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Websites Where You Can Watch Videos Earn Money Online

watch videos earn money  ,Watching videos and making money is not that tough these days. This has become the simplest way to earn money and live a comfortable life. One can spend their free time or spare time watching clips, ads, or videos online to get extra cash apart from their pocket money. 

Websites Where You Can Watch Videos and Earn Money Online

There are many ways to watch videos earn money. They are as follows: 

1. Swagbucks

You can sign up to Swagbucks to earn gift cards, rewards, Swagbucks points, or cash by watching videos, ads, or short clips to earn an extra amount for their pocket money.

One can also earn simply by surfing the sites or finishing the surveys. Surveys are also great ways to earn points or rewards to get extra cash on their side. You may not earn more but this is the easiest way to get rewards or points. watch videos earn money , You can add the bonus to your earning by using special coupons or sign-up or you can go through the guidebook of Swagbucks to get a detailed idea to earn cash or rewards. 

2. Write subtitles for films as a freelancer

You can choose to write for videos streaming online to get experience both for films and freelance content writing. This will enhance the gravity of your CV and will get good job opportunities for a great future.

This is less time-consuming and a great way to earn certain cash or rewards in return. For example, Fiverr is one of the freelance sites for content writing giving a good amount to their writer. The charges may differ from buyer to buyer but it needs to be maintained to compete.

As per our observation, freelancers on Fiverr rate around $4.16 for their work. 

3. Make money watching videos on InboxPounds

InboxPounds also helps the viewer to earn rewards or cash by watching videos online. This is similar to Swagbucks in terms of earning money by using simple ways like watching videos or going through surveys and giving your opinion or thoughts to earn cash.

The more you watch videos the more you get paid for. Again you may not earn a great amount but it will support an extra amount on your side.

Even reading emails or searching on the internet helps you earn cash for the long term. 

4. iRazoo

This is another way to raise money and earn rewards or points by doing simple things like watching online videos, playing games on the sites, or completing the surveys.

The online videos include watching short clips, advertisements of the apps or new brands in the market, teasers or trailers of the movies, other tutorials, and many more. This helps in gaining iRazoo points.

Once you reach near about 3,000 points you can redeem your reward in the form of vouchers or payment done through PayPal. When you sign in for iRazoo you are rewarded with 500 extra points. 

5. Vindale Research

This survey site helps it, viewer, to get paid for watching ads, go through emails and send invitation to friends to watch the same video or ads and earn extra money or rewards out of it.

Once vindale is signed up or joined you can easily visit the videos section and start viewing the videos and collect rewards or points. It has paid near about 7 million dollars to its viewers and per survey one can earn near about $50 as per the observation and analysis.

Vindale research helps in gaining cash amount which can be withdrawn from PayPal and the new member in it can get a bonus of $1. 

6. MyPoints

It is run by the same company which does market research for Swagbucks. Apart from watching ads and surveys, it includes invite friend options or refer a friend, going through emails, and polling options. To get a specific amount one needs to

go through the playlist to watch the videos. The points can be collected by Paypal cash or in form of gift cards. The threshold limit is 700 points i.e $5 to start the earning. When you sign in you can collect a gift card of $10 that gets an extra reward on your side. 

7. InstaGC

InstaGC helps you in redeeming the gift cards when you go through online ads, giving your opinion in surveys, and online purchasing of things. watch videos earn money ,The rewards are given instantly when the payment request is done. You can choose out of 330 gift cards and payment can be done by PayPal cards or Visa prepaid card.

Both the option is valid for payment when required. You can also refer to your family member or other close people to collect some rewards with a minimum threshold of $1. One can play games online to earn cash. 

8. Furious Cash

You get paid in Furious cash via PayPal or direct bank transfer with a minimum threshold of $25. It has given $1.5 million to its members. 

9. ysense

ySense is the best site for rewarding yourself in terms of cash or gift cards by watching videos. To start working in ySense you need to sign up in this beforehand and start earning. It asks only to watch videos and ads to gain the winning amount.

One can get their cash through PayPal, Payoneer, and many more suitable payment sites for viewing and answering the surveys. 

10. Netflix

A lot of people has subscription of Netflix to watch movies, series, and clips. Netflix has an option of taggers in which they watch lots of new Netflix series and mention them in tags. This helps Netflix to view the videos to particular watchers. One can

easily earn $690000 each year by doing so. This job is very particular as Netflix appoints only 30 people to do this task. This is the easiest way to earn in cash and enjoy life. No extra effort no hard work only watching videos and gaining the amount. 

11. AdFun

It is quite different from other sites in terms of rewards. This bidding is done to get the prize money. One can do it by being a part of a group or self. The members interact among themselves via AdFun. In this one can earn money streaming videos online.

Once you start earning money through this you can use it for bidding purposes to win other gifts or prizes. The other people don’t get anything except the winner. The more money or points you have the more you can bid to earn more and make the task easier. Sign-up in AdFun and get to know a lot about it for earning money. 

12. Cointiply

It deals in Bitcoin. When you watch the videos, ads, or other getting involved in other activities it pays in Bitcoin.

Download it and sign-up Cointiply for watching videos, clicking pictures, and many more. It gives Satoshis in terms of gift cards or rewards when the assigned work is completed.

For more information, One million Satoshi make a Bitcoin. This is one of the finest ways to collect or gain bitcoin with a lot of effort. 

13. Perk TV

Perk TV is a site where doing easy work one can earn cash in minutes. One can watch ads, videos, do a search on the internet, and payment is done through Paypal in terms of points or gift cards. The cash can be used via PayPal and one can do purchasing from

Walmart using rewards or gift cards. This is one of the easy sites to earn extra income for a living. 

14. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an app that can be installed on smartphones. One needs to unlock the screen of the phone for streaming online videos or ads. You can easily earn carats viewing videos and ads. For more information, 1000n Carats are equal to $1. After 

every fifteen days, one can earn cash or gift cards via PayPal watching ads. You can easily download it from the Google play store and sign-up to get access to it and know a lot about it. 

15. AppTrailers

AppTrailers makes it easy to earn money by watching videos or ads in our free time. This watch videos earn money helps in earning few points for going through the videos or ads in thirty seconds or a few minutes.

One earns the point via AppTrailers which can be exchanged for dollars via PayPal. 1000 points can be converted to $1. Sign-up for the AppTrailers and earn money with a single click. 

16. Cashpirate

This is the best app to earn money which includes competing surveys, watching videos or ads, downloading and playing games, teasers or product advertisements, or trials.

CashPirate helps in earning 200-300 coins on regular basis. Paypal helps in exchanging 2500 coins for $2.50. One can earn $2.5 per week through this app and is the better way

to win the extra cash on your side. Sign-up and learn more about the CashPirate and win the amount of your choice. 

17. CheeseFree

Download and sign-up for this app to earn money watching videos or ads in your free time. Getting instant cash is easy in few minutes for your pocket.

One can refer it to their family or friends or near and dear one to be a part of it and in return, they can earn extra rewards or gift cards. Easy to refer and make money out of it for both to whom the referral is sent and the one who sends it. 

18. 1Paisa App

1Paisa App is one of the apps which helps in recharging the phone for free by watching videos or ads. Once this app is sign-up click on the free account and starts streaming ads/videos to earn the cash. It suggests installing few apps on your smartphone to earn good money and earn extra cash from it. 

19. Checkpoints

This is also a website like another website to win cash easily without much difficulty. Making money is easy by watching videos, ads, or purchasing things online in your free or leisure time.

it helps in participating in giveaways where one can earn rewards or gift cards too. Sign-up with the Facebook account is much easier in Checkpoints than in any other apps.

Download it and have fun earning money. CheckPoint is easy to access and gain more money in your account.

20. QuickRewards

This is the only site that asks to solve captchas. Like other apps, this also helps in streaming videos or ads online. Each month watching videos and ads one can easily make $20 out of it.

People of the US and Canada are using this most rather than any other country people. QuickRewards helps in earning $5 easily as a maximum amount. 

21. Ibotta

Ibotta is a hassle-free and easy to go website for watching videos and purchasing online. watch videos earn money ,You get coupons from this and watch videos or shopping to redeem the coupons. Ibotta pays $20 as its minimum amount and gets the cash via Paypal easily without any second thought. 

22. CashCrate

Cashcrate is the same as other websites to earn money implementing less effort in watching videos or ads to make easy money.

Things are not randomly on the websites. One needs to type the number that displays on the screen which makes sure that the user is watching the ad in real terms.

This is the great and best way to utilize the free time in doing something worthy to earn money. These are the modern way of earning money breaking the traditional ways of making money out of it. On average one can earn $100-$1000 per year by streaming videos online. 


Earnably helps in getting paid for ads from VideoFox and many more to win the cash prize. One gets the gift cards of Amazon, Domino’s Xbox, and many more to add gifts to the wallet. PayPal is the only way to earn or exchange points or coins in cash. The

payout threshold in Earnably is $1 at its minimum. Easy to earn money via surveys and referring other offers to get rewards. Sign-up now in Earnably and get to know more about it.

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