Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research Review , Vindale research is an online marketing research platform that offers completing surveys and studies and pays cash for it.

Vindale Research Review

How it works is a service gives certain criteria for a survey, and if a user fits the criteria, and they partake in the survey, Vindale then sells your information to the service and pays you a part of the commission received.

Is vindale research legit

Having a 4 out of 5 rating from over 4300 ratings on TrustPilot, and being accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is a trusted and legitimate site to earn money online.

How do you get paid from Vindale research?

The site includes many services, ranging from paid surveys to online job postings.

Paid Surveys

– You can partake in surveys and earn money for completing them. The amount earned in each survey depends on how much the survey takes, as one survey might offer $10 but takes 30 minutes, while other surveys offer $1 but take only 3-5 minutes.

Similar survey programs

Vindale matches you with similar external survey programs like Ipsos, PointsClub, VIP Voice. This provides another opportunity for you to earn more money.

Job Center

The Job Center matches you with Job openings in your area, allowing you and Vindale both to gain a cut of the money paid if you register.

Rewards and Referrals

Although it is now closed, this feature includes recruiting other people to sign up through your referral link, and earning a set amount of money, so you can also gain some money when their threshold is reached.

Vindale offers $5 referral bonuses based on activity after signing up using your unique link. The people you refer have to be active and earn $1 in order to reap the full $5 referral fee.

Reward codes get posted by Vindale on their official social media handles and they can be used to get monetary rewards on their site.

Watch Videos

Based on our Vindale Research Review, After you log in to Vindale research dashboard, you will see a videos tab. These are short 30sec-1min video ads that pay around $0.05 each. They are like the video ads that pop up in applications.

Services and partners of Vindale pay the site to post surveys and studies, and eligible users can complete them for receiving payment.

Vindale:- Pros and Cons

Pros: –  

  1. Easy to register, quick to start.
  2. Great for earning some pocket cash.
  3. Doesn’t use points feature, unlike other platforms of similar nature, instead shows your earnings directly in dollars.
  4. The browser extension notifies the user about new and eligible surveys.

Cons: –

  1. The user would not be eligible to all surveys, some surveys require specific criteria to be met.
  2. The minimum cash-out amount is $50.
  3. Not suitable for a source of online income, rather suited for earning side-money/pocket-cash.
  4. Annoying follow-up emails heavily encouraging you to take more surveys.
  5. It accepts applicants only from selected countries. At the time of writing this, it is not accepting applicants outside of US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Registration and Start-up?

Vindale is completely free to register with no membership fees, so all it needs is a verified PayPal account and some basic details about you. 

  1. Click sign-up, enter your basic details, and your email.
  2. Create a password for your Vindale account.
  3. Verify your account email by clicking the link in your email inbox.

….and you’re done!

Now you can start earning money from Vindale.

How do I withdraw my money from Vindale?

Once you have registered successfully, you can take surveys that you are eligible for. To withdraw the money you have earned: –

  1. Accumulate at least $50 (minimum threshold to withdraw).
  2. In the Payment Center, select Transfer Funds.
  3. Transfer the funds to your Verified PayPal account.

How much can you earn?

The amount you earn is entirely upon you, but generally, Vindale offers surveys that pay $2-$5 per hour.

The payments are received through PayPal only.

It also performs product reviews and studies that can be participated in.

Is this site safe?

Vindale is a trusted site that uses SSL encryption browsing ensuring the data stored is in safe hands. It also doesn’t save sensitive, personal information like credit card information.

As a safety measure, it offers a fraud-free guide to its users to avoid frauds and scams. It also has a short tutorial video on its site when you register, so that you get the ropes of using this site the way it was meant to be used.

Alternative to Vindale Research

There are many sites out there, like Vindale. SwagBucks, BrandedSurveys, SurveyJunkie etc…. are other sites that you can use to maximize your online earning gig. 

Branded surveys offers 100 points to new users who are signing up for the first time, and the minimum cash out limit is 1000 points, which can be obtained by PayPal, gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, etc. SwagBucks has a lot of options for earning money online.

It uses SwagBucks as a medium of management. You can withdraw once you have accumulated 300 SwagBucks, equivalent to $3.

Summary of the review: –

Vindale Research Review , While earning from Vindale might not make you rich, it will pay you. It provides a list of ways for users to earn money, and those methods are simple, straightforward, and readily available.

In order to maximize your earnings, you must give in your time.

Best suited for users who want to earn some quick cash for paying an upcoming bill or clearing a small debt.

On one hand, Vindale and other similar sites can prove to be very helpful if you have spare time and prefer to spend it on a computer trying to earn some money, but on the other hand, it might not be the most remunerative side-hustle.


Do survey takers really pay?

While earning from Vindale might not make you rich, it will pay you.

Sites similar to vindale research?

SwagBucks, BrandedSurveys, SurveyJunkie etc.

how much can you make with vindale research?

The minimum cash-out amount on the site is $50, that is, you can receive the money you earned after you have completed surveys worth at least $50.

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