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Survicate Reviews ,Survicate is one of the powerful survey NPS and feedback management tools that empower businesses  to collect feedback from Customers effortlessly. Survicate feedback management software that helps  Businesses to capture more customer feedback and deliver a qualified customer experience.  

What Survicate offers

Based on our Survicate Reviews, Survicate offers a website and web app that is in-product (in-app). Survey emails and Since smartphones  are ruling the online industry. Survicate offers mobile app surveys for both Android and iOS phones.  

It also offers two standalone products: 

The feedback Hub manages customer feedback data from multiple sources in one place.  

feedback Hub

The feedback Button will collect data quickly from the website feedback. Survicate has native  integrations with the tools users love. They are such as Intercom, Hub Spot, Slack, Google Sheets,  Google Analytics, Mail chimp, and Marketo. Survicate allows people to send survey responses where  they need them the most. And push data from any of the user’s favorite tools. It has a free plan and also  Survicate offers 100 survey responses per month. To its unlimited users, unlimited surveys, unlimited  number of questions, unlimited question types which includes NPS, CSAT, CES. In all the survey channels  like web, email, mobile, and also countless native integrations.  

Using the all-channel feedback solutions offered by Survicate. The customers can increase their referral  network and improve the acquisition rate. And also reduce churn and helps in build better products. To  turn detractors into promoters and the main customers into repeat customers. To Get more customer  feedback because feedback is had a lot of Significance that will empower businesses to makes smarter  decisions.  

Each week they feature an app that has caught the popularity or the community’s attention. They look  for exciting features that make People’s life easier. Apps that take a radical approach to the existing  problems or a service that has everyone is talking about it.  

Lead Generation

The Survicate team realized that their tool could do much more and provide its users with more value.  As a Lead Generation and qualification solution. To make Survicate more efficient, they developed  integrations with a few Marketing Platforms. Which includes HubSpot and SALES Mango and added  features which are designed specifically for Lead Generation. Like the email alerts when a new lead is  captured. The smart calls to action and many more. 

Their next objective is to add more additional features useful for Lead Generation. The advanced  reporting about the captured leads to more types of calls to action. It already had feature tools like  HubSpot, Mail Chimp, Get Response, and SALES Mango. They want to add some apps like Salesforce,  Pardot, and Marketo. Their goal is to become the best natural extension to Marketing Automation and  increase their effectiveness and help companies to close deals easier and faster in time.  

Good things about the Connectivity of the app.

Users can connect to their favorite marketing tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Get response,  Mail Chimp, PipeDrive, Shopify, PipeDrive, and Salesmanago. 

What is Targeted?

It allows the user’s to launch precisely to targeted Lead Generation forms. That to turn the insights into  useful knowledge that is used during the sales procedure. It allows to access leads profiles within the  entire history. Users can create different audience segments based on the traffic sources. Based on our Survicate Reviews, The campaign  parameters in the number of visits, website behavior, time on site, language, device type, and identity.  Users can even target surveys based on the answers from previous surveys. And from the custom data  from the integrated applications. 

The Relevant surveys. 

To Launch precisely targeted unobtrusive surveys. Which helps user’s to understand the website visitors.  And their needs according to the expectations. Based on our Survicate Reviews, The purchasing factors, confusion and objections, and  fears. Discover the aim of their visits and that is preventing them from achieving.  

Things to remember.  

A lead Generation is a powerful software that has been successful by listening to its customer’s needs.  It is a growing startup and building itself a name in the industry and it seeks to improve its product.  Because people can connect it to many other major web tools and that is extremely easy.  


Based on our Survicate Reviews,Start with a basic plan at $50 a month and then it goes up to 300$ for the professional version with a  specially dedicated success manager.

The Product Overview of Survicate.  

The Multi-channel surveys: The website surveys, email surveys, or mobile application surveys. There are  unlimited users on each plan to encourage collaboration and team engagement to work as the best.  Unlimited surveys and the questions asked in a survey. So businesses get as much feedback as possible.  They need to engage the right people and that too at the right time with contextual surveys and that  leads to a wealth of targeting options. 

Setting up surveys effortlessly is an uphill task and with an intuitive survey creator. To Apply the  conditional logic called (branching) to ask spot-on questions. And then Create friendly surveys that  make sense to the customer on a company’s website or product. Pull the data from the tools that are  according to consumer behavior and push survey responses they need most with 15+ native  integrations. The Monitor customer feedback is the easy-to-use dashboard and all the reports. The  Survey creator can choose from 15 question types and 125 survey templates which included NPS, CSAT,  CES.  

Does Survicate integrate with other apps?

It integrates with Intercom, HubSpot, Slack, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Segment, Mail chimp, Full  Story, Klaviyo, Drip, Marketo, Salesforce, and Pardot, 

What is Survicate generally used for?

Survicate is generally used for collecting customer feedback at every stage of the customer journey and  each customer touchpoint. Gathering feedback is a huge task and by running targeted website and web  app surveys. Then sending email surveys and running surveys inside mobile applications is a huge task  involved with a lot of risks. Businesses can then react to customer insights and thanks to countless  native integrations. The Use cases include running follow-up, feedback-based marketing campaigns that  are feedback-based. That drives business growth extremely well. 

The main user groups of Survicate.

Companies of all kinds of industries value customer feedback. They too want to become a customer centric business because without the customer’s belief in their products. The business won’t survive.  And they see Survey feedbacks as a growth opportunity. The Companies that want to grow in all ways  and to act on customer feedback and capitalize on it ultimately will get profit. And in the long, they will 

be surviving in the market. Some personas using Survicate and they are but are not limited to the roles:  Marketing, Product making or CS people, Insights Managers, Digital marketing Product specialists,  Product Managers, User Researchers, Customer Success Specialists, and more. 

Does Survicate offer guides and tutorials to customer support?

Yes, Survicate offers a blog, Knowledge Base, webinar, and demo instructions and resources. To help the  customer. The applications that Survicate is commonly used in tandem with are Intercom, HubSpot,  Slack, Google Sheets, and Google Analytics. 

Does Survicate offer multi-user capability?

Yes, Survicate offers the best unlimited users on each plan which includes the free plan and that  encourages collaboration. Survicate is the best tool that adds additional value to the business. To get  more relevant user insights for a company and to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Based on our Survicate Reviews, Survicate  provides the best solutions to map the users based on their interests, choices, and opinion about a  particular product. The integrations with third-party apps and tools are extremely helpful to use. But it  seamlessly within different kinds of message channels to enhance the user’s experience.

The more  integrations are at a reworked pricing structure. More data availability without caps on the user’s  responses would be great according to the current plans provided. 

benefits of survicate?

The cases for the daily business

The collection of insights on the user’s opinion and feedback.  

Retargeting the users based on their feedback and opinions. And According to the Products they liked  and reviewed.  

Retargeting the users based on their provided insights and opinion in Surveys and polls. It may be any  Survey but the user’s word is worth a lot.  

Survicate is the best tool that helps business owners all over the globe. The marketers identify customer  trends in the market and consumer behavior. The more with the website widgets, which plays a key role  in survey tools that help users administer short surveys and gather consumer feedback about the  website. And the products and services. Survicate helps businesses that can launch surveys that  accurately target the right consumers. To gain insights into the lead profiles. Which are further delivered  to the users’ inbox.

Overview of Survicate Benefits

Survicate brings a lot of worth and especially when it comes to gathering customers’ feedbacks. Then  analyzing them for actionable insights is the best thing with Survicate. And Here are some of the  benefits that Survicate offers its user’s: 

A vast host of features allows users to launch accurately the best targeted surveys. Then identify the  factors that need to improve lead conversion and get the result to better sales. 

The Powerful integrations with leading business systems in the market. And with marketing automation  platforms also.  

Easy and quick installation. The whole process requires just a little of 2 minutes to complete.  

And Just to paste the JavaScript to the website and then launch endless surveys and get the expected  result. Widgets that are highly optimized for mobile devices are the best to use. 


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