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Places to get Money Orders Near Me

Places to get Money Orders Near Me , A money order is a certificate which is issued by the government or banking institution. The function of a money order is kind of similar to a check, but unlike checks money order doesn’t get bounced.

Money orders are easily accepted and turn into cash. This instrument can be used for both personal and business purpose. It is a safe alternative for using cash and checks.

Also money orders can be an inexpensive way to send money across the globe. You might have to pay a small fee while purchasing a money order and not only banks provide money orders you can purchase it from various locations such as gas stations, retail stores, post offices etc. 

Let’s dig into more about how money order works and places to get money orders.


When you buy a money order you will need to fill out a form which includes the name of the recipient and the amount to be received by the recipient. Most money orders have a maximum limit of $1,000. Therefore, if you want to pay more than $1000 exceeding the limit, then you might have to purchase more money orders. 

WARNING: A money order is not a check and it is hard to trace. So until you are sure the money has been cashed and received keep the receipt. 

When you purchase a money order, you will receive a receipt which includes a serial number of the instrument. This information should be kept with you until you are confirmed the money order has been cleared. Without a receipt tracing a money order would be impossible.


Here’s why you might use a money order instead of a check.


Money orders are safe and a cheap way to send money overseas without any hassle. The recipient can easily convert the money to their local currency.


Money order is a great instrument for people with no bank account. It does not require any bank account numbers. 


When a money order gets lost or stolen you can cancel it immediately whereas if you lose cash, there is a low chance of getting it back. Therefore, it is a safe alternative to cash.


If you want to get a money order from your bank then you will need to transfer the fund from your savings or checking account.

And if you purchase a money order from a retail store you typically have to pay for the money order with cash or a debit card transaction.

It is extremely important to correctly fill out a money order. Keep the receipts of money order with you, if something happens these receipts will help you in canceling or tracking the order.

Places to get Money Orders Near Me

There are several places to get money order and only few places produce money order, but two major companies that produce money orders are MoneyGram and Western Union.

However, both these companies permit money order to be sold at different places around U.S. 

Here are the lists of places to get money orders


In the U.S. alone over 4,700 locations Walmart has. The maximum fee to purchase a money order is 70 cents and the price might vary on different locations. Provider of the money order in Walmart is MoneyGram. The maximum limit for money order $1000. 

But, if you want to cash a money order in Walmart you will have to purchase the money order from there itself. Cashing a money order might cost you $3 to $6. 

Price: $0.70 and it may vary according to location

Max limit: $1000

Provider: Money gram


Meijer is a supermarket store and also popular for money orders, that has 240 locations which are mostly located in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. 

With 65 cents per money order; the maximum amount limit is $500. This store unlike Walmart does not cash money orders at any of its location.

Price: 65 cents

Max Amount Limit: $500

Provider: Western Union


A convenience store, with around 8,500 locations in the U.S. The price of the money order is 1-3% of the total amount of money order but also it depends on the location. The minimum cost would be $0.65 and the maximum money order amount is $500

Price: 1-3% of money order, $0.65 minimum

Max Amount Limit: $500

Provider: MoneyGram/Western Union


CVS is a pharmacy store and also issues money orders provide by MoneyGram , with over 9,800 stores which cost $1.25 per money order. The maximum order amount offered by CVS is $500.

Price: $1.25

Max Amount Limit: $500

Provider: MoneyGram


In the Southeastern U.S. Publix have over 1,230 grocery stores. With cost of 85 cents per money order, the max amount limit is $500. 

Also this grocery doesn’t provide to cash a money order.

Price: $0.85

Max Amount Limit: $500

Provider: Western Union


Though this mart is decreasing, but still has around 70 locations in the U.S. The cost of per money order is between 69 cents to $1.25 which depends on the location and the max amount limit is $500.

Also all locations of KMART may not sell money orders, check on the internet if your local Kmart sells it or not.

Price: $0.69-$1.25

Max Amount Limit: $500

Provider: Western Union


A chain of stores that has over 2,700 locations in the U.S. operating numerous brand names such as – King Sooper’s, Dillon’s, Smith’s and Frey Meyer and many more. Cost per money order is around 70 cents and max amount limit is either $500 or $1000.

Price: $0.70

Max Amount Limit: $500 or $1000

Provider: Western Union


With over 30,800 locations in the U.S., Unites States Postal Service (USPS) definitely provides money orders. They will sell you their money orders under their brand name unlike all the retail stores that sells money order which is provided by MoneyGram or Western Union.

Here each money order will cost $1.20 to $1.65 and also max amount limit is $1000. 

At USPS the price and rules and regulations might differ by locations.

Price: it varies from $1.20 to $1.65 

Max Amount Limit: $1000

Provider: USPS


Banks are the most popular option to buy money order, if any of the store is not located near you. And if you have a bank account you can purchase a money order at lower price compared to the ones who doesn’t have a bank account. 

Every bank has different rules and regulations, so before buying money orders look over your bank for more information.


Your local check cashing company will also sell money orders but you have to spend some time comparing the prices of money orders as they can vary hugely. Check cashing company charges higher rates in general, to avoid making a hole in your pocket ask them the price in advance. 

So these are the 10 places where you can get money orders.


At times paying with cash and personal checks might have a risk, as personal checks includes bank account number on contrary money orders does not include any personal information.


  • Money orders does not include your personal information e.g. your bank account number and your bank routing number.
  • can be deposited into a bank account without any fees.
  • Money orders can be issued in one country and it can easily be cashed in another country.
  • The recipient doesn’t need to go to the issuer to cash out the money; he/she can cash the order at a local bank.
  • Money orders don’t get bounced unlike checks.


  • If the money order is cashed at the bank it might get delayed in getting the funds.
  • It is difficult to track money order than a personal check. To know whether the money order has been cashed it might require forms and take weeks.
  • Cashing money orders might incur fee.
  • Some money orders are fake too. If a money order’s max amount limit is more than $1000 and does not have a water mark such as MoneyGram, Western Union, USPS then be aware it might be a fake money order.


Money orders can be a convenient way to send money across the globe. Also people with no bank account can use money order. If you are looking for a secured mode of payment without sharing any of your personal details then money order is a great option to go for.

In brief money orders are great way to pay for your rents, bills and utilities. And money orders are not only limited to bank but also available at retail stores which will save you from a visit to the bank.

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