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Top Richest YouTubers Of 2021 by Net Worth

There are Many people today are surprised that making money from YouTube and there are some Richest YouTubers is still possible for you to be among them ?

The YouTube star is one of the most popular celebrities of today, People who give lectures, entertain and review, and create content for the Internet to be great.

Most of the celebrities on this small screen just do what they can and they have to sketch the itch to make things up and stay in front of the audience.

Here are the top 20 richest YouTubers in the world today.

1. Ryan’s World

Subscribers:- 23.3 million

Earnings:-$26 million

It’s kind of unbelievable that a kid just 8 years old gets one of the highest paid YouTubers in the whole world.

He first started his channel with videos of him opening his toys and playing with them Although many may think that the task is much easier after watching it, but the task is not so easy, and Ryan’s video “Giant Egg Surveillance” has received 1.9 billion views. richest youtubers ,His videos have had a huge impact in the toy industry, and toy advertisers are eager to spread the word on this young YouTuber.

Yan Ryan can now create animated videos for kids.

2. Dude Perfect

Subscribers:- 51 million

Earnings:- $20 million

Dear Perfect is not just a cool word. Their team consisted of a group of 5 people from their high school, including twins Kerry and kOvi.Dude Perfect is primarily focused on sports,

they’ve got a fan base based on their passionate fans. They have other sources of income such as Dude Perfect mobile app and sponsor all their YouTube videos.

3. Jeffree Star

Subscribers:- 17.1 million

Earnings:- $17 million

Jeffree had many sources from which he made a good income while creating a bank from YouTube For example, she’s a singer-songwriter, model and DJ here She’s also not very good, and it goes into makeup as well.

Jeffrey’s youtube channel has all the makeup  here tutorials, brand reviews and funny challenge videos e he is basically a guru.

4. DanTDM

Subscribers:- 21 million

Earnings:- $16.5 million

After all, the mincraft of the previous rich man on YouTube turned off these videos. And why Dan already has an installation, advertisers are willing to pay lots more for their ads in his videos. And with an average of 4.64 million views per video,

YouTube is not just a side job. DantTM has other sources of revenue, such as YouTube sponsorships and merchandise.

5. VanossGaming

Subscribers:- 24 million

Earnings:- $15.5 million

Here is an example to show that the time given in gaming is not a waste of time  because although even he doesn’t concentrate on a specific game like Daniel,

his fans appreciate the variety but you can be different if you want to stand out in the sea of ​​YouTubers with his unique video editing style where even really won the crowd.

6. PewDiePie

Subscribers:-102 million

Earnings:- $15.5 million

The pewdiepie YouTube channel has the most subscribers  on YouTube channels around the world in the last five years.

However, in the last few years, the amount of his income has decreased as his assets were between  30 million to 50 million in previous years of bitcoin.

He is known for his game commentary. Although YouTube is his main source of income, he made money by publishing a book called “This Book Loves You” which sold almost 112,000 copies.

7. Logan Paul

Subscribers:- 20.1 million

Earnings:- $14.5 million

Logan Paul is one such YouTube thing very honestly makes simple videos Then Popularity came back in 2017 when he went to Japan once and saw the hanging body.Logan portrayed his body and joked about it, showing the world his immaturity.

He was subsequently criticized but some how he gained more followers. He admits he made a mistake and the world is moving forward.

Today Logan is still making YouTube videos and other badly ridiculous vlogs.

8. Markiplier

Subscribers:- 25.7 million

Earnings:- $13 million

One more video game youtube horror and indie videos need to be identi fied in most cases to be successful and Their channel should be avoided as it is known for its obscene language and lots of swear words.

In addition to being one of the top YouTubers in 2019, he has also voiced in many TV shows.

Jake Paul

Subscribers:- 19.7 million

Earnings:- $11.5 million

Jack, Pal’s younger brother, has become famous on YouTube for creating decent content He is an actor and musician who has achieved crasures for the first time.

He has been on YouTube for only last 4 years but has already received 4 billion views. Jack has released a music video called “Eighteen Rose Bro” which has received 70 million views in just 1 month.

Sadly, this is now the third disliked video on YouTube. If Jack can manage to avoid scandals, his content might be enough to put him on board as one of the richest YouTubers in the world.

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