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Top Online payment gateway in India

online payment gateway in India , Top ways to receive international payments in India, is something searched by around 70% of Indians in today’s time. In this digitally globalised world, almost every person is getting connected with international business and services in different ways. To get connected with international business and services, a person also needs ways to receive and send international payments. 

When it comes to ways to receive international payments in India, there are hundreds of options available, but which of those options to choose, which of these options will be safe, which of these options are fake and which are real, which of these options will be easy and fast to make international payments and more.

With hundreds of options, getting an answer to these questions becomes more difficult. 

The top ways to receive international payments in India are explained below as an answer to all these questions. A detailed explanation of the top ways to receive international payments in India is given below.


Payoneer is known as one of the most used and one of the top ways to receive international payments in India. Payoneer users get global receiving accounts in currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD and AUD. A Payoneer user can receive bank transfers from companies around the world, like a local account bank transfer. In all, using Payoneer funds automatically get transferred to a person’s Indian bank account in INR.


Skrill digital wallet is known as one of the safest and one of the top listed names in the top ways to receive international payments in India. To process the transaction from abroad through the Skrill wallet, a person has to open the email sent from Skrill to his/her email address about the transaction and sign up for the Skrill digital wallet. The Skrill sign up procedure only takes a few minutes. The money should be available in a person’s digital wallet to then keep and use.


2Checkout is one of the most used global payment processing methods. 2Checkout is a gateway merchant that can make global payments. Using 2Checkout a person can make international online transactions without any headaches. 2Checkout is mostly used by businesses working overseas to receive payments worldwide easily. With 2Checkout a businessman can sell online and accept payments globally from anywhere in the world.


Stripe, well-known as Stripe billing, is one of the top ways to receive international payments in India. Stripe Billing is one of the most used software to accept recurring international payments. A person can use Stripe Billing to bill his/her international customers via Subscriptions and Invoices. For recurring international payments related to services Stripe, the only change a businessman needs are to provide a buyer’s name and an address.


Instamojo is another payment gateway used by businesses to make and receive international payments. Instamojo enables an international payment gateway for the merchants on its platform. The payments on Instamojo can be made on a case-to-case basis, based on the user’s transaction history on Instamojo.


PingPong being in the list of the top ways to receive international payments in India enables a user to receive payments from around the world. Payments via PingPong can be received in EUR, GBP and USD in a person’s local Payment account. PingPong is known as safe, hassle-free and faster than a person would have ever experienced. A person can receive money quickly, maintain a healthy cash flow and grow his/her business partner using PingPong.


PayPal is not only in India but all over the world to make international payments. Using PayPal, a person can send or receive international payments to almost anyone and anywhere. With an easy process, a person just needs an email address to make the payment on PayPal. Using PayPal, a person can leave the hassle of remembering or providing bank/card details to make the payments.


Xoom Corporation, well-known as Xoom, is a top used electronic funds transfer or remittance provider. Xoom allows people and consumers to send money, pay bills and reload mobile phones internationally. Xoom works in around 131 countries, including the United States and Canada. Xoom is an international payment gateway that is mostly used to pay bills internationally from people all over the world. 


SBI Bank transactions offline or online can be easily used to make international payments. To use SBI for international payments, a person first has to login into SBI Anywhere using his/her username and password. With logging in on the app, the user has to click on “debit card services”. With selecting the debit card services, the user has to choose the “manage debit card” option. Lastly, a person can select the debit card he/she wishes to enable international usage and make the required payments.


HDFC Bank transfer is also known as one of the easiest and the top ways to receive international payments in India, in both receiving and sending payments. To make international payments through HDFC Bank a user just has to inform the banks by providing the details of the transaction. A person has to provide details such as currency, daily usage limit, period etc. Once informed by the bank, a user has to make sure about enough funds are available in the bank account and that the same transaction will be made from the bank.


ICICI Bank’s unique feature of Fund Transfer Abroad is exclusively offered by ICICI Bank, for its resident individual customers. Using, a person can transfer funds abroad to his/her needs and loved ones. A person can transfer funds internationally by placing a request from any part of the world having accessibility to ICICI Bank Internet Banking.

Axis Bank

Using Axis Bank services, money transfers from India to abroad can be made through its extensive network of branches. A person can just walk into any Axis Bank Branch and fill in the requisite documentation and request for the International Fund transfer permitted under the various purposes defined by RBI. With providing details, all the other work will be done by the bank and the international payments will be made. 

Winvesta Multi-Currency Account

Known as one of the top ways to receive international payments in India Winvesta multi-currency account enables a person to transact in over 30 currencies, including the US Dollar, British Pound, and Euro. 

Using the Winvesta services a person can use built-in currency conversion, can exchange currency whenever required and can easily withdraw funds to India at competitive exchange rates.

Google Pay

When a person makes international payments using Google Pay, the payments get made to happen within the app. While making international payments through Google Pay a person will be able to choose either Western Union or Wise. With making international payments through Google Pay, a person can check the status of payments, both when sending and when receiving money.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is one of the top ways to receive international payments in India for users who have international debit/credit card issues. 

All international personal credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard) issued outside India are accepted by Amazon. All commercial MasterCard cards issued in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa region, and all Visa commercial cards issued in the Asia-Pacific region are accepted by Amazon to make international payments.

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is another top-used international payment method used in India.

With easy methods to make international payments, Shopify Payments supports over 120 payment modes used in both domestic and international payments to help users all over the world go global.


Braintree is another full-stack international payments platform that makes it easy to accept payments in his/her app or website internationally. Braintree services work by replacing the traditional model of sourcing a payment gateway and merchant account from different providers to make international payments. 


Monito can be used to make international payments using Remitly. Remitly can be defined as a US-based digital remittance service that’s frequently the fastest and cheapest way to send money internationally. Monito is known as a platform to offers various pay-in and pay-out options (including card payments, bank transfers, and cash services) and supports international money transfers to over 85 countries worldwide.


Being a method to receive international payments in India, Razorpay works to accept payments from countries across the world. International payments services by Razorpay are supported by nearly 100 major currencies from all over the globe. Currency conversion on Razorpay is not required to be done by the user and will be done by the payment gateway automatically in real-time.


Refrens, being one of the top ways to receive international payments in India, accepts Payments from anywhere and anytime. With Refrens, a person can send invoices from anywhere in India and can accept payment without any hassle. Refrens is known to have the shortest settlement times, the payment method provides the best turnaround time to its users by settling the amount in T+2 business days.


Vertofx is also known as an international currency exchange marketplace. Vertofx is designed to help businesses make and receive international payments easily. Vertofx is known to work with being “simply, safely, fairly and on time”. 

The top ways to receive international payments in India are explained above. Yet, which of these methods will be the best for you can only be decided by you. According to your research and requirements, you can choose any of the methods to receive international payments in India.

How to receive International payments in India online? When it comes to an answer of the same, there are many systems in the market to receive and make international payments.

Today, other than banks, individuals/businesses are looking for an alternative method to make international payments. When it comes to looking for an alternative, there are many institutions, applications and websites available to send and receive international payments in India. There are many grown and well-known alternatives and on the other hand there are also some new alternatives. But, which of these alternatives to use, which of these alternatives will be the best to make an international payment. As a solution to this, how to receive international payments in India online? and related topics are explained below.

What Are International Payments?

International payments, also well-known as cross border payments or global payments, are known as transactions that involve more than just banks. 

International payments are used to connect companies, individuals, banks, and settlement institutions operating in at least two different countries with different currencies that need to be paid.

Institutions To Make And Receive International Payments In India Online

Two top-notch institutions intended as international financial institutions are SWIFT and SEPA. There are lakhs of users using these institutions to make international payments. Other than these, there are also various other applications/systems and services to make and receive international payments. A few examples of the same are PayPal, Skrill and Alipay.

How to receive international payments in India online? The below article is a detailed explanation to this and things/topics related. 

Information in regards to various international payments methods and systems are explained below. The top used and the best ways to receive international payments in India, used by businesses and individuals are listed below. The users who use these accounts can not only receive and send payments, but can get international loans granted, can have access to electronic currency worldwide and also open electronic wallets.

Benefits Of Neo Banks

Electronic wallets are also known as neobanks. With receiving and making international payments the business can also get a license issued later. If a business/individual can have a licence issued, neobanks can provide loans to him/her and accept money for deposits without having any set limit. As a rule, the neo banks get represented by a separate subdivision of conventional banks (the actual banks).

A company who has a financial license has its limited international services and has its own international payment system. The company also gets to position itself in the market as a neo bank.

How to receive international payments in India online? Before getting an answer to the same there are many other things that are required to know in regards to international payments. 

A detailed explanation of how to receive international payments in India online is given below.

Categories To Make And Receive Payments In India Online

  • Receive international payments by territory of service delivery. Territory of service can be explained as international payments operating in different countries worldwide or only in 1-2 countries. Some international payments methods/services can be used worldwide (like PayPal) and some can only be used in 1-2 countries (like payment methods to be used in EU and Latin America)
  • International payments methods/systems can also be differentiated by customer service. As an example, a payment service working for individuals or legal entities or both.
  • International payment methods/systems can also be discriminated against by currency systems, having single currency and multi-currency systems.

Things Required To Receive International Payments in India Online

How to receive International payments in India online, before getting an answer to this question, it is important to know the requirements to receive online international payments. A user who wants to receive an international payment can keep these things ready before proceeding with the transaction to receive the payment. 

  1. A users’ bank account number in India (bank account to receive the International payment).
  2. A users’ bank is a branch where the user holds the account and bank branch address. (to receive International payment a user has to provide these details to complete the step of the procedure).
  3. Users’ local address (to complete the procedure for receiving the international payment a user has to provide his/her local address).
  4. Users’ bank IFSC code (same as the local payment international payment also requires a bank IFSC code to receive an international payment).
  5. SWIFT Code of the users’ account (to receive an international payment in India a user has to provide his/her swift code).

Variety Of Services Offered By International Payment Methods/Services In India and Worldwide

  1. Open a single account and receive multi-currency transactions from the same.
  2. Provides international transfer services using SWIFT, SEPA and other systems.
  3. Users get international payment cards issued working in different countries
  4. Users can make international deposits
  5. Users can also get a loan granted (the same service remains available only within a limited number of payment systems).
  6. Users also get internet acquiring worldwide

Reasons Of International and local Online Payment Systems/Methods Being Attractive

  1. Users get the services of fast account opening
  2. Users get the services of making fast international transactions
  3. Users get the opportunities to receive and make payments in the foreign currencies
  4. Users no more require unprofitable conversions
  5. Users can get their payment options extended
  6. Users can have diversified cash flow.

Benefits To Use of International Payments Methods/System

How to receive international payments in India? Yet, why receive international payments in India? 

In this growing globalised world, people getting connected to international payment methods is one of the best and most important ways to connect globally.

  1. Online international payment methods are fast with account opening and transfers
  2. Online international payment methods provide remote service so that the user doesn’t have to leave the country to use their services.
  3. Online international payment methods provide the services to receive and send international payments at the most favourable rates.
  4. Online international payment methods are available not only for one country or one currency but in various countries and currencies with connecting countries all around the globe
  5. Online international payment methods can be said an easy for non-residents to make international payments
  6. Online international payment methods provide broad possibilities to manage the cash flow, withdraws and receivables worldwide.
  7. Registered online International payment has a high level of security and protection of funds
  8. Online international payment methods work with simplified customer identification procedures.

Risks/Disadvantages Of Using International Payment Methods/Systems

  1. Using a method to receive international payment can have trust issues from the client side. The payments methods to receive international payments might not have been that popular and trustworthy
  2. When compared to services given by international payment methods and services, the International payment methods lack behind. The International payment methods/services are not yet fully updated to provide all the services
  3. With growth with laws and investments, international payment services/methods are also increasing in supervisory requirements. Payment methods with being regulated by competent authorities and getting compliant with AML laws are getting security requirements increased.
  4. Limits are set by payment methods/services to receive and send international payments.
  5. International payment methods/services have a risk of blocking/freezing funds and accounts. International payment methods/services laws and security issues can be reasons for blocking the account or funds.

A List Of Top-Used International Payments Systems/Methods To Receive Money In India Globally

On the internet research and the top used international payments methods/systems, the list of the same is given below.

  1. Payoneer
  2. Skrill
  3. 2checkout
  4. Stripe
  5. Instamojo
  6. PingPong
  7. PayPal
  8. Xoom
  9. SBI
  10. HDFC Bank
  11. ICICI Bank
  12. Axis Bank
  13. Winvesta Multi-Currency Account
  14. Google Pay
  15. Amazon Payments
  16. Shopify Payments
  17. Braintree
  18. Monito
  19. Razorpay
  20. Refrens
  21. Vertofx

Where international payments systems/methods to receive money in India are easy to use and advantageous. There are many options that are fake as well, there are also many disadvantages of using methods/services to receive international payments in India online. 

Every user can have different reasons to make international payments, it is suggested that a user should choose the best option for him/her to make international payments. 

Before selecting a method/service to make international payments in India online, a person should do his/her research (according to requirement) and choose the best option that will work for his/her purpose.

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