Paidverts Review 2021

Paidverts Review ,Many people may be familiar with the GPT (get paid to) websites but have you heard of PTC(paid to click) sites.

Paidverts Review

It is a paid-to-click site.

It is an advertising platform that pays people to interact with the advertisers.

Advertisers purchase ads in their system and they deliver those ads to their users.

The users watch the ads and earn cash prizes and incentives.

Is paidverts legit

Now people question the legitimacy of these kinds of sites. If you are also worried about its legitimacy and are thinking if it pays to its users I would like to reassure you that it is a very legit site.

Yes, based on paidverts Review, Paidverts is a legit site and it does pay to its users truthfully.

It has over three million users registered to its site and has almost paid out 9 million dollars to its users.

What is paidverts

Paidverts is one of the largest PTC (paid to click) sites of this field. Paidverts is a PTC site but with a twist.

It’s not like the usual sites in this field. This site uses a point system to reward its loyal users.

It provides its users with higher-paying ads and some ads can also make 1 or 2 dollars in a single time.

how to earn money from paidverts

Paidverts sends out a list of ads every Monday to Friday. As a member of this site you just need to log in to the site during these days and click on ads to earn a few cents or more.

The earning depends on the types of ads you choose and also on how many Bonus ad points you have in your account. BAP (Bonus Ad Points) is the backbone of this site.

You can also think of these points as a sort of loyalty score. Each of these points is worth around 0.0005 dollars and the more points you have the better it will be.

The more points you have the better you look to the advertisers that’s how you can also start getting higher paying advertisements.

But for every ad, you will receive BAP worth the same will get deducted from your account. If you want to have higher-paying ads you also need to have tons of BAP in your account. 

In other words the more BAP you have the more high-value ads you will receive. So it’s obvious that you need to earn more BAPs s to earn more money.

1. Achievement points

These are very similar to BAP. Having extra points shows that activity on your platform and it also allows you to receive extra paid ads.

However, gathering achievement points is not that easy and takes a while. It also does not helps you to earn more money either.

It’s just that the top 50% of users with most AP receive only about 0.0005 dollars extra than others.

If you are willing to join paidverts you don’t need to rack up AP’s for extra earning. You will just receive them as you keep working on the site, complete achievements, and gain points over time.

2.Buying advertisements

You just need to click on ads for earning money on Paidverts. You can also buy the ads that others will click on. But if you are just in it to make money,

I would suggest you buy the bulk ad packs. Bulk ad packs are special because they come with many benefits.

When you buy a bulk pack not only do you advertise something but also get 2400 BAP in your account and a BAP tax waive for 14 days.

Buying a bulk ad pack can cost you 1 dollar. But when you think of the BAP you earn it comes to 1.2 dollars.

You can also think of it as an investment that you can slowly recover from this site when you keep clicking on the ads.

3. Membership

Paidverts also offer paid membership for users who want to receive some extra benefits.

The membership costs you 5 dollars a month but if you join you get some extra benefits like:

  • You can get 3 micro ad pack chances every day.
  • Your accounts recycle upgrade will last until you earn at least 2 dollars
  • You have to pay a smaller fee for sending BAP to your referrals.
  • Click grid becomes free.
  • You earn more forum abilities
  • get a membership badge
  • can get extra banner impressions on bulk ad packs.

If you are serious about this and want to earn money you can apply for membership. If you apply for the membership you receive these extra perks.

4. Cash Offers

There are also some cash offers in Paidverts that include some paid activities like surveys, tasks, app downloads, and many more other ways to earn money.

These pay well than some ads in comparison but some of these tasks can take a good amount of time to be completed. Still, if you want to boost up your income you can try these cash offers.

5. Recycle upgrades

You will find it great at first to listen that a recycle upgrade takes only 0.05 dollars and remains active till you earn 1 dollar or more worth of recycled ads(recycled ad is an ad that a person didn’t want or purposefully skipped).

6. Click grid

The click grid is a type of luck game on Paidverts where you click on random squares and watch ads. You can also have a chance to win 100 dollars or 1,000,000 BAP.

This game is based on a person’s luck. Sometimes you can win a good amount but sometimes you come out disappointed.

Just like a person can earn here the person can also lose, so I would suggest you click on the grid only if you want to try your luck.

7. Games

The Paidverts site also has a game section. You can also earn BAP from this section but this also depends on your luck.

Usually, I would suggest people stay away from this section as you can earn BAP sometimes but most of the time you lose.

This section is made for people to gamble out their BAP.

How to increase bap in paidverts

So now many people will think about how to increase bap in paidverts ,how can they earn more BAP. Some ways can help you to earn more BAP:

View activation ads- These ads are just like the paid ads except that they actually award you with BAP and thus you will receive them every day of the week.

  • Completing some daily tasks- Overtime you will receive BAP as a reward for doing things such as viewing a certain number of ads, being a member of the site for a certain amount of time, and also completing some cash offers.
  • Buying bulk ad packs- Every time you buy a bulk ad pack you will be credited with 2400 BAP. You will also have your daily BAP tax removed for 14 days.
  • As you accumulate BAP slowly you will rank up into different BAP groups. The higher you go the better-paying ads you receive.

how to buy referrals on paidverts

You can also refer Paidverts to your friends and family.

earn extra cash by referring to it. You can refer to this site by sending its unique referral link.

Once they join paidverts and start earning you will also earn 5% of their ad clicks. You can also earn a 10% commission if your referrals buy ads.

How to cash out?

Paidverts offer many different ways to cash out and unfortunately, PayPal is not one of them. The different ways to cash out are:

  • Payza
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Perfect money
  • Solid trust pay
  • Payeer
  • OKPay
  • Neteller Go

Pros and Cons


  • It is a very easy way to earn money because clicking on ads does not require any kind of skills or concentration.
  • You can get started with it easily it does not require any kind of complex process. At the very beginning, they will show you a thorough tutorial about how this site works and everything will be pretty much straightforward and clear.
  • Payouts are fast as you can get your payout the day you request it.


  • You need to log in every day and if you don’t have a vacation upgrade you can lose a lot of BAP.
  • Most of the ads here pay less than half of a cent and sometimes it can become a waste of time.
  • It does not have any kind of PayPal payment option, but most people have PayPal because most online sites use it.
  • You will need a ton of BAP to earn something significant from here and it takes a big amount of time to earn BAP from here.

Conclusion on Paidverts Review

Based on Paidverts Review , Paidverts is a PTC (paid to click) site. It is famous because it has some different features from other PTC sites.

Paidverts Review ,It can be a great model for its company but not for its users. You can earn very small on it and it feels like it will take forever to make money from it just by watching ads.

Some ads pay less than half of a cent and obviously, people will think it becomes a waste of their time.

If you are interested in earning a little bit of spare money you can use this site otherwise, I would not recommend it to anyone who wants to make money online.

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