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Best Paid Focus Groups 2021

Paid Focus Groups , A focus group is a small group of people that invites people to share their opinions. The Focus groups  can be conducted in-person or online mode.

They are generally used for market research. Especially for  new or existing products. And also to be able to determine people’s attitudes towards a particular  branding, usability, and packaging or ideas.

They may be also used for political campaigns. And they are  main for opinions research. As a user of the Internet, you can think about paid focus groups. That as  much as more in-depth surveys. They generally involve you giving opinions and answering questions on  a particular subject or get some free coffee, and earn with an extra of $50-$150 in your pocket.  

Many more companies are now using paid research studies to get a Significant and the best  understanding of the market. And the market trends. And also the consumer behavior. They connect  with the consumers. But not only locally but around the globe.  

How Focus Groups Works


If you see an in-person focus group near your areas or your house. You will be expected to attend the  interview. And you will generally be interviewed within a group.

In that, each participant can talk to each  other and share their opinions. There is generally a researcher or moderator to lead the whole group  and take notes and ask questions to members.

And then record the results carefully. In case if you join  an in-person paid focus group. Then you might need to go to more than one session. They will conduct  multiple sessions. Ultimately you will be sure paid for each session that you attend. 

Online paid Focus groups. 

An online paid focus group is extremely similar to an in-person focus group. In that, you will need to join  online via chat. Through your tablet or smartphone. You will generally receive a link to access the paid  focus group. And then from there, you will be able to join the discussion to give your feedback.

There  are paid online focus groups that use video or specific web-based software. You will need to download  that software ahead of your paid focus group research. And More and more research studies will be  opting for online paid focus groups only. As it’s a lot less expensive for them to conduct it.

They may cut  down on money spent on materials and staff. And also it makes it much easier to have a bigger pool of  active participants in the research study. 

How Much do you Earn from Paid Focus Groups

Each focus group will be of a different kind. But you can just expect to make $30 to $150 per paid focus  group. But although some of the specific paid focus groups will pay up to $450 for an hour of your  valuable time spent. The amount you receive will depend on the time that you have spent.

Which is  normally one hour or two. You will generally get paid in cash, PayPal transfer, check, or gift cards, and  some other offers as well. Some market research companies pay in points that you can redeem using a  specified credit card. It is good to make sure that you know exactly how you will get your money. And  also before you agree to take part in a paid focus groups.  

How to Find Legit Paid Focus Groups

Whether if you are looking for online paid focus groups or in-person paid focus groups near your area.  And you will have little patient as you have to go through the screening process. Before you can take  part in any research study or any online paid Focus group. Research companies are generally looking for  people with extremely specific interests and profiles. And you are not going to be able to qualify all the  time for this if you don’t a specific interest in some Significant field.  

By joining many companies you can be able to maximize your chance of qualifying for as many paid  focus groups as possible. And that’s kind of experiences Improve you.  

But before you start signing up for a focus group. You spend a couple of minutes checking out the  company and make sure it’s legal in all terms.  

Before you sign up. It’s important to read all the fine prints and check their Facebook pages. And to find  out what type of reviews they are getting from the people. Especially with all survey companies. That  you will never find a 5-star rating from people. But Some kind of people will love them. And some will  hate them. It’s completely the opinion of the user.  

Best Paid Focus Groups

Here is the list of companies that pay the biggest sums to users. And especially to make the most of  your time. You can find info on how each company pays and if they accept registration from specific  country People that are from all over the world.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular sites in the world. It is trusted by millions of people. And it is a  great legal website to make some extra cash. And it mostly a survey company. With their surveys, you  can answer the Surveys and earn anything between $0.5 to $5. But although the average amount is  probably around $1-$1.50. But once you have signed up successfully. Then you can opt-in for some of  the great focus groups and studies online.  

What Survey Junkie offers

Product testing: Product testing can pay up to $50. And you will get sent a free product to test it. And  also you will get paid for it. This sounds amazing. As a user, you just need to fill an online survey after  you’ve used the product. The Survey is just about how you have felt about the product.  

In-Person focus groups: But in In-person groups. It can pay up to $150. And after an initial online  survey. If you have selected for it. Then you will have to attend an in-person focus group that is near to  your location. 

Phone Survey: Nowadays phone Surveys are one of the most popular ways to earn. Especially for  students. It can pay up to $100. But you will go through some Significant market research questions on a  phone call only.  

2. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos is one of the third largest survey-based research firms in the whole world. Its consumer survey  platform accepts people to take surveys from all over the world. But Most of the offers are available  here are, especially for small surveys. Where you can earn only $0.40-$1.50 per survey. But they do also  offer from time to time high-end surveys.

Those focus groups pay $50-$100 for an hour of your time  spent. They also have a mobile application that will allow you to answer surveys on the go.

Whenever you complete a survey or a focus group. You will earn points instead of cash. And the Points  will vary depending on the survey length. You can then redeem your points whenever you have at least  500 in your account. 

As a user, you will be get paid with gift cards. Which includes Amazon and iTunes. And you can also  choose a good prepaid Visa or PayPal cash transfer.  

3. Respondent site

Respondent is one of the most used sites by people for in-person and online focus group studies. That  can make you earn $150 from the focus group. Their payout is great and it is up to $250 per research.  And sometimes it may increase.  

Respondent has projects that are available to the US 

Residents are as same as International. This means that you don’t have to be in the United States to join  this and earn from $50 to 250$ per research. 

But All you need to do is just join. And add a PayPal account. And also either Facebook or LinkedIn to  connect your profile to that helps you to earn more.  

This is how it works.  

After you have created your account as a user you will be able to access and browse all the open studies.  And even you can apply to participate in studies that you think are good for you and which add value.  The researcher or sponsor of the study reviews the responses and sends invitations to respondents in  which they are the best fit. If you receive an invitation to participate.

Then you can choose a particular  time that suits you from those available by the researcher. And after you have completed the study  which should be done by you. Then you are ready to get paid via PayPal transfer. Respondents are paid  the cash incentive amount is advertised by the researcher.

It can be less a 5% or a $1 fulfillment fee  whichever is the even higher one. For Example: If the incentive is $150. You will receive $142.50 via  PayPal transfer. And you will love it. With that, you will suit you.  

4. Recruit and Field

There is an outstanding review of 4.9 out of 5 on Facebook. For Recruit and Field which offers US  nationwide online studies and as well as paid focus groups in different locations of the nation. 

They just look for participants from any gender and any age for their studies. Which including  professionals and medical professionals. Like doctor, nurse, lab technician. They will generally pay via  PayPal transfer. But also offer Amazon or digital gift cards and other offers. Their payments may range  from $100 to $275 per study.

6. Probe Market Research 

Probe Market Research is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Facebook. it is a US-based market  research company. And also constantly hosts focus groups to get feedback for their clients with new  advertising campaigns and also their products or services. 

The paid Focus groups are normally paid to a user between $50 and $400. But in some cases as a user,  you may not even need to leave out of your home.

In the Interviews that are conducted in groups. It  may be by phone, or online that is depending on the amount of time that is assigned to a particular  study. 

5. User Interviews

You will be happy if you give your views on some particular hair products or politics? If yes, then it will  possible to you to earn up to $150 an hour in this niche. And without any specific skill with online focus  groups.  

User Interviews. 

The user Interviews are used to be available only in the United States or in Canada. But now they have  recently opened up in all international studies. They will also be adding more and more research studies.  The first main step is to sign up. And then to create an account.

After that, you need to provide some  basic information like name, city, and state, and basic demographic information. And this information  will help User Interviews to pair you for studies. By creating an account it takes about just 2 minutes. So  if you connect via Linkedin and Facebook.

Then you will get more chances to participate in focus groups.  Because social media profiles play a huge role in this. As they will be able to see details in your profiles.  As you sign you will be able to select between these. 

Focus groups, 1-on-1 interviews, Multiday studies, and Tasks.

You will be paid through cash, check, PayPal transfer, or Amazon, and also Visa gift card. The incentive  kind and amount will be displayed before you select a particular study. So that you can take the  payment method into your account before applying for it.  

The pay rate may be from $75 for 30 minutes of your time spent. And sometimes up to $450 for  extremely specific one-hour studies. The Significant thing about User Interviews is that their studies are  super diverse in nature. By covering a slew of topics: like technology, food, consumer goods, family,  software, hobbies, pets, sports, transportation, beauty, social media, music, and others as well.  

But you will get to be a part of the conversation as the new products, apps, websites. And that is created  for sharing their unique perspectives.

So with that, the teams can build the best things. They have some  kind of incredible clients. Which includes Pinterest, Spotify, Vistaprint, Wayfair, Thumbtack, and many  more.


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