Paper Surveys

What Are Paper Surveys

A set of printed questions or written question on a piece of paper is known as a Paper Surveys. A set of written question on a paper might seem to be outdated but still there are many market researchers who use them.

You can find many online tools which will let you to administer your own research on paper aside from mediums like mobile app, QR code, e-mail, website and social media sites.

Paper Surveys helps to increase the response rates and target of the audience, but it is difficult to reach audiences.

There are many peoples who do not know about internet or may not have access to an online version in that case, those people are provided with the physical copy of a questionnaire.

The creators of a Paper Survey allow you to export the survey to PDF or Word and also allow you to print them.

A set of written questions also give all the targeted participants equal chance to respond.

One can also print the questionnaires to applications like Google drive, OneNote and other installed application present on your device.

A printable survey also allows you to print the responses on a paper.

It is fully your choice that if you want to print the survey or not. If you do not want to print the questionnaire, then you can save it as a PDF file on your device and you can also change the point of disembarkation to ‘save as PDF’.

Generally, the market researchers use a scanner to scan the Paper Survey or questionnaire and initialize the responses. The survey software will generate the statistical reports only when the market researchers move the answers online.

You will also be able to export these to PDF, Excel or SPSS formats.

How to print paper surveys

Verify, recheck and preview your design before downloading and printing the survey as it will give you a proper idea of how it will actually look on paper.

You can also select the number of copies, paper size, pages per sheet, layout, color and many more as per your choice.

How to collect paper surveys data

fter distributing and collecting feedback from your audience, collect the paper surveys marked with the responses and you should make sure to check the respondents have answered the obligatory questions.

How to use the Paper Survey software?

  • Distribute the printed questionnaire: After printing the survey, distribute the printed questionnaire to your targeted audience and most important you should collect the feedback about your survey from your audience.
  • Upload data: After collecting, download the imported data template and enter the responses manually. After the data entry, make sure to upload the template back into QuestionPro surveys for importing the external survey data.
  • Analyze data: Analyze the responses and generate the reports. After generating the reports, export them as .PDF, .doc or .XLS, so that you can share the reports on your social media platforms or with your team.

how to write a survey paper

Create a survey on the survey platform: To create a printer friendly paper survey using the software, you should design a research using basic as well as advanced question types.

While designing a research, in the initial stage, you can change and select different fronts, header, color and footer which match exact tone of your brand.

A paper-based survey do not support the logic as well as programming, so make sure you put all the question that are to the point for your target audience.

Uses of a printed paper surveys

  • Regulations that require for printing a document: Nowadays, few compliance require the paper documentation because most of the Government agencies have digitized their operations. In those cases, the companies who need the paper documentation need to print the list of questions for collecting the data.
  • Limited internet connectivity: The respondents who have the access to the internet can answer the question present in the paper surveys. So, as a consequence, they try to reach the maximum number of people from the attended audience.
  • Respondents who are not tech-savvy: Most of the educated people use the online questionnaires because they are not only convenient but also environment-friendly. But there are many people who are tech-savvy and do not feel comfortable to access internet or answer online and they tend to answer a paper based customer survey, for them, online survey system  offers a great features of downloading and printing the questionnaire on paper, so that, the senior citizen feels comfortable in answering.

Advantages of Paper Surveys

  • No internet connection: Internet connection is one of the biggest problems but in case of printed survey, you do not need any internet connection to answer the questions. You can answer the question on paper only. After collecting the responses from the audience, they can be moved to your online account.
  • Look and feel: You can look and feel the printed survey and also it has an excellent visibility as compared with how we see on the screen of our computer or laptops. The printed surveys are generally with a plain white background and an easy front which is very convenient to read.
  • Ideal for lengthy questions: The respondents do not mind about a lengthy question such as 3-4 lines questions to answer. But in case of online format the respondents may not feel comfortable to read long questions on computer screen.
  • Higher response rate: The response rate will also increase in case of printed paper survey. The printed paper survey can reach to wide range of people in a particular region. So the more it will reach the audience, the more response will increase.
  • Best for fewer respondents: If you want to distribute your own paper survey among a limited number of audience and the audience who are not quite tech-savvy, then the paper-based questionnaires will definitely be the best option for you to distribute.
  • Numerous questions can be asked: In paper survey a numerous number of questions can be asked about a subject and giving extensive flexibility in data analysis.

Disadvantages of Paper Survey

  • It is very difficult to use the logic branch or you may have to skip the logic depending on the audience responses as the paper survey cannot dynamically change.
  • Paper survey requires a lot of human labour to review a response which have low confidence (such as invalid responses, illegible handwriting) or the responses are not valid based on the set rules.
  • Paper survey consumes huge money for printing as well as dispatching.
  • It needs a large amount of work especially in transcribing the data to handwritten free texts.
  • In case of Paper Survey the audience may not feel encouraged to provide accurate and honest answers.
  • The audience may not be completely aware of their reasons for any given answer due to lack of memory on the subject.

Points to keep in mind while using Paper Surveys

  • Cost effective: Paper survey generally needs a lot of money for a data collecting as compared to the online research. The market researchers can share the set of questions with their team and collaborate to generate the best research survey.
  • Security: Generally, online questionnaire are much more secure than a paper survey. You will get a layer of authentication with a password using the online tools, which provide a extra security and only the valid respondents will be able to answer the question. But in case of printed survey one must be careful than any invalid respondents do not answer the question.
  • Global audience: It is impossible for the Paper Survey to reach the global audience as it is not possible to distribute the paper survey hand to hand globally, but online questionnaire can reach anybody globally in just few seconds.
  • Supported question types: Printed paper do not supports the advanced question type such as TubePulse, Heatmap or you cannot upload any files in the paper. You cannot ask the audience to answer a question by suggesting a video link on the paper. So, the Paper Survey restricts you in a limited type of questions.

How to print paper surveys?

  • Click to: login →surveys(select a survey)→Edit
  • Press on tools situated on the top right hand side above preview button
  • Under tools drop down and go to the download option
  • Then press the print option to print the survey by the printer which you have connected on your device.

How to download a copy of survey into MS Word or PDF?

  • Go to the download section of tools, then select Adobe PDF or MS Word options in which format you want to download
  • After choosing the option, a small window will appear on the lower right corner of your screen, when you click the file, you will get it ready to be printed


Paper Survey is really very convenient for many people for answering the questions, so focus on giving the honest answer and what do you really feel about it.


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