Survey questions examples

survey questions examples , If you are willing to create a standard survey in which all the respondents will give you a positive response and you will receive a huge amount of response, then starting on a right foot is very important.

First of all choosing of a good survey question is very important and it also plays a great role in increasing the respondent’s responses. 

So, before you just involve yourself in creating a survey, ask yourself that you intend to use the answers from your survey. Ask yourself that if you are going to ask direct questions or you are going to ask categorical questions.

At first fix your goal and once you know your goals of your survey and what information you are going to collect from the survey, it will be easy for you to choose the survey questions type easily. 

There are generally two types of survey question questions format, they are a open ended questions and a closed ended questions for collecting answers from the respondents.

Using both the format you can collect feedback from the host of different audiences such as colleagues, customers, friends, prospects and family.

survey questions examples ,But you should know about the two formats, like in case of open ended questions format you ask the visitors to give an answer in their own words but in case of closed ended questions the format includes a predefined list of answer options. 

So before you decide which type of question you will choose, here are different types of survey questions which you can use on your survey:

  • Benchmarkable questions
  • Slider questions
  • File upload questions
  • Click map questions
  • Image choice questions
  • Ranking questions
  • Demographic questions
  • Open ended questions
  • Dropdown questions
  • Matrix questions
  • Likert scale questions
  • Rating scale questions
  • Multiple choice questions

You will find the best types of survey questions in this list and after completing mastering on all these types of questions you will ready to create the surveys like a pro.

Important survey questions examples

Below here are some of the most important and most commonly used question types in the survey and also the procedure how you can use all these questions in the survey to create a great survey.

Benchmarkable questions

Benchmarkable questions are a special type of questions. They are not certainly presented in a particular format and they let you to compare yourself to the other survey creators who have asked the same survey question.

survey questions examples ,You will find a wide range of benchmarkable questions and also they can be used for many different audiences such as customers, employees, etc.

You should keep in mind that to find a benchmarkable question for your survey, you can either use one of the survey templates or you can use the question bank and there if you find any questions with a small bar chart icon at the top then it will be benchmarkable. 

Slider questions

Slider questions are also a very important type of question which everyone uses in their survey.

Using slider questions you can give the visitors a chance to calculate something on a numerical scale.

Slider questions are a type of interactive questions which make the respondents fun to answer the survey questions.

They also let you to appraise visitor sentiment at both in an aggregate level and in an individual level. 

File upload

Do the respondents need to upload their resume? Upload their ID? Upload a headshot? Then file upload questions come in action. You can collect any kind of documents such as PNG, PDF or any kind of Doc file. You will also be able to download all the files easily once your responses come back.

Click map questions

Do you want to get a real time or a natural reaction feedback on an image?

Then you should use the click map questions. By using click map questions, you can upload an image to your survey and also can ask the survey respondents to press on a particular spot on the image.

As for example, you could ask which part of your website is the most users friendly or you could also ask what item on a shelf is the most attractive.

Image choice questions

Image choice questions are also one of the most useful and attractive types of question. By using the image choice question you can use the image as an answer option.

This works really well in case if you want the respondents to calculate the visual qualities of something, as for example an ad or a logo.

Image choice questions also allow a breath of fresh air for the visitors because they give a break to the visitors from reading and answering the questions.

Ranking questions

The ranking questions are a type of questions which ask the visitors to order the answer choices by the way of preference and these also allow you to not only know that how the respondents actually feel about each answer option, but also they help you to understand each one’s relative popularity.

You also should keep in mind that the ranking questions can take more amount of time to answer and it is very important.

This is the only disadvantages of ranking questions, try to use them as less as you can if any other question types provide the same information or the data that you need.

So make sure that you are confident that the respondents are familiar with each answer option before using the ranking questions.

Otherwise the respondents will be next to impossible to answer the questions honestly and accurately.

Demographic questions

Demographic questions will not let you down if you use them in a survey where you want to know about a respondent’s income level or a respondent’s background.

If you use this type of question properly on a survey then it will definitely help you to get a better number of responses from the target audience.

This question type is really a powerful tool to a part where your audience depends on who they are and what they do, which will allow you to take an even a greater dive on to your data.

The moment you get to know about your survey question types then you will quickly get the most out of your survey data.

Knowing about which survey question type to use will help you to focus on the most important information which you need from the respondents. 

Open ended questions

Open ended questions are a very common and one of the most used types of questions.

It does not provide any specific pre set answer options, the respondents have to type their answers to the comment box and then the given responses are viewed by text analysis tools or individually.

Offering your visitors to give feedback in their own words could help you in case of analyzing the survey data and it is also not easy to quantify the written answer that is why the text boxes are better for offering the qualitative data.

Disadvantages of the open ended questions are that it is not a best option in uncovering the opportunities which you may have overlooked.

But, if you are looking for a data to analyze then you may want to engage in some quantitative marketing research and use closed questions.

Dropdown questions

Dropdown questions are a type of question which is very easy way to show a long list of multiple choice answers without shattering your respondents.

Using dropdown questions, you can offer them a scrollable list of answers from where the respondents will choose.

survey questions examples ,Sometimes, it is very useful context about the questions for the respondents when you show all the answer options at once but keep in mind that you should use more than one dropdown question in your survey.

Matrix questions

Matrix questions are also a very useful form of questions. survey questions examples ,Generally it is very useful in case where you want to ask a few questions in a row which have the same response options.

Keep in mind that a series of rating scale questions or a series of likert scale questions can work well as the matrix questions and also matrix questions can simplify a lot of content, but it is really very important to use them carefully. 

Likert scales questions

Likert scale questions are the types of questions which you must have seen before.

survey questions examples ,questions are generally the ‘do you agree or disagree’, this type of question that you will often found in surveys and they also are used to measure the respondents’ feelings and opinions.

Likert scale questions offer the respondents a wide range of options, as for example, starting at “not at all likely” escalading all the way up to “extremely likely”.

That is the reason why likert scales questions work so well to know specific feedback.

As for example, the survey questions which are for the employees often use the likert scales questions to calculate their attitudes or opinions on a wide range of topics.

Rating scales questions

The rating scales questions are also known as the ordinal questions, are the questions which shows a scale of answer options from any range, as for example 0 to 100, 1 to 100 and many more.

The visitors select the number from the ranges which they think is the most accurately represents their response.

You can take the Net Promoter Score questions are a good example of the rating scales questions because they use a scale to measure how likely the customers would be to suggest their service or product.

 With the both numerical rating scales questions and ranking questions, it is very important to give the visitor context.

As for example, visualize you asked a question, “how much do you like ice cream?” it does not make much sense and it may lower your responses.

Multiple choice questions

You can say that the multiple choice questions are the most important and popular survey questions type.

Multiple choice questions let your respondents to choose one or more options from a list of answers that your respondent thinks the correct option.

They are instinctive and very easy to use in different ways which help to create easy to analyze survey data and also provide mutually exclusive choices.

Since the answer options are fixed, so your respondents will definitely have a much easier way of survey taking experience.

Possibly the most important factor is that, you will get structured survey answers that will produce the clean data for analysis. 

Nowadays multiple choice questions come in various different formats, the most basic format is the single answer multiple choice questions.

In this single answer multiple choice question, they use a radio button format which are the circle buttons representing the options in a list that let the respondents to press only one answer. And they work very well for the binary questions, nominal scales questions or questions with ratings.

Generally the multiple choice questions and the multiple answers are commonly represented with square checkboxes and they let the visitors to check off all the choices which apply to them. You can take this as an example, “In which of the following ways do use their product?”

A most common disadvantage of the multiple choice questions is that they bound you to limit your responses to a predetermined list of options, which can cause partiality in your results.

What will happen if none of your answer options apply to your visitors? Then they might simply choose a random answer which will definitely impact on the accuracy of your results.

But this problem is not an issue you can solve it by adding other answer option or comment field at the end of all your choices. 

These are the most popular and commonly used survey questions, and it also tells you how to use them, so go through it properly and it will definitely help you in creating a good survey like a pro.


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