SurveyPlanet Review 2021

SURVEYPLANET REVIEW ,SurveyPlanet is an excellent software for creating surveys and it also helps you to collect the survey results in the cloud. Using the SurveyPlanet you can create a powerful research project, gather valuable customer feedback, screen potential new hires, also collect quantitative and qualitative data, manage RSVPs and many more.

How SurveyPlanet works

Based on our SurveyPlanet Review With the help of SurveyPlanet you can generate as many surveys as you want and also questions as you like for free. You will also able to collect as many responses as you like and the most important reason is that the SurveyPlanet will not charge anything for that. But in case of power users, SurveyPlanet offers some impressive pro features which you can access for a very small fee.

Why choose SurveyPlanet?

There are so many different survey platforms available online nowadays, so it is really very challenging to choose the right survey platform.

In that case, SurveyPlanet will definitely be a very good option because it has a tons of features for both free as well as pro users, SurveyPlanet offer the tools that you need to create an extraordinary survey experience for both users and appellants.

Here are some points which make SurveyPlanet unique from all other survey platforms out there.

Free features

SurveyPlanet offers you a variety of free features that you will not find anywhere else.

Based on our SurveyPlanet Review ,It will definitely help you in creating a wonderful survey. Enjoy the features provide by SurveyPlanet listed below:

Unlimited survey, responses and questions

With SurveyPlanet, you will feel free to create surveys and send as much surveys as you want of any length because it offers you to create an unlimited number of surveys, you can ask an unlimited number of questions and also you can receive an unlimited number of responses from your surveys.

Pre-written surveys

Coming up with the exact questions to ask is one of the toughest parts of creating a survey.

If you have a new employee, you want to get to know or you want to send the survey to the employee for a quick feedback, SurveyPlanet make it easy.

It contains more than 90 pre-written surveys which you can choose and you can save yourself time from generating a survey from scratch. It also allows you to delete the suggested questions from the pre-written survey if they are not applicable to your needs.

The pre-written survey also helps you for sparking your own questions to ask.


If you want to send an anonymous survey or you want to collect an anonymous data, SurveyPlanet gives you the power to keep the survey fully private and safe.Based on our SurveyPlanet Review, This is one of the most important features which will incredibly help you in collecting data. When respondents came to know that they can remain anonymous, they are more likely to give the honest answer which they actually feel and it will also help you to collect the useful data.

Survey themes

Making a survey looks great and attractive has never been that easy. But with SurveyPlanet, you can use the pre-made basic survey themes which will match your brand or the tone of the survey.

This will definitely save a lots of time which you would have used in making the themes for your survey.

Share you survey via E-mails, social media or embedding

You will get all options in case of sharing your survey. Want to send the survey via e-mail that linked to your account? Or want to send your survey through any social media platform? Or would you rather embed your survey on the front page of your website? SurveyPlanet gives you all the opportunity by which you can easily send your survey via e-mails, website or social media platforms to collect the answers. If you want to reach a longer audience, it will allow you to use all the three options at the same time.

Create surveys in many languages

Language is one of the biggest problems in the world in case of survey. Peoples of different region cannot understand the language of other regions.

So do not prevent yourself in creating survey only for the language problem.

By SurveyPlanet you can create a survey in 20 different languages which is most commonly used throughout the world. It will help you to reach to a larger audience without any problem.

Opening and closing messages

A survey looks more attractive by its opening and the ending messages. The opening message welcome the respondents to your survey and the closing message will thank you the respondents for visiting your survey. And with this free feature of SurveyPlanet your audience will have a positive and much more personalized survey experience.


You will find SSL security on all SurveyPlanet surveys, which will protect your survey and data that your respondents provide. This will provide you a safe security and you will also feel very safe.

SurveyPlanet do not sell any information, the data which belongs to you will be yours only.

Pro features

Based on our SurveyPlanet Review ,If you want something more interesting and make your survey a unique one so that you can reach out to many more respondents, then you must try the pro features provided by SurveyPlanet.

You will have to pay some amount to avail those features but it is definitely worth the money. Here are the pro features listed below:

Uploading images to your surveys and questions

Uploading images to your surveys is a way to increase the reach of your survey. It will also help you in unique survey creation. Image also helps the respondents to answer a particular question and also create a tone of your survey.

You can upload image anywhere you like such as in the opening or closing statements or you can also use them as answers for certain questions.

This feature helps you to increase the reach of your survey and make it easy for the respondents to answer the questions easily.

Question branching

Question branching is one of the most interesting and unique pro feature provided by SurveyPlanet.

It lets you to present questions depending upon the conditions such as how a respondent will answer a particular question, this will help you to analize your response even better. People will see the questions which you want to show them based on their responses towards the questions.

This feature will help you to design your survey in a unique style and the respondents will have a very good experience visiting your survey.

Exporting survey results

After collecting all your survey results, you can use your pro account for exporting the results into Excel, PDF, Word, CSV or JSON file. This allow you to examine your responses in the most ideal format that you like or you can also import them to a specific software.

Custom themes

It is really very important to stay on your own brand. And for staying in your own brand you must have your own unique style of them on your survey. SurveyPlanet allows you to create your own custom theme which looks true to your brand.

You can also choose different fronts, styles and colors for your survey. You will find an option custom CSS for ultimate customization. If you want to continue with the same theme for your next survey, you can save the front and use later on your next survey. SurveyPlanet also allows you to choose different themes which it contains if you are in a rush.

Print surveys

You can export your survey to print by using your pro account. Only pro users can export their surveys for printing and use in the way which they want to use it. SurveyPlanet provide you the full freedom with your survey. You can use your survey as you want to use them.

White label surveys

White label survey feature is one of the trending features nowadays. Using it you can remove the SurveyPlanet branding and use your own branding to it.

You can also make your own logo using this premium feature and make your survey consistent with your own branding across the world.

If you click one survey of a company and it does not have their own branding, then you can use this feature to create the company’s branding and people will not get a chance to think that your survey is not real or spam.

Survey length estimate

This is one of the best features for respondents, by this feature respondents come to know the length of the survey. Generally people hesitat to begin a survey without knowing the time the survey would take to complete, but by this feature they would know the actual time of completion.

Survey completion notification

The most exciting part and the sign of success in creating a survey is when you receive responses. This notification will let you know the moment when anyone completes your survey.

Is SurveyPlanet Legit?

SurveyPlenet offers many advantageous features, so be ready to take the advantages of SurveyPlenet. Based on our SurveyPlanet Review ,First try free features then try the pro features to create your survey more unique and attractive.


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