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Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women

Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women, Many offices today don’t make their employees wear formals compulsorily, but allow them to wear whatever they want, but look elegant.

A woman can wear anything and everything to her work. But what should be included in anything, is a difficult task to decide. Every woman should wear clothes, according to her work, her office and her body type and also matches the trend.

Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women ,To simplify the same, the different office wear ideas for Indian women are mentioned below. A woman can choose any of the outfits, with these ideas and select the best outfits for herself at the office.

Indian and Western Formal Wear

When it comes to office wear ideas in India, the first thing comes to mind is formal wear. In India a woman can wear Indian or Western professional wear to look elegant and stylish at the same time.

The Indian formal wear for women includes garments like salwar kameez, lehenga choli, and saree in it. On the other side, the Western formal western wear includes suits, trousers, shirts, and formal tops etc in it.

A Saree

When it comes to considering a saree to be an  office wear idea for a woman in India, women today say a big no to it and only prefer it as a party wear. Years ago, women replaced saree with a suit, saying saree remains uncomfortable while working (as not addicted to the same).

But the same is not completely correct, women look elegant, stylish, and professional in a saree. Wearing a saree can enhance a woman’s personality and also look trendy at the same time. With avoiding dark colors and too much embroidery or any other type of work, a crisp cotton sari in light pastels during the summer season or a pure silk sari during the winter months can be the best for a woman at work.

Casual Work Wear

Casual wear is a well-known western wear that became famous in the western world following the counterculture  of the 1960s. Casual wear can be said as a western dress code that is relaxed, occasional, spontaneous and suited for everyday use. With highlighting the casual wear’s comfort, it can be referred to as leisurewear or loungewear.

Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women ,When it comes to office casual wear, it doesn’t really mean casual, it actually means that an employee/woman doesn’t have to wear a suit and tie (not wearing something formal). Business casual workwear for women includes a collared shirt, sweater on top, slacks, khakis, chinos, pencil skirt etc.

Chic Work Wear

A Chic wear at the office could be a suit, pants suit, a button-down shirt with a pencil skirt and blazer adding up. Chic wear can be simply defined as an outfit making a woman look smart without wearing a head-to-toe formal outfit.

In today’s time, offices ask their employees to wear decent outfits no matter if the outfits are formal or not. For the same, Chic wear can be one of the best office wear ideas for Indian women/or employees in other countries, it looks decent and also can be said as a semi-formal outfit.

Palazzo Pants with Blouse/Formal Top

Wearing a pair of high-waist palazzo pants with a crop top, blouse or a top can be a great and elegant office wear idea for Indian women. The same, is a nice way to give a woman some shape, and be comfortable for an office wear idea for Indian women since they have various styles. Palazzos can be easily paired with various types of tops, starting from white tee, a t-shirt, tank top, crop top, kurta and much more.

Black Suit

A black suit can be one of the most preferred and the best office wear ideas for Indian women. Black is a color that looks great on every woman, of any shape, height or body. For years, when it comes to being trendy, black color has always been there and will be there in future as well. A black suit can be said as a perfect corporate look for a woman. It can be anything, a black trouser suit, a black skirt suit, they never go out of trend. The black suit can be paired best with a white shirt. It can also work with a pencil skirt, a collared colored shirt and blazer as well for a more feminine approach.

Pairing Formal Top With A Pair Of Jeans/Trousers

A formal top being paired with the correct pant/trouser can be one of the most comfortable and great office wear ideas for Indian women. From pairing a top with culottes pants to long trousers, a woman can easily transform even the simplest of blouses for a pasty look with elegance. This style can be changed in different types using various creative ideas, it can be comfortable and elegant at the same time and can give a great look to any woman.

Pairing A Long Kurti With A Cigarette Pants/Leggings

Wearing a kurti with cigarette pants or leggings is the best way to flaunt the indo-western style to the workplace. From a straight fit kurti to an anarkali style kurti with cigarette pants or leggings can give the best look to an Indian woman. By avoiding dark colors and kurtis filled with beads and embroidery, a woman should go for kurtis with light pastel colors and light embroidery with small borders at work place. This can be said as the most comfortable outfit for an Indian woman.

Pairing A Skirt

Wearing a skirt at the office can give the most elegant look to a woman. When it comes to choosing the type of skirt a woman has to first go with the type of her body type and second with the rules of the office. (There are many offices in India that don’t allow wearing pencil skirts or skirts above knees). A skirt can be paired with different types of tops at an office . It can be a basic round neck, Cami, turtle neck, off shoulder top, light wash denim shirt, black blazer with cami and much more.

Pairing A Polo T-shirt With Formal Trousers/Jeans

Polo shirts are an ideal clothing choice not for casual occasions but at offices as well. Even a simple white polo shirt can look great with an elegant pair of jeans or trousers. Infact, they can also be said as one of the best office wear ideas for Indian women. Polo shirts are a great bet even when a woman doesn’t have anything nice to dress up for work. These shirts look great with jeans, and trousers both. With wearing a Polo shirt, a woman can still maintain an air of professionalism even if she is allowed to wear more casual outfits in the workplace. For an office look, a woman can go for a darker color pair of jeans for a casual look that still works on the job.

Wearing A Salwar Suit

Cotton sarees and churidar salwar kameez are the best examples of Indian formals. Women nowadays, prefer churidar salwar kameez instead of saree, as they are not addicted to saree and feel comfortable in suits. But surprisingly, both of these outfits are considered as the best formal attires ever in India.

When it comes to offices, it is suggested to not to wear a fitted kameez, this may be uncomfortable as the day passes, a slightly loose remaining easy, fitted salwar suit should be a women’s choice. All types of suits, such as elbow sleeves, full sleeves, half sleeves, or short sleeves salwar kameez are all great for any workwear look, except for sleeveless or halter-neck salwar suits.

The One Piece Dress

A short one piece dress, a long dress with a waist cut or a gown can be a great office wear idea for an Indian woman. A knee length or a shorter one piece dress could be worn as regular office wear and when it comes to a gown or long dress, the same can be worn at the office party or a formal office event.

A woman with a slim body type can go for body hugging dresses and the women with a bulky body or pear shaped body can go for flowing gowns and loose dresses.

Accessories With Office Wears

Only wearing a perfect outfit at the office is not enough, a woman also has to carry minimal but perfect accessories with her outfit. Correct accessories enhance an outfit, and wrong accessories sometimes can make an outfit look weird. Office wear accessories includes a laptop bag, a formal handbag, formal heels, small earnings, bracelet and light chain and also a face mask with chain attached for the pandemic time.

Some More Pieces To Be Included In The Wardrobe For Office Outfits

There are some basic pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe to create the best office wear for herself. These pieces help a woman create different and fashionable outfits without spending a huge amount and spending so much time. The same pieces are fitted trousers and leggings of 3-4 basic colors that go with maximum tops, 3-4 classic short kurtas, a classy jacket, formal blouses, skirts and culottes.

Tips For Women, To Dress In Office

Dress Up Well

Many offices today allow casual wearing instead of formal wear. But an employee/woman should keep in mind that she dresses in an elegant way and wears formal outfits on important days, meetings etc.

Follow The Company’s Dress Code

Some companies have their own uniforms to be followed and some just give a type of clothes to be worn (dress code to be followed). A woman has to style herself following that dress code and should look stylish and elegant with the same.

Check For The Co-Worker’s Office Dress

To know how to dress in the company, a woman should check how her co-workers have dressed, the style statement, whether they are in formal/informal wear, are they wearing short clothes etc. This will help a woman know what clothes she should wear, she should look elegant but not odd.

Research Workplace Style Trend

Workplace style trends keep on changing, a woman should always be checking the magazines and other details to know the trend. She should be able to find an outfit that matches the trend and also looks good on her body type.

Keep The Budget In Mind

Following the trend and dressing well in the office is important, but at the same time, going budget friendly is also important. Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women, There are many stylish office wear available online but a woman cannot purchase every highly priced office wear to be in trend. Instead women can buy some pieces of clothes that do not go out of trend, could be worn in various types and look stylish in many ways.

Use Best Judgment

Every woman knows her own body, she knows what will suit her body type and what not. A woman should look presentable in her outfit, should be comfortable and not look weird in any way because of her outfit.

Wear Clothes That Are Comfortable

When it comes to office wear, before style a woman should keep comfort ahead. A woman should wear an outfit that looks elegant and also is comfortable. She has to spend 8-9 hours in that outfit, has to work in that outfit so has to choose an outfit accordingly.

Be Well Groomed

Not only outfit, but a woman should also take care of many other things to look neat and clean at the office. A working woman should spend her Sundays grooming herself, taking care of her nails, going to salons, taking care of her hair etc.

Say No To Trend Sometimes

Before following the trend, a woman should prefer comfort and her own elegance. A woman knows the type of clothes that suit her, she should be able to choose the trend that will suit her body and leave the trend that will not go with her body type.

Multifunctional And Timeless Clothes

A woman should always purchase clothes/pieces that can be styled in many ways. She should purchase the clothes, which will help her style, when she feels that she has nothing to wear. A woman should have some good pair of pants, tops, kurtis, jackets that help her style various outfits.

Go For Clothes That Fit Well

Wearing a stylish outfit that doesn’t fit well, is loose or tight is of no use, in fact makes a woman look weird. A woman should wear an outfit that fits her well, a simple outfit that fits well can look great, on the other hand, a great stylish outfit that doesn’t fit well can look worse.

Wear Well-Ironed Clothes

Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women, Wearing good clothes is not enough, wearing well-Ironed clothes is also important at the same time. An unironed good outfit can make it look worse, and at the same time a well-ironed simple outfit, without being much stylish, can look great.

Shoes That Compliments The Outfits

Shoes are the first thing that gets noticed in a person’s body unconsciously.

A woman should always make sure that her shoes go with her outfit and also remains comfortable at the same time. Wearing not a good pair of shoes can affect the elegance and look of the outfit, which should always be kept in mind while selecting a pair of shoes.

Therefore, these are the office wear ideas for Indian women. This article can be a great guide for every Indian woman to decide what she should wear at the office.

The above article includes Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women for all types of clothes to be worn at the office, different clothes according to body types of a woman and also tips to dress up for the office.

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