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Money Earning Apps In India

Money Earning Apps In India ,Do you know by just downloading apps, you can earn some money online?

It cannot get you anything on the table but the little earnings add up to some side income at the end of the year. To make you informed about the ups and downs, rewards, and challenges that you may encounter in these sites, we have mentioned a few apps and sites along with their features.

Money Earning Apps In India

Choose the best one and get started!

1. Shopkick

Shopkick is one of the highest-rated apps that rewards you with gift cards even without purchasing anything. You earn rewards by just walking through the different counters and scanning the products if allowed.

Even if you buy anything, some more points can be added by scanning the receipt of your purchase. The app is available for both Android and IOS users. 250 Shopkick points value $ 1. Popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, PayPal, Uber, Walmart, etc are offering gift cards on Shopkick.

However, there is a minimum threshold limit to redeem points for gift cards for each brand. To earn points, you should reside or work near the stores, you wish to buy. The app links with multiple online retailers to reward you for everything you spend.

By just linking your credit or debit card to the app, you receive about 200 points. You can scan through the stores or purchase online through the linked card to earn additional points. You can around $ 100 through referrals. The overall customer experience is found to be positive.

2. GrabPoints

Though GrabPoints has been established recently, it generated around 4 million users and distributed about $ 5 million approximately.

The companies that want to know about the latest market trends through surveys to launch a product or improve their services, will hand over the contract to GrabPoints.

The GrabPoints then hire people like us to answer surveys and provide incentives in return. GrabPoints has been the highest reward-paying site in the world till now. The website consists of videos of multiple niches that pay you in the points form of watching.

Money Earning Apps In India ,Once the points account for $ 3, they can be redeemed into cash through PayPal or gift cards like Amazon gift cards, Netflix gift cards, etc. the sign-up registration is free. A free trial period is available where you can avail of all the services at no cost.

You should provide the credit card details and can cancel your membership any time before the free trial ends to avoid losing your money.

3. AppKarma

AppKarma lets you earn rewards by downloading other apps, watching videos and playing games, etc. the reward points are redeemed into equivalent dollars through PayPal. You get around 5% rewards back into your account after redemption. Many apps are available on the appkarma website, which you can install and walk through the apps to earn reward points.

You can get access to Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks apps from the AppKarma itself. the app is available for download in the Google Play Store. For IOS users, the app can be downloaded from the website. You receive 500 points for signing up. 

4. CashPirate

The CashPirate app accommodates around 1 million downloads in Google Play Store as of now. The huge customer base shows the trustworthiness of the app.

The registration is free and the page is really basic without any animation or graphics to attract users. You can access a wide variety of offers from the earn coins section on the app dashboard. Some of the offers include downloading apps, watching ads, completing targets in games to earn coins as rewards.

If you could spare 30-60 minutes daily, you can easily earn up to 300-400 coins per day. 1000 coins approximate to $1 cash. The coins can be redeemed into cash through PayPal or receive a Facebook gift card or virtual visa or mobile recharge. The earning potential is low when compared to other sites. 

5. Diamond Cash

The app is available for Android users only and hence can be downloaded from Google Playstore. This app doesn’t ask for any email address for registration.

You are supposed to accept Terms and conditions and adhere to their privacy policy. It is written in their terms and conditions that, the app doesn’t guarantee any income and they aren’t liable for payment issues.

Many doubts arise for customers regarding this issue. Each country requires different limits for minimum cashout through PayPal which can be known by selecting your country from the list. Multiple sections like apps, surveys, videos, offers, and tasks are available to let you earn rewards.

The number of rewards earned is displayed on the page itself. some apps like cashkarma ask you to install and accomplish specific tasks for earning rewards. While the other apps just require installation and subscription. You should be attentive about disclosing your card details for subscription to avoid money loss. In the survey section, you would confront series of personal questions and give you a survey that matches your profile.

In case you are disqualified for any survey, you will be redirected to other surveys. This process can be annoying at times, mainly when you disqualify for a survey you have to keep answering the repetitive questions to qualify for the surveys.

Some offers ask you to fill in your contact details including email address and phone number to enable you to participate in lucky draws etc. it is advisable to avoid such offers for data security purposes.


Most of the sites are made to make profits. There are no regulations to guarantee your payment.

Some users may earn a handful while others may leave empty-handed wasting their energy and time.

It is better to go through each app thoroughly, understand how it works and try to play safely without falling into traps or pitfalls.

We have tried our best to present you with authentic information so that all your doubts and queries would be solved through this article. 


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