Surveysavvy Review

Surveysavvy is a platform  providing services of survey over 20 years with millions of members all over the world. These surveys are paid. People paid after completing the survey.

Members join surveysavvy by getting membership. Members create their account by signing up with survaysavvy.

Surveysavvy is a trusted platform there is no scam. Members of site varying degrees of success. All survayes performing by members from all over the world.    

How do I survey surveys on Survey Savvy?

Savvysurvey is way to earn side income. I can’t say you become rich over the night but can earn a good amount.

Site pay in US dollars doesn’t matter in which  area of the world you are living. There is now any way of earning as simple as it is. You just need to create a profile with the site then they invite you to complete the survey.

Nowadays, every one desire to earn more money to fulfill  social needs like traveling have dinner in five-star restaurants give gifts to their love. If you stay with the site for a long time period you become able to satisfy social needs.

Sometimes we’re afraid of frauds scams but this site working since1999 and have a history of 20 years of working. You go to the site and can evaluate the insights. You found their stories of satisfaction and loyalty of members.  A Million’s of members have earned from savvysurvey, and they share their experience and show their money statistics that they earn.

Best Survey Site

Money earning is not an easy way in this competitive environment but surveysavvy paid you per survey that’s easy and simple. English native (United States Canada) people are ask frequently to participate in surveys.

If you sing up you become profiler that called “portraits”. Short form surveys stored in profilers account if survey completed and best matches. You can take online survey with surveysavvy against cash and get paid by check that mailed you by site.

You can claim a check for payment if to maintain $1. If you fail to complete  survey and disqualified than you get chance to participate in cash draw where is chance for 50 winners to credit their account with $10.

Surveysavvy is one  of the best site who accepts members from all over the world. Members from almost 196 countries have joined surveysavvy and enjoying benefits since 1999.

On events site conduct contest for all their valuable members. Chances such as charity should receive a substantial, YouTube video for a cash prize.


Your age must be 13+ no matter  from which country you are. 

Way of conducting features of surveysavvy.

Payment method

  • cash paid by check
  • Ways to participate
  • Phone survey
  • Electronic Survey
  • Age group survey
  • invite a friend system

Rewarding experience

  • None Points system
  • $1 required to request pavement check

Is surveysavvy legitimate

Surveysavvy is trusted site and acquiring market share  for last 20year. There is no chance of cheat.   Members from across the world is join surveysavvy and be Royal toward the site. Never reported scam. Nowadays before using a site legitimate confirmation is necessary. Some sites just want you information like phone number email address etc, and they never pay you.

Payment method

Surveysavvy pay you by checks. You are not going to pay by PayPal or any other source only paid by checks that sent you by mail.

But the point is that $1 is required to claim checks for payments.

Is savvyconnect safe?

Savvyconnect software is completely safe to use. No complaints received Against savvyconnect because it’s designed for convenience of our valuable members. You can use it’s without any fare. Privacy concern is priority your Private data is not stored during you are using savvyconnect. All yours data is safe no viruses  you will experience while using this software.

According to my experience no virus issues faced yet. And hope that in the future this problem will not be faced.

Do  surveysavvy make money?

Surveysavvy conduct paid surveys since1999.  Surveysavvy a trusted site over 20 years with experience of million’s satisfied members. .once you complete survey accurately site pay you for your valuable time that you spend. If you couldn’t complete the survey and disqualified you still have a chance to earn. If member disqualified  still have chance to participate in cash draw where 50 winners get $10. There is another way to earn with surveysavvy just go to home page  copy link and send to your friends family members. Then site will send them email if they sing up through your reference site will also pay you per reference.

How do I delete my surveysavvy account?

If you want to cut off from surveysavvy here is the solution of your concern. If you don’t have time to use or any other problem you have option to deactivate you account insist of delete. You really want to do so than solutions are below.

1. very simple way to delete your account you just need to send a verified Email after few reviews your account  will be deleted.


Here is option to unsubscribe you account to receive emails for further surveys. If you unsubscribe all actions on your profile suddenly stopped. Here is a plus point you can again subscribe by logging in.

3.uninstall surveyconnect

  • Go to chrome
  • Click on the Customize and control menu
  • Click on tools
  • Select extension
  • Locate savvyconnect extension
  • Click remove

4. Version 2.6 or below

  • Click on  “settings”
  • Click on General then profile & device management
  • Right arrow next to the “savvyconnect android” profile
  • Click “Delete profile”
  • Confirm to “Delete again” for remove your account with surveysavvy.

Final Words on SurveySavvy

I started using this site years ago. I’m sharing my personal experience I have earned money by using the site. I have earned a good amount. There is no scam no virus issues as well.

All the rumors about scam are completely wrong and thought based. I made research myself I conclude that there is no scam all rumors are fake and mind created stories.

Site provide full security even your personal data is not stored while using site.

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