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Panda Research Review , Panda research survey is an international website. It is very popular and longest website which establish since 2005, and the company is U.S based and ran successfully with 4.2 rating which is pretty enough good.

It is working under market group in Illinois which is A&A marketing. This website allows you to make money online by doing surveys for various brands and product which is quite trendy. The panda research website allows you doing surveys, taking part in groups and offers and tried to explore new products. You can get points and after gained points can redeem to amazon gift card or cash through PayPal. It can allow you to make extra additional income.  

In this topic we will try to cover all aspects regarding panda research for example about panda, how does it work, worth to sign in, how much they pay, is it legit or scam, pros and cons, alternate of panda research and all.


Based on our Panda Research Review Since the website is U.S based only United State people who are legal resident can join around the world who is above 18 years old and after. Use your personal and accurate email so that you can receive every notification on your mail.

The outlook of the home page of panda research is out dated but the credibility of website is genuine. Based on our Panda Research Review You cannot determine the reliability of the website with its design.

The website is absolutely free to join. Use your personal email to register. Fill your primary information. Confirm the email with verification code which will sent to you while processing. Once you complete the process of verification you are free to participate in survey. The panda research invites you survey through email. So while processing always used your authentic email address.


The panda research work as same as any other survey website. Their opinion helps to shape up the marketing and companies branding. You valued by your opinion. They offers you survey and when you complete it, you start receive earning. When your account is active after signing up then you are able to be notified when survey is matched with your detail. They interrogate your detail to know your profile. It fundamentally works on your opinion. They send you survey when it match to your aptitude.


It pays you exactly same like the other website paying for survey. Done required survey and collect pocket amount. But panda survey is quite different with other websites. Unfortunately you cannot equitable for every survey. First they match your profile with survey obligation and then send you to complete it. However the questions are as same as other but it’s little difficult to qualify. They usually set up by the company marketing agencies. So their format is quite hard to crack. But if you complete it successfully you will get able to receive cash in your account.


As you become the member of panda research website you will be equally able to earn by doing several task. The time period for completing for survey is 10 to 15 minutes. Based on our Panda Research Review Their paying rate is high as compared to other survey site. The money you earn from the website varies upon numbers of surveys you completed.

The statement of the website tells their highest pay out rate is approximately $40 which is enough satisfying. But their condition is to complete every survey properly. But don’t feel dejected, there are some other ways too for earning in panda. Here are some examples

  1. Reading paid emails

It is favourable trick to earn cash by just reading paid emails. You can simply earn $25

  1. Reference scheme by referring your friends and family

They also have a liberal reference programme where you can earn 10% profit by referring your family members and friend.

  1. Offers giveaway after completing surveys

Being the member of panda research you are allowed to receive offers and giveaway facilities on completing each survey.

  1. Offers on non-paid surveys
  2. Profit on promotions after completing surveys.

As the member of panda researcher you can also collect discount amount on online purchase on promotions and offers too


This website pays you like an employer. They pay you through PayPal from 1 to 15 on every month. Once you complete few surveys and reach to earn around $50 then you are able to get your payment. As the maximum threshold is $50 it is not an easy target to achieve just in case you are enough lucky.

Another interesting thing is that if you have above cash than $50 then after that you are entitled to 50 only. They have their own terms and condition which are not easily flexible. 

Link your PayPal account to reach cash. The time period to wait for the money is 30 days.



  1. It is an international branding market agency
  2. It allows you paid surveys
  3. Provide you multiple programmes like paid survey, referral programme, reading paid email, giveaway promotions and many more.
  4. They give you various offers and discount on product
  5. Their payment methods are very easy and straight forward


  1. The threshold amount from the website is very high
  2. They can cease your account any time without let them knowing you
  3. Only United State residents can sign up for this website
  4. Risk factor is too high in payment
  5. They ask your credit card detail while offering you discount
  6. This website is not much reputed


There are multiple reviews regarding panda research well it is a legit website the credibility define because the website is 15 years old and still running successfully. Although the website is too old but their reviews are not much clean out. Customer waits enough to complete the target of threshold. And along with that their surveys are difficult to approach in qualifying parameter. But if you join this website only for making money purpose then you may feel regret to join. And if you are beginner in surveys world then definitely you should go with panda research it will give you benefit for passive income.

Panda Research Review in depth

       We have talked a lot about panda research now it’s time to wind               up the topic and come to the judgement part. Nevertheless the website is not at all time wastage and nor about less money. But it’s about some pitfall regarding panda.

First they have few limitations for example residential limitation, the threshold, qualifying surveys and some of few and the second part not everyone is well satisfied with the website due to some drawback.

If you want to earn descent amount then definitely this website is for you but if you go online for making money without limitations and boundaries then unfortunately this website is not at all suited for you.

PANDA RESEARCH alternative

Everyone is dreamed to make money online and attractive amount without any hurdles and happening. Well panda research is not bad for making money but apparently there are few website which you can also switch it with panda. But the decision is absolutely yours


  1. Very much popular website
  2. Various methods and tricks to earn
  3. Joining is absolutely free
  4. Give you 50 points with one referral programme
  5. Maximum earning is around 1000 points per month
  6. Expected amount on each survey is all over the place is 300 which is pretty enough
  7. Quick and easy payment procedure


  1. You can earn prominently
  2. Most reliable and trusted site for surveys
  3. They help approx. 3000 brands to shape up
  4. Assured gifts and cash through PayPal
  5. Free to join
  6. The average of completing website is 50,000 per day. It define the credential
  7. They even give you point if you disqualify for any survey despite whatever reason.


  1. The sign up bonus is $5 dollar which is pretty cool
  2. 30% pay you on referral programme
  3. Gigantic ways to earn
  4. They upgrade their members status also according the protocol of the site
  5. One can get their cash after $30 through PayPal or cheque


  1. Every time receive new and fresh survey.
  2. The time period of doing survey is not more than 5 minutes
  3. Absolutely free to join
  4. Payment points  are exchanged through PayPal and crypto currency
  5. Every points is equals to cents
  6. It is a survey app


  1. The most admirable website with 50 million members across the country
  2. Referral programme provide you 0.50$ by completing each survey by your friend
  3. They share your valuable opinion in testing different products brand.
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