Pure Chat Reviews 2021

Pure Chat Reviews

What is Pure Chat?

Pure chat is the useful software, which generally helps the small and mid-sized organizations to grab their website visitors with their live chat software.

Pure Chat Reviews ,You can use the pure chat software throughout the whole customer journey so that you can share the information with the visitors, provide support, deliver exceptional customer service and nurture leads to improve sales and satisfaction.

Do you looking for live chat software to add to your website? Pure chat will offer you with that with 100% free plan and also you will get unlimited chats and unlimited operators on up to three websites from absolutely free.

If you are hoping for a more integrated and more powerful solution, then you must sign up for their pro plan so that you can get access to unlimited contacts, visitors analytics, trigger based notifications and many more.

Does pure chat have mobile application?

If you have a question in your mind that, does pure chat work on mobile? Then this is for your information that if a visitor accesses your website from a tablet or phone, then one can find a mobile optimized version of your chat box. You can also find pure chat apps for the Android and iOS devices so that your team can respond to the customers from everywhere and it is also very convenient to use.

Pros of pure chat

  • Pure chat offers really great customization settings and also has a very affordable price as compared to other similar software.
  • The feature of coming trying many online chats is very good and this one is the best yet.
  • The mobile application of pure chat is a life saver for optimizing the costs, because anyone of your organization can become a chat rep at anytime and anywhere.

Cons of pure chat

  • Generally people do not some features of pure chat such as sometimes when you log out pure chat without editing your availability and you still receive missed chats.
  • Sometimes pure chat may become rather bulky when you have multiple decision trees to make in the AI chat dialogue and it would be really nice feature if the programmers could make subsections or new screens for the decision trees.
  • Every time this might not be the case for all the websites but sometimes the pure chat application might need custom coding so that it can be properly style in place. The most parts of the pure chat is easy to install but sometimes with the help of one of their representatives they were not able to fix few lines of code to make the application appear correctly and also it was lined a few pixels off.

How does pure chat work?

At first it engage, then delight, then sell and at last it repeats. Actually pure chat was formed to help the small and mid-sized organizations to have better conversations with their website respondents in the moments which matter the most.

Your team can hold the power of live chat so that you connect to your website visitors to turn them into your customers. So just simply sign up for pure chat and grab the snippet of code to install on your website or use one of pure chat’s handy plugins, then edit your chat application and start chatting.

Why should you choose pure chat?

You will enjoy the feature packed live chat software that pure chat will provide you and it is also super easy to use. Pure Chat Reviews ,Pure chat’s team is dedicated in providing the best full featured live chat software product as possible and also make sure that the customers are happy with their service. And in case of safety, with more than 14,000 users in more than 150 countries, you can consider that you are in good hands.  Here are some features that you must look at:

  • Simplicity: With pure chat everything you want you will get it without doing much work. Setting up the pure chat is very easy and also incredibly instinctual to use. You just have to sign up and install the code on your website and then you can start chatting in just minutes.
  • Transparency: Pure chat is really very confident in their words, when they say something they are so confident that they will easily do it. And you should know that the company with which you are working take pride and embraces the integrity in each and everything what they do.
  • Customization: Actually live chat is an extension of your own brand that is the reason why you will have complete control over how your chat application functions and looks on both your mobile as well as desktop devices using pure chat’s convenient editor.
  • Continuous improvement: The moment they launched pure chat, they have made it their priority of developing innovative and new features so that it make the product even better. And you can be confident with them that they are not stopping anytime soon.
  • Value: Using pure chat you can raise your bottom line by easily connecting with web visitors to convert them into your customers.
  • Support: Pure chat is always there for you if you need any kind of help just give them a ping about your problem and they will definitely give you the perfect solutions.

Pure chat Mobile app

You can manage your business by using the pure chat’s android and iOS mobile apps. Pure chat provides the mobile app because they believe in an always on and always connected world where the switching between the devices has become the normal. Nowadays the businesses have modified to the advancements in technology and as a result customers’ behavior or points of view have shifted as well. So in the present day, people expect instant responses from the companies, that is why, pure chat offers a mobile optimized chat application for your website and also a mobile app for both android and iOS devices so that you can efficiently run live chat on the go.

Pure chat’s features list

Pure chat offers you a long list of features, some of them are:

  • You will be offered with unlimited chats
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Use on at least one website
  • You will get unlimited chat history, that is, transcripts
  • Integrations
  • Advanced widget for customization
  • It also allows you to transfer file such as documents, images, etc.
  • Engagement hub
  • Pure Chat Reviews Powerful operator dashboard
  • Security roles such as power users, admin and operators
  • Canned responses
  • Chat alerts
  • It also has SSL security built in
  • Pre chat info form
  • Customize chat widget with images
  • Email form when unavailable to chat
  • Operator availability schedules
  • Visitor information and location details
  • Show your location
  • Chat notification which include push to mobile
  • Show your twitter feed

Pure chat benefits

Pure chat offers you a lot of benefits and also lets you to chat in real time with your customers if you are in the office, outside or home. It is not a problem to chat with pure chat outside or wherever you are because it offers you both Android and iOS mobile apps so that you can chat with your customer wherever you want.

You will get to know about how many respondents are on your website, number of visits, their activity history with the help of this software and you can also identify the best quality leads so that you can begin a conversation with the visitors at any given moment.

Pure Chat Reviews With the help of the visitors feature on mobile you will be able to see exactly who is navigating through the website and in addition respondents is for free if you install pure chat on the website and also use the mobile app.

Pure chat also has a feature to keep a track of every conversation with every client, review the chats with chat metrics for any data range, quickly email them to other members, collect the transcripts and create weekly updates for leaders by simply downloading .csv file for the chat metrics.

It also lets you to create and modify the reports exactly as you like and you can see the overall chat numbers, chat duration, average response times and their ratings as well.

You will be delivered with a report directly on your email of previous day’s chat activity without even logging in to your pure chat account. Pure chat lets you to edit your chat box, profile image and change the background, form a personal chat page with URL personal connections and also change your contact information. Using pure chat software you will not miss a lead because you can convert your chat box into a form when your team is offline.

Pure chat software provides you the ability to add visitors and offer them tasks and specific privileges so that they manage your team with the pure chat settings and allocate different departments to their application so that your respondents can get in touch with the correct person without wasting any of your time.

How much does pure chat cost?

Pure Chat Reviews , Pure chat provides you two pricing plans, the first one is free plan and the second one is pro plan.

Free plan

Free plan includes features which is free of cost, the features includes:

  • Full customization
  • Unlimited live chat
  • Engagement hub
  • Unlimited users
  • Transcripts
  • Use on up to 3 websites
  • All integrations

Pro plan

Pure chat offers you many impressive features under pro plan but you have pay amount of $99 per month to activate all those features, the features includes:

  • Every features in free, plus:
  • Real time analytics
  • Contact
  • Visitor tracking
  • Unlimited websites
  • Remove branding
  • SMS notifications

Is pure chat safe?

Pure chat always remains serious about your privacy and is committed to protecting it through this privacy policy.

This privacy policy actually contains how pure chat collect data, how they use the data, how they store the data, how they store the data, how they share your data and finally how they disclose and protect your data in connection with their website and the pure chat software itself which includes visitor tracking, live chat and any other additional services which pure chat may include in such pure chat software in the upcoming future.

But keep in mind that this policy is only applicable for the information that they collect through the sites or any emails and pure chat software, other electronic communications sent through the sites or texts or pure chat software. This privacy policy is a part of pure chat’s term of service.

You should keep in mind that this privacy policy is not applicable for the information which are collected offline, through any other websites or apps which include the websites that you may access through the sites or pure chat software, or by any third party which include any apps or content like advertising that may connect to or on the site. These other apps, websites or third parties may contain their own privacy policies which pure chat suggests you to read before giving information through them.

You may be connecting with the pure chat as a respondents or a potential customer of pure chat, who actually purchases from pure chat rights to utilize the pure chat software on your website. Also you may be a user to one of the pure chat’s customer’s websites, which formed using the pure chat software. So if you are a pure chat customer visitor then you must go through the privacy policy of the user’s website. But make sure that if you do not agree with this privacy policy then do not access or use the site, but if you access or use the site, pure chat’s site or the website of the pure chat’s user then you agree to this privacy policy.


Pure Chat Reviews .Pure chat is great software for both the free as well as the paid users. So you must try this software and it will definitely help in your website.


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