Pureprofile review

PureProfile Review , Pureprofile is an online survey panel whose genesis is in Australia. It has near about one million members or more than that involved in the online survey. Its main aim is to bring out the best opinions or thoughts through the survey.

PureProfile Review

The sign up process is very easy and fast. The only thing they ask while sign-in is your email id, gender, date of birth, pin code number. These basic details need to be filled to get the start with the website and start earning the cash.

Once the sign up is done you will find surveys in your dashboard instantly. No delay in getting the survey. After every survey you will receive the payment.

It provides protection in a secured way as the other top sites do. All the details of the user will be kept in privacy and under strict provisions.

Pureprofile one of the best survey sites for Australians and other international members for  these reasons:

  • Cash payment
  • High frequency of surveys
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • They pay a few cents or little cash even if you don’t qualify the survey questions.

You will get survey emails at least once every two days. You have to keep check on the dashboard every morning to see whether any new surveys are available or not.

What is PureProfile

This is an Australia-based market researcher company that pays those who participates in the surveys. It provides next-generation marketing solutions for more than 700 brands, publishers and research groups worldwide.

Unlike many other websites that conduct surveys, Pureprofile is not a scam. It is legitimate and it does pay for the handwork and effort one induces in it. 

Pureprofile helps to earn money once you finish answering the questions and even watching ads. Based on our pureprofile review , To complete the entire survey it takes hardly 20-30 minutes. It pays in cash rather than in points like other online survey websites do. Earning is all based on your performance. The more you fill the surveys the more you get the payment.

is pureprofile legit

Pureprofile make no fake promises like work less earns more or less time investment more income. The earning is completely based on your effort and the time you spend in finishing the survey.

has been in operation from 2000 and is continuing till date successfully without any glitches or scam.

pays in max to max currencies as it accepts international members or participants.

$25 as a minimum amount or can be more than that depend upon the time we devote for it. The cash can be redeeming to pay for other services/products like Netflix, Prime video, movie passes, etc.

how long does pureprofile take to pay

It may take 30 business days to process the transaction in your bank account to take benefit of it for easy access and utilization.  No fraud case is registered in its name. Sometimes it may delay in paying but it pays the entire amount.

Referral Program

Pureprofile has a referral program, but it is of not great benefit. Each time you refer to Pureprofile to your known people or someone in your contact list it makes $5, you are paid $1.

Not a huge benefit to the one who refer the program. A 50-50 benefit would be considered or 60-40 would be preferable but this small amount is difficult to accept as a extra reward. 


 Pureprofile is not a bad survey site. Needs of the time is to improve in certain areas, it’s good for   smaller survey panel, and I would add little extra cash on the side along with other survey websites.

Areas to improve:

·         The referral program should be more benefiting and attractive to get more case on the side.

·         There should be increase in minimum payout of $25

Helps in Advertising

The advertisements are delivered based on thoughts and opinion of the users; and those opinions are made by people’s online profiles on various social media sites, the time they invest in to complete the survey and so on.

There are lots of internet users who are involved in surfing and keep track of all the surveys being asked what their preferences are in regards to advertising of the events and they ends up in watching ads  they don’t want.

Pureprofile gives this freedom or facilities to earn money from ads. That’s how it attracts the viewers or the participants to get enroll in it without a second thought.

To engage lot of users in it Pureprofile comes with amazing idea of payment for the ads. And it really works. The participants get involved in this happily and collect a side amount along with it.

Consumer oriented

 Pureprofile provides a medium to create and manage their online profiles to the consumers; and it enables the data to their clients – including global brands, market researchers, publishers, dealers and advertisers and many more – to match surveys with the targeted clients.

how much can you earn from pureprofile

Consumers are rewarded in cash for filling out those surveys or going through the marketing material in terms of ads.

The surveys can ask about the Brands product that the consumers want or should be next features, color, flavor or any suggestion they want to put forward to make it more meaningful and useful.

The existing ads are conveying the meaningful or worthy messages or not they can also help in identifying new channels or mode to customers.

Pureprofile aims to get consumer attention to get a rich experience in brand and their productive responses. It provides standardized survey panel.

Pureprofile comes with the outcome that 3-5% of people feel free and happy to put their opinion and feelings in filling the survey.

The topic they choice more to answer is politics, culture, recent happening in the International relations and other subject of discussion through whatever means possible, be it social media platforms, websites, a blog, or Pureprofile.

Is pureprofile safe

Based on our pureprofile review People feel free to see the value of their opinions and thoughts affecting decisions that governments, businesses and academics make after getting the response from the survey.

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