Survey design

Survey design ,A good survey or writing a good survey means asking the questions in such a way that lets the visitors or respondents to answer the questions truthfully and also at the same time, the survey will provide the respondents with an easy and convenient survey taking experience. The most importantly, if your survey gets better then, you will get more number of responses in returns of your survey.

What does a survey design means?

Survey design is actually a process of forming a survey with the main focus towards the factor of receiving the maximum number of insights in return of the survey research. It comprises of using an online survey tool which is used to design a survey from the scratch or using the temporary survey templates.

Steps to a good survey design

The most important factor for creating a survey is to make the questions so accurately that they measure the respondent’s behavior and opinions. The response rates will not have any value if all that information collected is depend on the biased questions. Collecting good feedback includes both using a good survey design and writing good questions to organize all those questions.

Recognize actually what you want to cover in a survey:

It is vital to imagine about the objective of deploying a survey, before finalizing the survey design. So recognize what you actually want to cover in the survey and make sure that the topic is clear at once. And once there is lucidity obtained what the survey actually about then the other steps will follow.

Break your core objective into many other unique points. In short, one should answer some of the basic questions such as will it be a macro or micro survey? What kind of demographic details actually do you want to capture? How many numbers of questions do you want to have? Do you want to calculate the Net Promoter Score? Do you want to add the variables to personalize the surveys for respondents? What type of questions should be open minded? 

The successful online surveys will contain distinct blocks that are designed to guide the respondents through the whole process. Here are the points according to which the most common survey block will look like:


Settles the visitor’s expectations, it may also be covered by the survey invitation, that is, the introduction.

Survey time

Offer the visitors the practical time estimation and also remind them that their opinions are secure and safe.


You should make sure that the questions you designed should meet the respondent’s criteria. The typical screeners comprise of the demographics (such as age, region and gender), products or service usage, purchase ability or level of responsibility, the brand or company awareness. Screeners are also applicable for establishing the quotas.


Body of a survey is the bulk of the survey which contains the questions on attitudes, usage, awareness, competitive perceptions, concept testing, etc.


Demographics are the questions which are used for segmenting and profiling the respondents. You do not have to repeat any of the demographics which are used as the screeners.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts are the closing of a survey and you should close a survey with an open ended question asking the respondents for any additional ideas.


It might be a simple thank you page and a redirect to your own website or back to a panel provider.

Good Survey Design Tips

Put the needed or essential questions:

As now you have the core objectives of your survey briefly ready, so now it is the time for you to turn these core objectives to a real and true survey questions.

Always keep in mind that it is really easy to start diverging from the core points and boundaries, later once it starts creating the survey on the QuestionPro, you can start using the given amount of choices and the freedom which the platform provides.

However, it is very important for you to stick to the decision what you have already decided unless you come to know that the objectives need some alterations to make so that your survey gets better. 

Keep the survey straightforward and short:

The visitors responding to your survey may get irritated and will not likely to complete the survey, if the topic is not straightforward and tend to reflect back and forth.

So, you should follow a logical and definite order in setting the questions and stay into a specific topic.

You should also keep in mind that if the survey is too long, then the respondents might not remain interested in filling out the entire survey and the survey results might come to an understanding.

So, try to keep the survey as short as you can.

Ask one question at a time:

Multiple questions or asking more than one question at a same time may confuse the respondents, and they might not be able to select the correct option or options from the list of the following options provided on the survey.

So, you should keep in mind that you should ask only one question at a time.

The QuestionPro offers more than 20 advanced logic mechanism, so that the mechanisms make your survey more systematic and also they help you to make your survey shorter.

It also has a very unique feature of simplifying the questions to make the survey user friendly for the respondents.

Avoid using technical languages:

You should avoid using the technical terms and the technical languages so the respondents feel comfortable and they answer your survey. In spite of using the technical languages, you should use the language which will be very easy for the respondents to understand and they complete your survey. 

Language is one of the most important factors during designing a survey and it should be made as simple as possible for the visitors to answer your survey. The more complicated you make your survey the more number of respondents will leave your survey.

Closed ended questions or open ended questions:

The question, whether to ask open ended question or closed ended question, will always confuse you. So do not get confused, and try to balance out both of these options. You can also use the descriptive as well as the objective questions, so that you can balance the survey. Before selecting, you should always keep in mind that the type of questions should be carefully selected, as it determines the importance and the tone of asking a question in the first place.

Spend the amount of time needed to design you survey:

A survey is made in such a way that it creates brand awareness among the respondents, and for this the creator who creates the survey may use the brand language such as brand color and brand logo, so that the respondents can relate the survey with the brand. 

Examine the responses:

After sending out your survey, collect all the responses you receive and create a excel sheet or a document to maintain the collected responses. Also keep in mind that the excel sheet should contain all the mentioned classification of the survey so that all the data remain in place.

Also you have to make sure that you follow this categorized data and the step into Psychographics, behavior and demographics. It becomes very easy for the researchers in case of writing reports, analyzing and predicting outcomes, if the researchers have the organized data.

Include a summary report together:

After gathering the responses and analyzing them, share your analyzed responses with your respondents using a summary report, but you should have all the data collected from the surveys in a proper format by this stage.

You present the summary report such that the readers should get a clear picture of your goal, that is, what were the facts that you were trying to obtain from the survey? Which product do the respondents prefer? Also make sure that you cover the questions such as do the users prefer or use a particular product or service? Any comment?

Conclude your plan of action:

Create your final action plan depending on your goal, put the responses together and conclude. Fix your final goal and start executing the changes.

A survey maker may also direct a pre testing of the survey so as to focus on a group during the development process to better understand know how actually the respondents in that group may respond and pre testing is also a very good practice as a survey creator can understand in the initial stages if there are any replacement needed in the survey.

So if you spend time on writing a good survey questions then you will be quite good on your way of receiving a good and a reliable responses in return of your survey that you need to reach your goals.

The first and the most important choice which you have to make during

creating a survey is the type of questions

You should offer both open ended questions which will ask the visitors to add personal comments, and as well as the closed ended questions which will provide the visitors a fix set of options from where they will choose forms and the closed ended type of questions can be a simple yes or no options, Likert rating scales, multiple options and many more.

But taking decision about creating your survey do not end there, you will also have to decide that how will you ask the questions on your survey.

So here is a list which will definitely help you to create your survey easily and it will look good by following the steps:

  • You should come up with a balanced set of answer options in your survey to get great responses from the respondents.
  • You also should write the great survey questions in your survey using the neutral answer options.
  • Keep in mind that you should avoid asking two questions at a time while creating a survey.
  • You should also keep both the questions, that is, open ended and closed ended questions in your survey because a good survey always contains both types of questions.
  • Always try to maintain about creating a good survey which contains and uses a diverse set of questions.
  • And at last you must confirm that you are sending a good survey.

Go for a test drive

If you are a survey creator then you will know that for a survey creator the worst feeling is when you can find mistakes on your survey once you have already sent the survey.

So make sure that the survey does not have any mistakes before sending the survey. You can also send your survey to your friends, colleagues, family members and other in advance for checking so that you came to know if there are some mistakes in your survey or not. So always be sure that your survey is mistake less as a pair of fresh eyes will be enough to detect or spot a mistake in a survey.


A good survey or designing a good survey means asking the quality questions in such a way that the visitors answer truthfully and at the same time it provides the respondents a easy and quick survey taking experience. The better your survey gets the more number of responses you will receive. So apply all these procedure because this is how a good survey looks like.


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