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How to Make money recording audiobooks

While writers and reader have skeptically watched the publishing industry in recent few years. But one of the literary markets has shocked us and that is audiobooks, Now a Days, Audiobooks have almost disappeared from the marketplace these days with the advent of ubiquitous smartphones.Make money recording audiobooks

Audio for writers and publishers of this exploding market from and most popular platforms such as like Amazon I-tunes make reading books very important .Like an other publishing services you will find at amazon -Kindle direct publishing for.      e-books, createspeace for print-demand books, Including the method of ACX producing audiobooks from start to finish.Make money recording audiobooks

If you are voice over artist, or actor then you could make money working in this field.

Actor Kris Keppeler Has been working as a voice over artist for almost a decade. Now she makes her full time living from acting, writing, and voice over. I got started my work through freelancing and bidding.

     Actor keppeler  said ‘i bid on a short audio book and  got it or went it well. When Acx came I started auditioning there, and it is taken a little bit discover where my voice is fit.

What You Need to Know Before Auditioning and Make money recording audiobooks

Before you spend some months or  auditioning to land your first gig, My voice only matches the work of the audio book ,

Actor Keppeler said,’ According to this nature of our training, the actors started the work of audio book very easily’.

How the details of an audio book different from just reading a book?

When you read a book you are just seeing and hearing lots of thing in your mind. He says what you thought when you described that book And you have to say in your voice what you have heard, It’s not that easy. Make money recording audiobooks

Because being an audience in an audio book depends entirely on your description, it is important to draw the picture correctly and see the author’s point of view, This is very different from the work of other voice overs such as advertising where the image complements the video description.

Find Your Niche in creating an Audiobook and Make money recording audiobooks

Once mastered the technique of wearing an audio book Keppeler said that he had to find his niche .He acted on what he described and listened to the client’s response, But when a writer liked his voice, that time he knew that he deserved it. Once you know your voice then you know which  geners are best for you but he says job come much more quickly.

What is ACX

ACX means Audiobook Creation Exchangeandand it has brought a subsidiary of, to the market.

You can join here

  If you  already write and also published your e-books, then you can narrate your own books and sell them amazon and audible or like other platforms to create other income sources. If you have never written a book before, Nevertheless, you can earn money to became a narrator and producing your own audiobooks.

How it works

 In a nutshell, first create a profile of yourself on ACX and then upload various book audio samples to showcase your style on the genres you choose..Next, you would the audition, using manuscripts provided by other authors, for books you could like to narrate.

When you receive  offer from other writter or author then record 15 minutes of audiobooks and  Rights Holder will be approve then proceed narrating the book, finish your recording,and when it reaches the right hand, you will get your money.

Creating a Home Studio

Having a home studio is crucial to creating a high quality audio.

You can successfully set up a cheap studio in your home to record all your projects and for this you can buy all the tools from Amazon or find a second way source. Make money recording audiobooks

What Equipment Do You Need to create an audiobook

It is an initial state of the equipment that helps you make audio recording

1-pop filter

2-Computer and Laptop

3-Microphone Stand

4-Voice editing software

5-A comfortable chair that will not creak or squeak

6-Microphone – USB microphone that plugs directly into your computer.

    The next time you do your business you will need higher end equipment and other accessories such as a company’s microphone and also buy a microphone reflection filters.

Recording Software

There are plenty of recording programs in the market to be some of the most expensive but one most popular software used by narrator and voice over artist is open source audio soft-ware.Now a days not only Audacity user friendly and great for audio producing quality, but is it free?

Now a days,There are many tutorials available on YouTube.If you want to do all the courses to learn the course then there is a course on udemy on the internet, you can learn from here, Other wise check out audio book with auda- city by audio book narrator krystal wascher.

Audiobook Narrator Samples to Make money recording audiobooks

Your extra time will be spent reading books that you can easily join and the books that you read are easily enjoyed What kind of book do you like? If you like motivational and non fiction books, this might be the best way for you.

Perhaps your child likes the story thriller character a lot and the writer’s job is to bring these characters to life. Divide into 26 sections, you can choose from there and these are:-




4-Arts and Entertainment

5-Health and Fitness

6-Bios and Memoirs



9-And many more……

Building Your Skills for creating an Audiobook

    Always keep learning so you can produce different types of audio By studying skills as well as business practices you can stand out from your competitors so that your skills can be further improved.         Make money recording audiobooks                                   As a freelancer you need to develop and support acx a lot of information has been registered for this blog. You can learn how to promote your work on social media, YouTube blogs and other places, And there you will be able to introduce yourself and link to your own book.

How to become a narrator for Audible

 If you want to be an audio book author, you need to have some quality and skills and these are:-

1-Stamina to complete the jobs you audition for.

2-Clear pleasant voice



5-and also Communication skills

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