.

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