Survey Best Practices

survey best practices Surveys enhance the knowledge in respective fields for social research.

It aims to rending thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the given topic.

This can be limited or restricted to a specific group or community or can be public depends on the survey requirement.

Survey Best Practices

The survey best practices survey is a technique or a method to collect information from the targeted audience.

A series or list of questions is asked to an individual or group of people to get data about the product or services provided for the growth of the business or spreading awareness among the people for healthy living. These are the survey best practices

1.  Research your goal:

Before survey best practices, gathering detailed information about the data has a brief idea about the outcome of the survey.

Are you focusing on the feedback or the service provided based on that you will get your result? Is the survey open to all or restricted to a certain group of people or the targeted audience?

All these will conclude your survey in a better way.

2.  Mention a list of questions:

The list of questions will help you know the dos and don’ts for the near future. In general, the audience prefers short- multiple-choice questions for easy delivery of answers.

The question patterns should be easy and understandable by the audience.

Try to keep the sensitive questions at the end so that participants will gradually open up to share their side of stories in terms of answers.

3.Call on Participants

They are various ways to invite the participants to the survey. You can post your survey on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media site to get the attention of the users.

You can also send email to a particular group or individual in your contact list or can make banner, postures to get an eye of the participants on it or you can ask your friends to share the following survey links with their people, friends, or family member or the survey can be done in the corner of the streets to involve the local crowd in the same.

Even the involvement of people offline will impact differently than online users. The involvement of the audience matters a lot when surveys are conducted. 

4.Include images and videos

Adding images or videos will help the participants to understand the content of the survey without much difficulty and will help them give the response appropriately.

Many may ignore the plain text or may feel less excited or interesting but adding images and videos will nudge the users to engage in it. Reading content and visualizing the same helps in understanding things in different ways.

The videos or image formats will have a different impression on the participants. It may directly touch their heart and they may try to open up soon for further queries and responses.

This is one of the easy ways to attract viewers and get replies.

5.Choose templates

Inserting a template will give it a look and will be eye-catching. The more attractive the templates the more audience we can find to convey their responses.

Simple and sober templates with a good combo of colour will be more eye-catching and helpful for the success of the survey.

6.Secure data

What restricts the participants to take part in the survey is the disclosure of their details or the response they will make without hesitation?

Assure the audience or the individual that their responses and personal details are secured and no one is going to judge them with their replies. Make the user comfortable and convenient to serf the survey link.

They should feel free to convey their thoughts or opinion in the survey to give genuine answers. The participant’s safety should be a priority.

7.Replace text with emotions

A plain text may not give that feel to reply to the question which can be given by emoticons.

It will help you express the scenario of the ongoing survey and its impact and importance in the growth of the business or spreading awareness among the people. Emoticons make people more expressive and cooperative.

The agenda of the survey is to get the best responses that come by heart not out of duty or responsibilities.

The more appropriate the responses the better-defined steps to be taken to reach the pinnacle.

The survey may give a chance to the audience to discuss the matter openly or suggest their views or opinion freely without any bondage.

8.Customize your survey

You can customize your survey by adding the logo to the header or use your domain to host the survey.

Your brand or logo will help you get the attention of the crowd in a specialized way.

The more the reputation brand the easier it becomes to get the attention of their follower to conduct the survey.

The die-hard fan of any particular brand or group will come first to give their responses happily and comfortably.

9.     Do a trial run

When the survey is ready with the templates, questions, and host’s domain you can go a day trial to get the response and feedback.

A one-day survey will boost your confidence and excitement for next-level responses.

In case, one day survey is not up to the mark or partially successful then we can go for some modifications or changes to get a good result.  

10. Analyze your Responses

Once the time and end date of the survey is over gather all the responses and analyze the outcome for the enhancement of the survey and estimate its success rate that will guide you to take the next step in near future for the growth and development of things. The analysis part is very important.

A small mistake in the assumption or presumption of the survey will change the entire cause of it.

One needs to analyze or calculate the response of the survey very mindfully to reach a worthy conclusion.

Whether to know the customer feedback of a service or to understand market trends in the industry, survey is a great idea which enable us to understand our customer needs and make important decisions accordingly .

Traditional Survey Practices

In Traditional surveying the questionnaire was prepared in a paper and sent to the customer by mail service. It used to take lot of time to get response from the customers.

Some had never responded too. Analysing the data and presenting the conclusion is another laborious process. Rapid changes in the market trends raised the necessity of online survey to collect and interpret the data quickly. survey best practices ,

Using online survey, we can collect real time data about a product or service quickly, analyse them with the help of latest tools and get the desired result in no time saving a lot of time and money. A good online survey should be clear, easy to fill out with better response rates providing quality data to make sensible decisions. 

Now that you have got lot of information from survey about market trends of a product or a service, it makes you specialized in that particular field.

You can offer service to other clients. The data can also be published in press release or can be converted into blog post or visual content using graphs and infographics.

Without prior planning, all your work goes in vain. We have provided you with few steps for a successful online survey. More survey best practices

Have a clear objective

Tedious questions result in ambiguous responses which will take you nowhere. Before moving forward, ask yourself. What is your purpose of taking the survey?

What are you trying to get from the survey? And find answers. They should lead to a focused answer which is your objective. Proper planning is necessary to engage audience and conduct a successful survey.

Survey should be short and to the point

In this digital world, a lot of entertainment is accessible just a click away.

In order to drive the respondents to attend the survey, you need to keep it short and focused.

They are doing a favor to you.  Value their time and effort.  Respondents hardly completes a survey if it is too long.

Be attentive while preparing questions

We can’t guarantee whether a person taking online survey knows good English or possess technical knowledge. That’s not our objective also.

The purpose of survey is to engage as many people as possible. So prepare simple questions and keep an eye on wordings.  You don’t have to prove your language skills here. Use simple and clutter-free sentences for better response rates.

Questions should not contain any slang terms or abbreviations and offensive terms. They should be in a conversing tone. Questions should always be connected to your objective.

Type of questions to be asked

Closed ended questions are those where respondents gets to pick an option from list of choices.

This reduces customer’s effort and allows him to answer easily and quickly. However this type of questions limit the customer freedom and doesn’t express his thoughts clearly. In Open ended surveys, customer has to type his answer in a text box. This gives a clear understanding of customer views.

But analyzing these type of responses is a strenuous process. A combination of above two can fetch you better results. 

Never put your opinion in a question which can lead to biased responses. Indirectly you are influencing the customers to agree with you. Instead ask neutral questions.

Make sure your survey follows logical order

The questions are to be prepared in such a way that survey should flow in a logical order. Start with a short description to encourage people to attend the survey.

Move from broader range questions to narrow ones. The other way can deviate you from the path. Any personal information should be asked at the end.

A short summarized opinion is to be asked at the end.

Always keep the rating scale consistent throughout the survey. Different rating scales can confuse the respondents. For example, if you are using 1-5 scale for a question,

use the same for the others questions too. Also keep your choices balanced.

Give a test drive

Select few target audience in your acquaintances and ask them to attend the survey to know whether there is any misconception in questions and to avoid unexpected interpretations.

Send invitation

You are inviting the audience to participate in your survey. Poorly framed or pop out invitations doesn’t interests people to take up surveys.

A proper designed professional Email invitation with necessary logos and brand name will do the purpose. A professional Email invitation is found to have highest response rates from the customers. However not everyone responds on their first invitation.

Sending reminders will keep your email on the top of their inbox which allows customers to read your invitation if they missed first one. Two or three follow ups is said to increase response rates drastically.

Provide Incentive

People tend to respond if you show them some benefit. Not all surveys require incentives.

If your survey didn’t reach expected number of customers or if the survey is difficult and time taking, provision of incentives can boost the response rates to a greater extent.

Analyzing the Survey

 Collection of data is over by now. Now arranging the pieces of information to get a meaningful interpretation is the most important step.

Without this, you cannot get accurate predictions. 

Observe how many people have attended the survey? How many have left in the middle? What could be the reason for incomplete surveys? And what could we do about it?

Try to find answers to all  these questions.

Analyse all the closed ended responses. If any open ended responses are received, study them effectively and analyse. Divide all the responses into various categories. Tabulate the results and plot graphs for better understanding.

Now draw conclusions with all the information available. Presenting the report is another important aspect under consideration. Never generalize your conclusions. Be content specific. People tend to understand infographic content better.

Present your content providing necessary visuals statistics. Record the data for future purposes.

 Learn from the responses and implement them to improve surveying process. Conduct surveys frequently to observe changes in customer responses over time.


You need to make changes according to the result from the survey in order to hold the customers. Otherwise you will lose audience gradually.

We saw the survey best practices for you to use


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