Virtual Assistants in India

Virtual assistants in India , A virtual assistant which is also known as virtual office assistant, is actually a self-employed and gives professional administrative, social, creative or technical assistance to clients remotely from a home office, because the virtual assistants are free contractors rather than clients, employees are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, benefits or insurance, except in the context that those indirect costs are included in the virtual assistant’s fees.

TVirtual Assistants in India ,he clients also keep away from the operational problem of offering extra office space, supplies and also clients pay for 100% productive work and will be able to work with virtual assistants individually or in multi virtual assistant firms to meet their exact needs.

Generally virtual assistants work for the other small or moderate businesses, but they can also support the busy executives and also it is estimated that there are as few as five thousand to ten thousand or as many as twenty five thousand virtual assistants across the whole world. 

Advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistants in India

For a small or a moderate business you will find many advantages of hiring a virtual assistant which will help you to grow your business. Here is some of the most important business which you must look at:

Reduced labour costs

If you are a business owner then you will know that if you hire a full time employee for your business then you will not only have to pay his salary but also:

  • Taxes
  • Holiday leave
  • Sick days
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Medical benefits

Unlike labour , the virtual assistants work as the independent contractors, which means that they will handle all their own costs, including insurance and taxes. You will simply have to hire them so that they perform a specific job and you pay them for their time. So you must think about all the money that you will save which can be better used in other places.

Increased productivity

In a company, in a standard eight hour workday the average worker does a productive work of a little less than three hours. So as a business owner why will you pay one more employee to chat and to surf the internet at the coffee station.

The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant are that the virtual assistants work differently without any of the distractions of the office environment, which will help them to dedicate and focus their time to get the task done. They are so much dedicated because they are self employed and their main goal is the client’s satisfaction.

And if they start missing the deadlines and slacking off, then the company for sure will not hire them for the future work and for this reason the virtual assistants are a highly motivated bunch.

Increased flexibility

Hiring a virtual assistant will increase your company’s flexibility because with a virtual assistant you will not saddled to a 9 to 5 workday. The virtual assistants work around your schedule and are always there when you need them.

It is not a problem if you are in a different time zones, they can work to your advantages too. So in spite of assigning eight hour shifts, you can also develop a schedule which will give you the maximum outputs while keeping the costs in check.

You will also get a advantage that if you are dissatisfied with the labour of your virtual assistant then you can simply end the contract with your current virtual assistant and hire a new virtual assistant. This method which you can perform with a virtual assistant will not be possible for you in case of a full time employee.

Improved work quality

Virtual Assistants in India , you are a business owner then you will surely spend a lot of time on answering phone calls, checking emails or managing your website, but if you have someone who will take care of all of those nonessential tasks for you, then you would surely be able to dedicate more time on marketing and growing your business.

Not only in this aspect but you will also save a lot of time for constantly re-training your employees. So in spite of educating them on every new technology which comes along, hire a professional virtual assistant who already have all of those skills.

Reduced risk in scaling operations

If you are in a situation with your business when you are not entirely sure that what is going to happen next, and the numbers are pointing towards the growth of your business and you do not know that how quickly will that happen then virtual assistant can be a very good solution for you.

Unlike new employees, the virtual assistants manage your work volume without even breaking your budget. So, if you need more help and business picks up, then simply hire another virtual assistant.

Skills your business needs

It does not matter if your business is small or large, your employees should have the qualities and skills to run your business.

  • What if you need a new company logo and none of your employees are graphic designer?
  • you need to create a professional website and you do not have a web developer among your employees?
  • What if you need all your marketing material to be translated into a different language and you do not have a employee who is bilingual?

Here the role of the virtual assistants comes in and it does not matter what job needs to be completed, you will definitely find a virtual assistant having such skills what you are looking for. 

Virtual assistant companies in india

Hubstaff talent

Hubstaff talent is a very good company which connects virtual assistants and the clients with finesse and with efficiency, and it is also free directory for the companies who are looking for the remote talent across the globe.

Virtual Assistants in India , You will not find any fees and any markups on either side (business owner or freelancer), and the talent pool found here is essentially limitless, that means, the virtual assistants get exactly what their clients actually pays them.

So search through more than 11,000 virtual assistants companies and virtual assistants or get the applications through your job posting. 

Using Hubstaff talent you can easily check a virtual assistant’s skills, hourly rate, experience, resume, languages spoken and availability. You will have a option to add a short bio to give more information on themselves so that you can see if they are a perfect fit for you. The profiles can be filtered by availability, skill, country or year of experience. You will also be able to run a search for phrases or keywords and Hubstaff talent will surely return the best result to your search.


GetFriday is an excellent company that provides virtual assistants that will manage your task so that you can focus on your business.

actually operates from Bangalore, India and also offers flexible payment plans to suit your personal needs or your business. You can select task based plans and pay as you go or monthly hour allotments of a time span of 5 to 160 hours.

The company also employs a team of 200 diverse professionals so that they have someone for online 24/7 service to the all kinds of individuals and businesses in all the time zones. 

Brickwork India

Brickwork India is also a company present in Bangalore, India, which offers business services as for example social networking, sales support and other administrative tasks.

The company can also assist your many departments by providing the support in marketing and sales, administration, web and HR.

The company’s clients are spread across 88 countries, varying from Fortune 500 companies for startups. Brickwork India’s engagement models are flexible and can also be edited so that they fit your business needs.

You will just have to submit a request for information, then get a free quote and just sign up so that you begin utilizing the services from Brickwork India.

Acelerar technologies

Acelerar technologies, is a company situated in Noida, India. The company provides virtual assistants which you can hire.

The staff can help with email and chat support, internet research, social media, accounting support, administrative support, appointing scheduling and many more.

The company offers you a free trial and also has flexible plans. The thing which you have to do is just fill out a form or give them a call and you will get a free quote.


Ossisto is a company which provides support for the companies by providing the virtual assistants skilled in administrative tasks. This company is also situated in Bangalore, India, but they provide services in the United States, Great Britain and Australia.

The company’s service range from business support and IT to graphic design, and also provide 24/7 service so that you can contact them whenever you are in the need of a personal assistant.

You can ask for a consultation before you sign up to receive a better idea of what they can serve for you and once a virtual assistant is assigned to you, the company will be ready to receive assignments from you at any day or any time of the week.

virtual assistant Salary in India

Virtual Assistants in India salary , Virtual assistant is also a very good option for those who are willing to become a virtual assistant as well as the owner of a business who are thinking of hiring a virtual assistant for his company.

A person who is new to virtual assistant profession, the minimum cost the person will charge around Rs. 15,000 per month as the person’s salary and a person will charge around Rs. 53,000 per month as the person’s salary if the person is an experienced virtual assistant. But you can take that a virtual assistant will take a average of Rs. 23,000 per month as salary.

Disadvantages of hiring a virtual assistant

Communication problem

Communication problem is not really a major concern, but might be in the future because you will have to communicate with your virtual assistant through call, chat or video call.

It can be a problem in the circumstances such as natural calamities, power outages, or internet connection loss.

Another communication concern which you should keep in mind that the things may be lost in translation due to the reason of the remote nature of the relationship.

By the virtual communication you will not get to know that what your assistant truly mean during your conversation.


This is another disadvantage of hiring a virtual assistant, that is, you will not always have the same beliefs as him or her.

Virtual Assistants in India , The difference can be of many things such as religious, philosophical, cultural and more. If your belief is opposite to your virtual assistant, then it might become another problem and reduce your work progress.

No personal supervision

Hiring a virtual assistant has many advantages but if you as an owner give a work to them then you will have to supervise them so that they do the work properly and supervising them is not really easy.

Though it is possible to supervise their task by various software, but it will not really be easy to make the clarifications and comments through the chat function, and it will really become challenging for you t explain the things  as compared to doing it in person.

Data security risk

It is obvious that the sensitive data will be passed so that your virtual assistant can work on specific task.

But it is not the thing that what kind of platform you are using but the internet does not provide you guarantee that your data is safe and not been copied by any other services.

And this disadvantages shows why you the thorough checking should be done before you hire a virtual assistant.


Virtual Assistants in India ,There is no business which have only the advantages and no disadvantages, and it is the true in case of hiring a virtual assistant. But if you are a business owner then you must hire virtual assistant as they offer you more pros than cons.


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