Toluna Review: Guide to Online Legitimate Surveys Earn Money

Toluna Review guide , Toluna is an online community platform that includes frequent surveys that you can fill up and earn some extra money and rewards.

Those who take surveys for earning some extra cash, often have to deal with some questions that are completely out of their interests or preferences, unlike Toluna.

They let you do decide and choose surveys according to your interests such as technological items or about fashion and many more. They are user-friendly and this thing acts as an extra perk for Toluna.

How does Toluna work

They offer or allow 2 types of surveys to choose from, one is profile surveys and the other is longer surveys.

Profile survey

It is very easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes to complete and submit the whole survey. These surveys are designed in such a way so that they can know and understand you more precisely which will help them to send or assign more relevant surveys to you.

Longer surveys Toluna Review

It takes at least 15- 20 minutes to complete the whole survey but in this type of survey, you’ll get a huge number of different categories like lifestyle, cars, entertainment, travel or food, and many more.

Yes, it takes more time than profile surveys but offers you much more categories to choose from.

How much cash can you earn by filling surveys on Toluna?

There are no exact numbers that I can write but I can assure you 99.9% that it has a great potency of earning according to our Toluna Review.

The numerical digit completely depends on your performance on Toluna.

In general, filling out the survey is a great way of earning money and within all other companies, Toluna stands in the number 1 position.

They will not only give you money, but they also give points, rewards, and gift cards that you can get by simply answering surveys on Toluna.

You can redeem your earned points and rewards anytime you want, according to your wish.

You can also earn vouchers which give some discounts and special sales that you can use for buying your favorite goods.

9 points to earn extra points on Toluna-

Toluna surveys-Toluna Review

As we mentioned earlier, you can always earn money and points by just answering surveys according to your choice of topics.

Toluna is a reliable and trustworthy company to work with as there are thousands of people who have truly worked with them earned a handsome amount of money based on our Toluna Review.

You can do one survey or multiple surveys at a time according to your convenience.

These surveys are uploaded or listed by companies or brands that then use these responses and reviews to inform their work and performance.

Complete your profile surveys-

In Toluna, there are 13 profile surveys in total with each of them paying 100 points, and yes! You can only complete one survey and then go to another one. These surveys mainly are designed in such a way that they can understand you more precisely so that they can assign more relevant surveys to you.

By voting in sponsored polls-

This voting takes hardly 5 seconds and by completing these simple tasks, you can earn points and rewards. These whole processes of voting sponsored polls are very easy and simple to do.

Yes, some of the polls without points will come across you but that is the trick, before voting polls you need to check that whether it has point.

Posting in the Toluna community-

Posting in the Toluna community can also bring some extra cash. You can post or upload your content on this platform and earn points and rewards.

Yes! All user-generated content will not be rewarded or points as Toluna priorities quality over quantity of work. Earning through this posting surely depends on Toluna.

They prefer polls or posts which have image or videos in it; these types of posts generate more points and money.

Taking part in contests-

Toluna often hosts numerous contests to encourage users like you to post or update content in the company. And in return, the participants will be rewarded with some rewards and points and can enter into a prize draw.

This is also a nice way you can make some extra from Toluna.

Initiating or hosting your contest-

You can also host or start your contest and make or earn extra points, so need to wait for the next Toluna contest.

And yes if you are starting a contest, you need to set some prizes.

If you are not able to provide any prizes, you can always get in touch with Toluna and they will help you out with this problem.

obviously, you won’t be allowed to take part in your contest but Toluna will surely reward you for conducting and hosting beautiful contests.

Referring Toluna to your friends-

You will surely get referral bonuses and be praised by Toluna for referring them to your friends. But only if your friends be part of Toluna, then only you’ll be rewarded with extra points. And all sign-in has been legit, false, or fake accounts will not be counted.

Playing Toluna games-

Toluna has a different section of numerous interesting and entertaining games that you can play and earn points and rewards. Every game is not always available, some are available for a limited time.

All games are free to avail and play and give you a fair chance to earn valuable points and rewards.

Conclusion- According to the whole overview, Toluna can surely give you a handsome of money by filling up some simple and interesting surveys according to your choice of topics and you can sign in for free, so for what you waiting?

Go and sign in right now for some extra cash. Invest some of your time in Toluna and you’ll get your money.

FAQs about Toluna surveys

  1. Toluna is a genuine and trustworthy paid site or not?

Yes, it is a genuine site from where you can earn money.

  1. How long will take to earn some extra cash on Toluna?

Yes, I can’t give specific numbers but can assure you that with 2 weeks you’ll start getting money.

  1. What do the points on Toluna mean?

Toluna points are as valuable as getting cash as if you earn points, then you redeem those points and earn money.

  1. Is Toluna is within the best sites for getting paid by completing surveys?

Yes, it is one of the best sites for earning money by completing surveys.

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