Survey Monkey Review

monkey review , online surveys has become so popular in today’s world that every business be it a new venture or a matured ones, tries doing online survey to get feedback from customers.


To ease the load of surveying online, many cloud based survey tools are found on the internet and one of the popular survey tool we are going to discuss about is survey monkey review.

Survey Monkey an online survey tool help users to create, analyze and send surveys.

For users, online surveys means using survey monkey online tool, because of its user friendly interface.

This online survey tool has wide range of templates for users and variety of features that helps in making a great survey design. 

The major downside of this tool is that, it’s very expensive and it will force you to buy an annual plan.

If you can buy the annual plan, you will get access to many different features which are not available to free users.

So, here the main question arises- Is survey Monkey Worth The Money?  Let’s discuss more about this cloud based survey tool.


The most basic features that are provided by Survey Monkey are-

Management Survey

  • Templates
  • Question Types
  • Survey Distribution
  • Survey Builder

Customization Survey

  • Multilingual Survey
  • Branding
  • Multimedia Support
  • Skip logic/ Branching

Survey Insights

  • Data Exporting
  • BI Tool Integration
  • Permissions
  • Analytics and Reporting

As already discussed that, if you buy their annual plan you will get more benefits than the free users.

This tool has more than 230 templates which are categorized according to users need. These templates are beginner friendly and you can customize the questions according to your need.

This tool forces you to choose a template before even starting to build a new survey. Though you can skip and can create it from scratch, also can change your templates after you have begun the process of designing.

The Survey Monkey tool provides 13 different types of questions that probably includes everything you want.

From basics like multiple choice questions and short answers to advance tool like image based questions, interactive sliders, rating scales and lot more; but the respondents can only upload the surveys if you pay for the annual plan.

The good thing about survey monkey is that instead of allowing you to choose a type of question, you can choose as many questions as possible from their question bank. 

Survey monkey tool uses artificial intelligence that decides automatically, what type of questions you need based on your content.

This feature definitely saves you a lot of time while designing a long survey.

The high level of options that are available after creating a question is a boon for the advanced designers.

You have full control over formatting single answer choices, which is not offered by many form builder websites. 

On top of that, this tool supports logic functions, which allows you to hide or show questions according to respondent’s previous answers.

The logic function tool sends respondents to various redirect pages according to their answers. In quizzes, the survey monkey software automatically grades the answers and hides or displays the scores from the respondents.


Based on our survey monkey review the user interface of survey monkey is very simple and easy to use. The dashboard will take you to a five step process for analyzing, creating and distributing a survey.

it also makes the editing process very easy, as all the options of your designs are available in a single place in the software.

The functionality of preview in this software is very nice, especially for beginner form builder.

The survey monkey software will let you know the expected time your survey will take and also will score your form;

based on how often respondents are likely to complete the questions.

The survey monkey software has a ‘question bank’ which includes all the survey questions; that are collected from real surveys.

This provides a lot of help to the beginner survey designers, who might get stuck while constructing an effective survey.

The surveys of survey monkey works on mobile, but only to a limited extent. You can’t create forms on mobile phones, but you can distribute surveys by short message service (SMS).

The data reporting tools are as good as the rest of the tools in survey monkey. You can change the chart display according to your need. You have a lot of freedom in this software.

Here the exporting of raw data is very simple too. You can export the data to a CSV or Excel and also the paid users can export to SPSS.

PRICING AND PLANS on Survey Monkey

Now we are going to discuss about the important part of this software, Pricing and Plans on survey monkey review

Survey monkey is very popular among the users all thanks to the free plan. With this free plan you can definitely create limitless number of surveys; if you have less than 10 questions each.

Per survey you can only get 100 responses, but you get access to most of the software’s features of data analysis.

The pricing of this software pressurizes you to purchase the annual plan.

The standard tier is accessible on a monthly basis, which cost $99 per month. And the annual rate of the same plan costs $372.

In the meantime, the advantage plan which adds question randomization, file uploads and A/B testing will cost $12 per year.

Also the premier plan gives you an additional control over branching survey and allows you to customize answers for your respondent.

However, the disappointing part of this software is that to access to logic options you have to buy the premier tier; which is $99 monthly and $1,188 annually.

Other features that are included in this tier are- multiple language support, advanced block randomization.

REPORTING on survey monkey

Being compatible with other parts of the app, survey monkey software provides a lot of easy to use options in the Answer Reporting Page, which includes data trends report that provides you to see how a feedback improved during the time the data that was send out.

Survey monkey has a feature known as “Filter By Question” that helps you to avoid crosstabs and in open ended response it allows you to filter by a particular word.

Also with a quick click the chart types can be changed and can be applied in the survey charts.

The software of survey monkey also offers many easy ways for changing the attributes, e.g. – decimal places which in other packages can be a nuisance.

PROS AND CONS of Survey Monkey

After getting an insight about the survey monkey’s pricing and planning policy, interface of the software we can now finally discuss about the pros and cons of this cloud based software.


  • Very beginner and user friendly software.
  • Comprehensive question library
  • Over 230 survey templates.
  • Provides advance survey logic


  • Will force you to buy an annual plan.
  • Free users are unable to export data to excel.
  • Missing of displaying logic support
  • Lower pricing tier doesn’t provide any great features.

If you can purchase the annual plan then it will be a great benefit to you. As it is user friendly with lots of templates and in built data analytics.


It’s good to know that for the price you pay, survey monkey provides great technical support to the users.

24/7 email support is accessible. Also the business subscribers and advantage premier can look forward to get answers under one – two hour.

Business subscribers as well as advantage premier also get the benefits of phone support. If the user finds any trouble in the software, they can contact the helpline number and will get help instantly.


Well after getting to know a lot about survey monkey previously, we got to know that this online survey tool is more famous but also it is very costly.

 At a cheaper rate you can get other online survey tools such as Survey Gizmo which definitely provides a lot of same features and a super highly customizable survey logic.

Alternately if not survey monkey, users can opt for survey gizmo. From templates, integration and ease of use survey gizmo definitely matches with survey monkey.

Also it has more buying options.

You can definitely pay on monthly basis and it won’t force you to subscribe annual payment.


After getting full insight of this cloud based software, comparing the prices and planning policy with other online survey tool we get to conclusion that though survey monkey provides user friendly interface it is very costly. 

New businesses would not be able to enjoy some good features that are provided to the business subscribers and the premier tier.

But, an established business venture can definitely opt for survey monkey, as it provides superfast support to the premier tier subscribers survey monkey review .

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