SoGoSurvey Review 2021

SoGoSurvey Review is a cloud-based SaaS platform that allows us to create surveys to gather information on customer experiences, product feedback or to study market trends.

SoGoSurvey Review

Based on our SoGoSurvey Review ,This survey tool facilitates a customer to start from scratch or use a preloaded template from the surveyed bank. After all the responses are gathered, the tool uses an integrated reporting engine to develop real-time reports using the data.

The reports can be presented in an easy-to-understand form like bar graphs, comparisons, cross tabs, statistics, etc. the software also tracks the number of email invitations sent, the number of emails delivered, read, and how many have responded to get the progress of the survey.

The software supports Windows and Mac desktop platforms and Android mobile platforms. It is the most reliable tool for freelancers, startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises to collect feedback from the respondents.

How do I create an online survey?

Based on our SoGoSurvey Review conducting scored quizzes, customizing the survey using different themes, settings, etc.

The SoGoSurvey tool offers a huge variety of questions ranging from simple checkboxes, dropdowns to complex grid questions. Choose the perfect fit among them and include it in your survey.

The answer choices can be saved for other surveys. Some good questions also can be deposited in a question bank for future use.

There are some preloaded questions readily available mainly for customer feedback surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, etc. The preview mode which is present in the form of an eye icon on the top of the page enables you to check the survey through PC, tab, or mobile phone.

The skip logic option enables the customer to attend relevant questions to the specific group of respondents.

Advanced design options like piping, data population, and quota management allow you to take control over your survey and collect data to obtain the purpose.


The piping option helps you to resend specific questions to the participants to keep them engaged. The data population feature enables you to pre-fill the known data and obtain reports instead of posing irrelevant questions to the participants.

Quota management allows you to customize options available to respondents.

The participants will be redirected to a new page based on their responses in single-question branching whereas, in multi-question branching, they are directed to different survey paths based on their response to multiple questions.   

The survey software scans the responses to detect any suspicious behavior and prevent repeated submissions. Anonymity and data privacy are the company’s top priorities that allow respondents to give honest feedback. You don’t have to worry about sending reminders from time to time. The automated technology allows you to schedule invitations and send reminders to the respondents even in your absence. A time frame can be set for your survey active for a while. 

What if the participants made an error and want to re-open the survey after submission? The software addresses the issue. There are two options available. If a participant realizes his mistake immediately after submission of the survey, he can re-open the survey with a link from the Thank You page. If the participant realizes his mistake after closing the thankyou page, he has to contact survey administrators and re-open the survey using a single-link email invitation that he received earlier for participation.

In the Visual settings option, you have the flexibility to create your theme or pick one from a wide variety of readily available themes.

Sharing the survey

By now, the survey has been created successfully, it is then distributed to the participants through multiple channels.

If you have to send survey invitations regularly for updated customers in a specific group or region, you don’t have to waste time on manual invitations.

The invitations are automatically sent to the groups periodically by connecting to the SFTP server. Some of the other distribution options include: 

Email invitation

A single-use invitation link is sent to the customers. You can track the number of participants, send reminders for the event, etc using this link. A multi-use link avails you to forward the link to invite others to participate in the survey. The number of responses can be restricted by the maker. Forwarding a single link to others may affect privacy. Chain invitation allows the respondents to send a new invitation link to others.

Social media:

You can directly publish on Facebook from your survey account or send an invitation on Twitter or reach out to respondents via LinkedIn networks.

This way, there are higher chances of participation. The link can be pasted on your website or a survey can embed into your website or blog. A popup invitation option can also be availed on your website.

Offline mode:

SoGoSurvey ReviewThe participation link can be sent to mobile numbers through SMS in various countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and India. You should appreciate the time and effort of respondents in attending the survey. Show the gratitude with a thank you note at the end of the submission.


If you want to test drive before diving in, there is a 10-day free trial period where you can get access to all the basic features of the SoGoSurvey tool. The tool offers 4 paid plans.

  1. Plus
  2. Pro
  3. Premium
  4. Enterprise

The paid packages provide customers with a skip logic feature to ask the pertinent type of questions to the respondents instead of posing the same questions to everyone.

Customers may conduct anonymous surveys and assess the data in paid packages. you can always upgrade or downgrade to plans anytime.

However, if you cancel your account, all the data related to surveys, reports, and participants will be permanently deleted and can never be revoked.

In case you want to retain the data, freezing the account is the best option.

Your account can be accessed any time through login details and the required information is gathered.

You may have to restore the frozen account to conduct new surveys or collect the details about new respondents.


Each user is provided with unique login credentials to keep the data confidential. The SoGoSurvey is a powerful tool to collect real-time data and run dynamic reports after proper data analysis. You can customize reports using multiple themes and apply filters of your choice. The reports can be saved, shared, and can be modified at any time. You can email the reports to your colleagues. Under the filter manager section, you can choose how the responses can be displayed in reports. 

There are some special reports like engagement reports and dimensional analysis reports.

The engagement report delivers the level of engagement of employees towards the organization. The survey should include the questions from areas that measure engagement.

Through this report, you can discover the areas of improvement and provide necessary training or facilities for improved engagement and performances. The dimensional analysis report (DAR) enables you to know how the trend is changing over time. You can get a clear idea of what’s working for your respondents, what has changed, what are their thoughts through graphs and tables.


Zapier: The SoGoSurvey integrates with Zapier which can connect the tool with your daily use apps snd enhance the data collection process

Salesforce: most organizations are good at collecting data. But not everyone is good at analyzing that data to produce accurate results.

All the data related to the survey is on the SoGoSurvey account whereas the customer data is present in the Salesforce account. By integrating both of them, you can automate processes and improve the quality of the survey.

According to the customer data obtained from the salesforce account, customized questions can be prepared for each customer.

Google Analytics: with the help of Google analytics, you will know how many persons are visiting your website. It helps to study the behavior of the customers and make decisions accordingly to meet the customer expectations.

Customer Support

Live Chatbox is available that connects to one of its agents to answer your queries and assist you through the software quickly. If you need any support, you can click on the question mark option, available on the top right of the page.

A help center will appear with various support options depending on your account type.

Basic features like 24×7 email support, user forms to interact with the team,

SoGoSurvey help and resources which consists of training videos, user guide are accessible for all subscribers.

However one-on-one support, personalized suggestions for an improved experience, training offered by the instructor, priority service with quick responses are accessible for paid subscriptions only.

quick training sessions are also provided by the instructors in conducting engaging surveys using the tool.


SoGoSurvey Review , Asking the right questions to the right people gives accurate data. Discover the purpose of your survey and chose a target audience related to the domain.

SoGoSurvey Review ,The responses can be collected from all over the world due to the facility of surveying multiple languages.

Is SoGoSurvey Legit?

Yes , Some of the popular customers of SoGoSurvey makers are Apple, General Electric, Pepsico, HSBC, DELL, The University of New Castle, and many more.



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