Qmee Review

Qmee Review , Qmee is an app and also a browser extension that allows its users to earn cash for shopping, completing  offers, answering surveys, and referring friends. 

It offers minimum cash out for its user’s and it also utilizes deep machine learning to facilitate extremely  the best user experience. There is no registration fee and the registration process is completely free of  cost.  

How Qmee Works

provides earning opportunities to people.  

Qmee application is a free application available on both iPhone and Android.

Anyone can download it  and automatically access it. And create a Qmee account from your phone. Users should find deals with  the automatic price comparison tool while they are shopping online. To get notified of new surveys and  

to request payments, directly from the app itself. The Qmee browser extension is the same as the  Qmee app. In that users can see their cash rewards. And Account balance directly from the extension. It  also includes an automatic price comparison tool that compares the price savings of different kinds of  products. 

Complete the Surveys.

First Complete the initial sign-up survey to then is matched with various paid survey opportunities in  Qmee. Every survey assignment will display the estimated time completed to finish that particular  survey. Then the reward will be offered. And as well as the main aspect of the survey. But some surveys  may have different statuses.  

These include.  

Hot Surveys – This kind of Survey is picked by Qmee and is highly considered as the ‘hottest surveys’.  And they tend to disappear fastly. So if the users are interested in completed surveys for Qmee. Then  ensure to complete these when they see them. 

Recontact Surveys – Recontact Surveys are follow-up surveys to surveys that users have already and  previously completed. 

Webcam Surveys – Webcam Surveys are surveys that request the use of a user’s webcam. Like all  surveys listed. 

Qmee Offers

Offers the main aspect for every Survey Website. Offers in Qmee are mostly similar to shopping  cashback. Significantly user’s can earn cash rewards. For signing up for the brand new products and  services.

Users can use the offers as a search tool to look for their favorite brands. And to see if they  have any special deals available on the site. Users can also get money by saving coupons and deals on  the items that they do shopping for to help to save some money.  

Conduct Qmee Searches

Users can use the Qmee to conduct internet searches for cash rewards only. Significantly when users are  conducting a regular online search using Google, Bing, or through some other search engines. Then  Qmee will suggest search results that users may wish to explore at any time. Clicking these results that  will result in a credit to the user’s cash balance. 

Qmee Rewards.

With Qmee site. Users can accumulate a cash balance as they participate in certain tasks, they take  surveys, they refer them to their friends. But once users have a balance in their account. Then they can  request a reward. They can Choose any payment options like PayPal payment, a gift card, or donate to  charity. 

Get PayPal Cash from Qmee.

PayPal cash payments are typically issued almost instantly after a user’s request. But delays are  uncommon with Qmee. And the money should appear within a few minutes of a user’s request. But  there are no minimum amount to cash out. And as long as users have a positive cash balance in their  account. Then they can request a payment. 

Choose a Gift Card.

Gift cards are common for every Survey site. Gift cards are issued almost instantly by Qmee to its users.  But they are in an e-gift card format. Users should bear in mind that they’ll first need to verify their  identity by first making a PayPal payment.

This payment should be low and even a few cents will do the  work. The main point is to verify that users are indeed the owner of their accounts. And so that a gift  card can be properly awarded to the right users. Gift card denominations start at $5 and include major  retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Whole Foods.

If users feeling generous and consider donating  part of their earnings to charity. Then Qmee works with a variety of different charities whose user’s can  choose to donate.  

Is Qmee a Legit Website?

The Qmee has been in the market since 2012. Its app had 500,000+ downloads on Google Play Store.  This makes it so unique and legal. It has an app on Apple Store. The Qmee company has a solid  reputation in the online industry and the Freelancers Community. Some reviews complain about poor  customer service. And also lack in payment. But However many users praise the fast and instant  payment and how easy it is to earn on Qmee.  

How Much Can a user Make from Qmee Online Surveys?

There are surveys available to everyone and every user. To answer those Surveys everyone is welcomed.  But users need to opt in to receive those Surveys. There is an option on the Surveys tab on the  dashboard. This is the first page that a user sees on the mobile application.  

Users need to ensure that they carefully and honestly answer the survey. And this will determine the  surveys that are appropriate for the users. A single Survey is up to 30 minutes long. Then the user can  receive up to $1 for answering each one. There are also new surveys every day on the site. But it’s  Significant to check whether you qualify for a Survey depending on your demographics. 

What are the other Ways to Make Money on the Qmee site? 

By Inviting Friends.

Like every website, Qmee also has a referral program. That offers you $1 for every new referral that  reaches their first cashout from Qmee. Users can find their referral link on their Qmee dashboard. But  there will be a delay for the link to generate. So user’s will not be able to refer friends after they  immediately join the Qmee platform.  

Internet Searches.

Users can install the Qmee extension browser on their desktop. This works in the background also as a  personal online shopping companion for many users.

They’ll receive cash rewards when they search for  websites and engage with brands that a user loves to purchase. Users will also see price savings if Qmee  finds a good deal with its price comparison tool. They appear as an additional result on the screen. Users  can now click on the results to save money or earn cash. The Brands that Pay Qmee appear in these  search results.

The income is split between a user and Qmee. So that if you are a serious shopper. Then  as a user, you may find that the Qmee extension could earn few dollars every week in a month.  

Daily Polls.

Qmee has daily poll questions. And that too with a new question every day. Users can choose an answer  and then see how many people agree with that answer. But Although individual polls do not earn a  user’s much cash. And if users maintain a streak of 5 days. Their rewards will increase. As long as their  streak is active on site. Then they will be rewarded or may see an increase in Rewards.  


Users can donate some amount or all of their earnings to charity. This is the most wonderful thing that  Qmee has. By this Qmee has a list of charities that users can choose to donate to. If any user doesn’t see  their favorite charity on the list. Then they can also email Qmee and the support team will contact the  charity to accept the amount.  

What are the Qmee Pros & Cons?


Fast Payouts: Qmee is known for fast payouts. And whether the user opts for PayPal or gift cards,  payments are processed immediately. So that users should have access to their earnings within the  minutes of making a payment.  

Simple to Use: Qmee site is extremely simple to use by any user all over the world. Qmee has an  extremely clear platform that is easy and so simple to use. 

Multiple Tasks: For every user, there are multiple ways to make money on the Qmee site. The most way  is to always are surveys to participate and get Rewards.  


Privacy Issues: Yes there are privacy issues. Some Qmee review comments highlight the privacy issues.  Qmee may share its user’s information with third parties sites. By some people may be uncomfortable.  

Survey Low Rates: Qmee Review many of the surveys offer extremely low rates. So if surveys are a user’s  primary side gig. Then this may not be a good choice.  

The app is Glitchy: There are some Qmee review complaints that the app being glitchy. This can be a  problem for new users. And if you are doing an activity and the app freezes.  

Poor Customer Service: Customer service matter the most in the backend of the business. But Some  Qmee review comments complain about the poor customer service and even the responses when they  have issues with the Website. 

Is Qmee Worth it?

Qmee is a legit platform. It has been in the online industry for almost a decade now. And has the most  number of downloads of the app. The platform also has a solid reputation. Because there are some low paying tasks. And they are possible to make a dollar or maybe two dollars per day. This is what makes it 

a good option for Freelancers and for those who are looking to make cash in their spare time. They can  be anyone such as students, retirees, or stay-at-home parents.  

However, if users are looking for quick cash or if they need a full-time income. Then this is not likely to  be the right choice for them. Qmee is a short and simple and legal earing site.  

Qmee Review: Day-to-day usage.

Users can install it as a Chrome extension on Mac. The interface is clear and in a good response. With that, you can also prefer to disable notifications of new surveys. And as on some days, there are a Lot of  the Surveys posted. 

If users want to take a look at their account and earnings. They can click on the new Qmee button on  their browser toolbar. This helps to show a piggy bank value.

That increases when the users earn some  money from search activity or by answering surveys. Users can then access the main Qmee interface.  Which includes access to a detailed earnings history of the past and also to refer a friend. 

Qmee earnings.

One thing is the most significant is that user’s not going to get rich. From the odd few pennies that user  earns from their searches.

Qmee Review Some searches may don’t bring up Qmee results. But it’s usually only those  for high-value or maybe financial products. The main that is happening here is that Qmee earns money  for the clicks from their advertisers and they share some of the income with their site users. 

Therefore this is a genuine opportunity to earn some meaningful side income is with Qmee’s site  surveys.  

How much does QMEE pay per search?

Qmee surveys 

The user answers the questions in each survey with full honesty. So for the long as they don’t get  disqualified. Qmee Review ,And users will be paid the amount that is promised. Users report earning an average of $1  per hour for just answering Qmee surveys. 

How much money do you need to cash out on QMEE?

The minimum amount that users will need to cash out is a gift card that is £5/$5. And that can be just  enough to get the user and a friend for a coffee. So don’t need to worry. And there is still no minimum  cash-out amount. And the cashouts are the rewards to the user’s PayPal account.  

Is QMEE free?

Yes, it’s completely free and users can Earn cash when they search on their favorite sites. That with the  free Qmee browser or mobile application.

Users can go about and search daily online and earn some  cash rewards with Qmee results. The main thing is that simply click on the result that interests you and  collect the reward.  

Does QMEE work on mobile?

Every user can use Qmee on mobile and tablet or even on iPad. The mobile app for both Android and  iOS mobiles and tablets.

With the app user, ‘s can earn some cash rewards by sharing their thoughts and  opinions through answering surveys. And as well as gain access to great money-saving coupons and also  to the deals for some of their favorite brands. By this, the Qmee works on mobile applications also. 


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