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Similar Sites Like MTurk

If you are doing out sourcing micro jobs like MTURK and raise your income amount then you must come to know that there are some others websites too which can multiply your online income source within few days check Similar Sites Like MTurk .

Right now everyone is familiar with MTURK which is owned by amazon.

Sites Like MTurk

These sites are the ones which Similar Sites Like MTurk.

1. Swag bucks

Sites Like MTurk ,Another competitor website which occasion multiply your source of income with Swag bucks. It is 100% legit website and doing work consistently in the progress of micro jobs. One can earn satisfying income with Swag bucks. It is the longest website which ran across the world. They have different task to pay their audience. Well the fact is that this website will add some income but not going to rich you. The time limit of each survey is around 15 to 20 minutes and the good part is you can qualify to each and every survey according as per your choice.

Sites Like MTurk ,

  1. Survey
  2. Watch a video
  3. Playing games

Taking part in surveys when you get notify through email. Complete that survey and earn point accordingly.

  1. Watch a video

Swag buck will play a video for you. You need to watch the whole complete video.

  1. Playing games

One can also learn to earn some points by just playing video games.

Swag bucks have many offers just like MTURK to perform.

Well now the question rise here that who can join swag bucks. Apparently those who have spare time after completing their daily chores can spend little time to consume points. Basically house wife and students can join to alternate their income source freely.


 Another amazing website in outsource for micro jobs. This is especially for IT professional. In this website IT experts allows you to check different apps and software before launch in public. This website is best for small corporate sectors.

Many companies operate their apps over UTEST to check their work performance before launching. This website is a hub of software engineers. They also provide their users for free training to learn and improve their testing skills


UTEST allows you to fix the loopholes in various apps and find out glitches before using it. They provide testers around the world. They pay you with each and every project depending on your skill level and determine the quality of work


JSites Like MTurk ,ust as like other survey website. Inbox dollar beside does the same task to complete for some additional points to add. Like watching videos, taking part in survey, printing coupon, scanning product in stores, watch a video and playing video games.  You can also get paid by reading e-mails.

The paying rate is too high rather than swag bucks since the website pays 5$ as signup point which is quite impressive. The qualification for survey depends on your demographic presence. You can easily earn dollars in few hours as the rates are higher rather than any other website. When you earned 30 $ you are free to withdraw your cash through PayPal or redeem your points into gift cards or amazon gift cards.


It is formerly known as virtual bee. With the smart crowd website many people make living on online earning. This is again experienced website for micro jobs. The website enlisted with various task according to your demands and requirements.

They execute appropriate job for several domains. This is most admired and legit website for data entry especially well liked for those who prefers work from home. They also offer various services like online and offline translation jobs and contractor work


 They appoint online peoples for data entry jobs those who filled accurate data with high typing speed. First they test your typing speed to assess whether you qualify or not. The test will be conducted online mode and continue in three phases

  1. Letter test
  2. Dollar test
  3. Numeric test

You have to appear in each task successfully but if you stuck anywhere you will get another chance after 24 hours. 

There are very simple steps to appear in smart crowd smartly.

You will get paid according to your work experience and speed. The payment method is weekly once you completed 30 $ in your account.

Anyone can join the smart crowd who is above 18 years old with magnificent typing speed.


Sites Like MTurk The most trusted training platform in the field of data technology. It can be a great substitute Sites Like MTurk .  SAMASOURCE is the charity based website which helps poor and needy people to make earning online. The founder of the website is Leila Janah. The website launched in Cambodia in 2001 and its main head quarter is in California San Francisco.

Sites Like MTurk , The website main intention is to provide basic training of computer skill and digital skill. The SAMASOURCE recruit poor young peoples and women who earn make less than $2 daily. They help them to earn more than that. The website also have own training programme for 2 to 3 weeks to learn work better. After get proper training workers are able to perform the micro jobs for data skills.

6. Click workers

We cannot move forward before discussing yet another crowd sourcing website which is click workers. It is best opportunities for online jobs. It offers digital task work to online. for example writing, translating languages, research and data processing. You can do these works according to your time convenient. The candidates who work with click workers are called click workers. There are large numbers of micro jobs with more than 100,000 users around the world.


Before you become the click workers you need to qualify two types of assessment

  1. Basic assessment

To appraise basic skill like spellings, grammar and international languages

  1. Project assessment

The assessment is about regarding the project requirement while doing different task on Click workers. 

7. Rapid worker

The Rapid is good legit platform. It can be a good alternate to MTURK as very less work to do. a great opportunities to perform for beginner as they allow very simple and easy task. It execute various crowd source for micro jobs  


There are two types of workers here one is client and another is employee. Client here come in search of employee and workers came here in search of good clients. There are varieties of task to done in Rapid worker

  1. Write a review
  2. Like Facebook or twitter pages
  3. Download files for internet
  4. Search and click
  5. Sign up job
  6. Design hill

This website is best suited for graphic designers and a huge market place for extra ordinary design like logo design, animation design and digital graphic contents. One can buy great designs which are primarily available in low rates. Many professional clients came here for great design for their respective business venture.

Many designers join design hill to explore their design and get paid for their skill. There are around 40,000 design uploaded toll today and many more waiting in the list to upload. 

Here the designers as well as the companies sharing their contribution to global market research. 


You can also consider JOBBOY as a great alternate to MTURK with its huge popularity. There are multiple tasks to perform here for out sourcing. One can earn full time earning from this legit website. There are around 60,000 members across the world.


The different chores on JOBBOY are as follow

  1. Write a comment on website or blog post
  2. Download and install software
  3. Like Facebook page
  4. Subscribe You tube channel
  5. Sign up on multiple website
  6. Vote or visit website
  7. Bookmark for website pages

You need maximum 10$ in your account to receive cash. 

9. Crowd tap

We are introducing another additional website in top crowd sourcing. It will turn your earning by multiple times. With crowd tap many big brands comrade. You can reach any brands by your own choice. It has started in 2009


There are diversifies things you can earn from crowd tape. Some of them are below

  1. Taking part in surveys
  2. Online discussion
  3. Submit your favourite content like drawing and photos
  4. Several programmes to join
  5. Product testing review

You can earn various gifts and cash through the website. But the worst part is only US peoples can take part into the website

Well the meaning of out sourcing is doing simple and familiar internet task while engaging in online. You can also earn handsome cash by just scrolling down some website. Anyone can earn online despite having accurate knowledge. Here are some tasks to reach on micro jobs.

  1. Giving reviews for few websites
  2. Searching and scrolling on web
  3. Write content and comment on some website
  4. Like and follow some social buzz
  5. Finding contact details from website

Now let’s discuss what is MTURK?


MTURK is a crowd sourcing website which is famous all over the world due to its popularity. It is owned by Amazon. It is a platform that hire human for remote job to use their intelligence in different tasks. This website suitably use HIT which is (Human intelligence task) for multiple works. This can work virtually. Crowd sourcing is a best way to work while using your skill and intelligence. The works done like with HIT content in an image or video and write product description

MTURK is doing great job in the field of earning passive income but there are countless alternate website too which work exactly same as like MTURK Until you know the correct platform.

What is so special in mturk

  1. Short task

It is another similar well liked website like MTURK. In this website you can be shortlisted with mainly four categories. They liked to call their employer as a “solver”. The categories are as follow

  1. Data entry
  2. Research
  3. Design
  4. Writing
  5. Data entry

It usually completes particular data entry, edit or remove text from images and copy paste work. This work can be done by anyone who has good command over typing speed.

  1. Research

In this category you need to research over some website.

Like research a set of list blogger that focus on specific themes, research e-mail address, research product review, research and analyse websites, research on website contents and many more researches in the field of website while online

  1. Design

If you are a good graphic designer and can create a world class design than this category is probably for you. You can create many kinds of design or logos for short task website to earn more for example logo design, slogan design, product design, banner design and flyer design

  1. Writing

Someone who loves to write passionately than this will work for you. You can surely earn ready to cash for this skill.

One can write a review, short articles, post a blog, transcribe a video, express your feelings through letters, write good essay, fix your business problems through surveys, writes an article or essay, leave a comment on different site.

So evidently you can say that this website going to work like pro for you. Sites Like MTurk ,The plus point is that short task is the top most rated website

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