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Virtual assistant skills ,To be a virtual assistant is no different than beginning any other business and you must be willing to learn or will need to have a marketable skill which is a thing that you can offer your clients in return for a fee.

You can begin it with a single service and put on others for over time. You can also decide to stay with charging a premium and a single specialization for your unique expertise, it totally depends on you what choice you want to make. 

In spite of how specialized your virtual assistant services are, you will still have to become a little of a generalist when it comes to the matter of running your own business;

Accounting, check; Sales, check; Word press knowledge, check; Customer service, check. And to be honest this is the life of a solopreneur. That means, there is always something new to learn in life.

Don’t worry, this is the exact question that we are going to take a closer look at and the answer which we came up with are the result of two things, they are:

  1. The first factor is our personal experience that gathered from working with more than a dozen small business clients over the last few years.
  2. And the second factor is our observations that we got by watching the virtual assistants grow their businesses both of those who seem to be struggling as well as who are successful in their aspect.

Why Learn Virtual assistant Skills

Before we start our list of best virtual assistant skills, another question that will pop up in your mind is do you need to learn these business skills or you can just sub contract them?

This is a great question and the answer is that it is not a problem, you can contract out some of the skills that you require to run your business, and you can take accounting which is a great example.

You can also hire a bookkeeper who will help you with the entries or an accountant to file your year-end reports and it is absolutely okay if someone is doing and that does not revoke the need for some general accounting knowledge on your part. And it does not matter the circumstances, you must know and understand the numbers behind your own business.

Not only in accounting, this same thing can be applied to sales skills as well and you can hire a salesperson to send out the pitches to approaching clients and follow up with the phone calls. But you must keep in mind that at some point you will need to improve your own set of baseline sales skills.

Virtual assistant Skills

If you are a new virtual assistant, this process of learning all these virtual assistant skills might seem immense at first, but if you work hard and considering your hard work will result to build the foundation equivalently strong foundation and it will definitely help and support the growth of your business for years and will also keep you on the right trajectory.

1. The ability to plan and to strategize

Let’s take a example, if you have a driver’s license, then you can probably think back to when you were first learning to drive and do you remember being taught the importance of looking way out in the distance, not just 10 feet but far away ahead.

So this example will make you understand that it is easier to see where you are going if you look further ahead and you will also be able to spot the new opportunities and the potential hazards well in advance.

You can apply this same concept to your virtual assistant business. And as a solopreneur it is really too easy to get caught up in the work that is in front of you right now.

What will happen tomorrow or next week can wait so when you are feeling profuse or busy, the most effective way to reduce your stress is by putting the things on the back burner. 

But keep in your mind that if you want to grow your virtual assistant business then you must develop your ability to plan and strategize which is one of the prized and crucial virtual assistant skills that you can develop.

It means seeing three, six and twelve months down the road, anticipating opportunities and challenges which deserve your attention.

2. Prioritize revenue generating tasks:

Make sure that you prioritize your tasks and if you do not emphasize on your tasks which generate revenue then your bottom line will definitely suffer boundlessly which may make you even go out of the business.

You must have a million things on your to do list as a business owner and virtual assistant but make sure that all of those things must get the same level of attention because some may be important for the growth of your business (it may be short term or long term, it does not matter) and the others can be classified as rainy day or make work projects.

Do not get confused about the tasks, such as social media, organizing, optimization and redesigning your website are important and must get the attention, though they are not directly responsible for producing the revenue.

You can say that those tasks which are not directly not involved in producing cash should get a smaller amount of attention. So before doing anything else, you should focus on the tasks which are directly related with generating the cash flow so that you keep your business running.

3. Start batching and stop multitasking:

At first you will feel like it is very important to get better at managing multiple tasks simultaneously but at one point you will face problems and will be bad at focusing on a single task. It is right that giving up multitasking is not easy and it takes hard work and determination.

But you should learn to focus on a one thing at a time and you can say that it is one of the most important and most valuable virtual assistant skills which you can develop.

If you are able to focus on a single task you will yourself feel the improvement of your ability to project a singular focus and it will have a positive impact on your level of productivity. 

Once you stop multitasking and master the art of focusing on a single task then may consider that it is the time batching. The concept of batching was explained by Pat Flynn,

he explained that instead of shifting between various tasks on a macro level you should try to complete as many instances of the same task in one sitting.

For example, you can take email management as a common task where the batching can create a huge impact. 

At first you will feel like you are doing the same amount of task which you used to do before but what you are actually doing is reducing the number of times which you used to switch between the tasks and this will save your time as well as improve your productivity and concentration.

So for most of the virtual assistants, batching should be a very easy strategy to implement and if you are already working on a specific task then you can just get more of it done at the same time.

4. Learn to communicate more effectively

Effective communication is a very important and essential skill for any virtual assistant and personally I have lost track many times and came to a realization that I need to improve my communication skill set.

If you are passing on your thoughts to a client, there will always be room for improvement and you will never be “good enough” at communication.

So the most important process to remember about developing your ability to communicate is that 50% of the communication must involve listening, because listening makes you better at conflict resolution, better at sales and also better at meeting the needs of your clients.

5. Improve your sales skills

You should not forget that you are in the business of sales and it does not matter if you are a virtual assistant who specializes in real estate, social media or WordPress.

If you can satisfy your clients and prospective of your clients that you are giving something, that is, a product or a service which will make their business or life better in some way, then you are successful.

To be good at sales you need two essential factors to follow, they are: 

  1. Always try to be yourself, your individual traits and your personality will go a long way towards helping you to attract your ideal clients. You might be caring, reserved, meticulous, flamboyant or just plain anal retentive. So be what you are and it is your individuality which will attract your clients. They will surely attract that piece of your personality as it is something which they value.
  2. The second factor which you can consider as one of the most important factors is that you communicate your value. You may be a social media maven or WordPress expert, if it is that in which you are great at then you just need to be able to communicate it to your potential clients. Written words, audio or video are fine but just find a way that works well for you and try to stick with it.

Do not think sales to be difficult, enormous or scary, the thing which you have to do in order to increase your freelance business is just put yourself out there always and share your message about how you can help the people and then do it.

6. Commit to professional and personal development

You should always keep your mind that as a virtual assistant your business will either move forward or it will move backward. There is neither any static condition nor the time stands still.

So if you break down to make progress it may be small but measurable progress then you have lost some of your most valuable assets.

This virtual assistant skill is also a very effective skill because it is really important to commit to professional and personal development and it will have a great impact in your business more than anything else. 

But a question may come into your mind that what is personal and professional development and what actually does it look like?

It is actually the desire and the never ending pursuit of knowledge to continually improve. It is also a desire to become a better salesperson, to seek perfection of your craft, a better communicator and to know about the numbers behind your business.

The personal and professional developments are also figuring out how you can give more value and the problems more efficiently for your clients. And at last the professional and the personal development means to be a better virtual assistant and a better business owner today than how you were yesterday.

Final words

Most importantly, be aware of what is occurring in your business and the last thing is that you must remember that trust is good but ignorance will bite you badly.

Actually you will find so many new things to learn here but it is really very hard to decide from where you should start learning. And to call it very large might be an understatement.

Actually the learning process will never stop and to be honest I think that it is a part which attracts many people to the idea of becoming a virtual assistant. You will find a constant variety there and every day is new and a different challenge is just around the corner.

But before starting to learn, some question must have come to your mind: where do you start from? Which business skills do you need so that you develop first and which are the most likely skills that will benefit your business in the long run?


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