ProProfs Survey Maker Reviews

With ProProfs survey maker, conducting online surveys has never been this easy. It is a cloud computing company that provides software tools for online surveys.

ProProfs Survey Maker Reviews

The purpose can be market study, business analysis, education, or for research studies like psychology, surveying is a powerful tool to know about a person’s opinion, behaviors, or experiences towards anything.

An online survey still makes the work simpler with quick and reliable resources that help you to create a survey and analyze the data with a greater reach in less time. There are many survey tools available in the market. Of all them, the ProProfs survey maker has its brand mark all over the world. The customers of ProProfs are Dell, cisco, ford, hp, LG, and many more including Harvard and yale’s universities. The software tool supports all devices like laptops, mobiles, or tablets. 

Creating a survey

You can create online surveys and web forms as well using this tool. You can make scored surveys, quick polls, or gather personal information of the participants.

The in-app surveys can also be created that allows you to fill the survey on a website itself without being redirected to a new page.

  You can select from a wide range of question types such as essay questions, multiple-choice types, checkboxes, instruction-based questions, and many more types from the preloaded question formats.

just drag and drop different questions from the list. You can upload an image or choose one from the image library to add details about a question.

All the questions can be edited anytime. There is an availability of a skip logic feature that enables you to eliminate questions that are irrelevant to a specific group of respondents.

Therefore the respondents are confronted with the questions, based on their response from previous questions. 

There are a variety of themes available to customize your background.

Not just answering a question, there is a facility to justify your answer or add some description on the concept too in this software.

This can be done by selecting a feedback option at the end of each question. If you click on that, you can write anything in the description box. However, there are three kinds of feedback inputs available. 

Single feedback to all answers: you can add a description to the question as a whole.

Feedback for each choice: in this type, feedback will be given to each of the choices available in the question.

This helps to understand concepts better and more scope for learning through questions

Feedback for correct choice: you can justify your selected answer in this section.

Features of ProProfs Survey Maker tool

The PropProfs survey maker tool provides a facility to choose when your survey would be active and who can access your survey. Also, you get notified through email when any respondent takes a survey. There is a customized survey closing page that avails you to send a thank you at the end of the survey.

Various social media options are available to share the link. There is a provision of redirect to a webpage which enables a person to a webpage (mentioned) after the submission of the survey.

In the settings section, you can opt for questions shuffling and choices shuffling between two completions of surveys. You can allot points to each question by going to the scores section in advanced settings. Once the survey has been created, you can share the survey through email, link, embedding on your website, share the link through Facebook or Twitter. In scored surveys, you can display the score of respondents and also the result as a thank note. Your surveys can be made public or private or can be accessed by few persons through a password.

Creating a customer feedback survey

If we ask customers for feedback about a product or a service, consider their opinion and suggestions, and make changes accordingly, they feel important which helps in improving service as well as building customer relationships.

A customer satisfaction survey collects information about the contentment of the respondents with your product or service. Net promoter score surveys let you assess the loyalty or satisfaction of the customer.

You should always strive to improve your NPS score. If the number of respondents is not up to your expectation, introduce some incentives to encourage the non-respondents to attend the survey.

Customer feedback surveys are readily available in this tool. You can opt for one template and customize the survey by inserting details of the company like logo, brand name, etc. you don’t have to worry if you are confused with what kind of questions to add. There are more than 100000 questions of various formats are readily available which you can add to your surveys.

Take customer feedback surveys twice or thrice a year. It helps you to know how customer’s thoughts are changing over time. The customer opinion about your brand is analyzed quickly through comprehensive reports and stats.

The responses are graded automatically to save the time and effort of the customer. With the tool, NPS surveys can be easily conducted and the analysis is automated to collect feedback continuously.


The survey maker tool supports IOS, Android devices, and Windows ad Mac operating systems.

If you need help at any point, ProProfs provide 24×7 live chat or phone or email support or help center to resolve all your queries in no time.

The help center contains videos, a user guide, training modules to let you dive through the software even if you are a non-technical person. The help desk ensures to respond to customers immediately.

It brings all customer issues or complaints together and prepares to solve the tickets quicker. The IT desk resolves all your IT-related tickets to create an awesome customer experience.


Proprofs integrate with various tools for improved customer experience.

Mailchimp: the proprofs survey maker integrates with MailChimp to add the details of respondents to your MailChimp lists. You can also send invitations to the MailChimp subscribers for higher response rates.

Campaign Monitor: it integrates with the survey maker to create email marketing leads by adding survey respondents to the campaign monitor marketing list. the process of sending proprofs surveys and invitations to the campaign monitor list is automated.

WordPress: the integration of survey maker with WordPress allows to you collect responses and collect feedback quickly from your WordPress site visitors. The survey forms, quizzes, feedback forms, quick polls can be embedded into your WordPress website.

Salesforce: it enables you to conduct surveys after completion of training, course, or campaign. It helps to send surveys and analyze and track responses in salesforce. To increase your salesforce contacts, better surveys can be created. The salesforce events include customer reminders about subscription renewal, price changes, etc increases the chances of attending surveys by the respondents.

Reports and stats

get reports and stats in an easy and understandable form of charts, bar graphs, or pie charts to help you to accurately get the results from the survey.

You can also download the reports and open them through excel spreadsheets. You can view all the responses and how a person responded to a question.

With proprofs, you can view, save and share various types of reports to get a better understanding of respondents who took your survey. You can either download the reports into an excel sheet or provide live access to the report page.

Report on a score: this report details the total points scored by the respondents and the time taken by each of them in completing the quiz.

Answer report: this report shows you responses of each student. This helps you to understand where your student is lagging and give a piece of personalized information about each student. if many of them have similar weaker areas, you can create a course to improve their understanding of the topic.

Time per question report: through this report, a teacher can get a view of the time taken by each student to answer a question. If more time is consumed on easier questions demonstrates that the student didn’t understand the topic better.  this report is useful in understanding where the students have trouble in learning. 

Is Proprofs free?

You can try any plan free for 15 days after sign-up. The software is updated frequently and consists of the enterprise firewall and remote backups to keep your data safe and secure.

If the subscription is canceled, you can still have access to the free version. All your premium facilities will be lost but the survey will never be deleted.

You can still conduct unlimited surveys on the free version. The free plan allows 10 responses per month. If you want to receive higher responses, you can upgrade to better plans anytime.


Holding accountability for their services and building customer trust, the company offers a 15-day money-back guarantee, if the customer doesn’t possess a positive experience with the software tool.


Is Proprofs safe?

With high reliability and user-friendly design, the tool is operated across 50 countries over 90 languages extending its reach for millions of people all over the world.


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