How to do a Survey on Facebook

How to do a Survey on Facebook ? Social Media is playing such an important role in this modern era. It helps you connect with so many different people across the globe just by sitting in your room. 

Small businesses are getting recognized through social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. Social Media also helps these businesses to recognize the trending topics to target their interested audience.

The tool that is used to recognize your targeted audience is none other than social media survey. 

In fact Facebook is one of the social media platform where surveys can be created and distributed among the audience. 

So, here we are about to discuss what is a Facebook survey and How to do a Survey on Facebook w surveys can be created with Facebook. 


A Facebook survey is a homogenous survey that can be created on a Facebook itself. Facebook provides poll system where user asks question and provides two or three options so the audience can choose according to their preferences.

How to do a survey on facebook

Creating a Facebook Survey is an easy process; you just need to have a Facebook account. There are three methods to create polls/survey on Facebook, they are: 

how to do a survey on facebook page

  • Sign in to your Facebook page from your laptop or phone
  • Select write a post option that is available at the top of your page
  • Choose the poll option. Tablet or phone users can scroll down and select poll. And desktop users select the three dots and choose poll.
  • Enter your questions you want to ask
  • Enter your options for your audience. You will find two options below your question
  • Choose the ending time for your poll
  • Then you can click the share now or share option and you are done. Your poll will reach your followers.

how to do a survey on facebook group

  • Sign in to your Facebook account from your laptop, tablet or phone
  • Tap three horizontal line on the right side at the top of your newsfeed and select the Group option, for desktop users select the Group icon on the left panel
  • Choose only that group which you want to poll, also followers only from that particular group can see your poll
  • Choose the poll option. Here the steps can be different according to your medium of your platform

Computer: Select write something on the top of the group and click poll.

Android: Select share something with the group go down or scroll down and select poll

I-Phone/I-Pad: Next to “Write Something” select the three dots and tap Create a Poll

  • Enter your questions for the poll, select Add Something option to start typing your questions you want to ask for the poll
  • Select Add Option or Add A Poll Option to add your poll answers.
  • Select Publish or Post option to share your post on the Group.

How do you create a poll on your Facebook story?

  • Login to your Facebook account through the Facebook app from your phone or tablet
  • Select +Add Story located at the left corner on your news feed
  • Attach a photo or video: for creating a poll you first need to select an image or video. Choose the camera roll option or select Create Something New
  • select the sticker icon: By selecting smiley square at top right corner, a panel will appear
  • Choose the poll icon from the panel
  • Enter your question you want to ask
  • Type Yes or No as an option if you are asking yes or no question, or you can customize your option according to your question
  • Select done that is located at the top of the right corner.
  • Select the share to story option so that you can post the poll on your story. A Facebook story poll only lasts for 24 hours and it will disappear after that.
  • To know your audience’s response, select your story which is located on the top of your newsfeed and when you see the poll swipe up.


Finally after getting to know how; we come to a conclusion that, it has been a great boon for the small businesses.

It is a very simple and easy to understand survey format which helps businesses to know their audience’s preferences by doing the online survey.

Thus, Facebook survey in a way; definitely helping the small businesses; in booming up their revenue.


  1. Are Facebook Surveys free?

    Yes it doesn’t need to invest huge amount of money on any kind of online survey tools for market research, as Facebook already provides that tool and with no cost. 

  2. Does facebook provide their own surveys?

    Yes , Facebook provides their own form of survey to the users

  3. Did Facebook Get Rid of Polls ?

    No it did not . You can still make polls on facebook groups

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