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List of Private Banks in India

List of Private Banks in India ,The banking system plays a vital role in our day to day life as well as it matters a lot in economic and financial growth. 

List of Private Banks in India, In India The Reserve Bank (RBI) has the highest synchronized command over all private as well as public banks.

Almost every individual in India fulfills their demands and needs through Bank only. And after digitalisation there has been an immense change in the whole banking network.

Number of private banks in india as on date is 21

Here is a List of Private Banks in India

Lets get deep into it


Formation of  Bank – 1994

Headquarter-  Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 5653

ATMs- 16,291

The Tagline Of The Bank: “We understand your world”


HDFC is known as one of the most preferably reputable private banks in India. It has a large banking network and was the first Bank in India who got consent from the RBI to run as a private bank.  

 They really uphold their tagline by providing exceptional services in retail, treasury, credit card, wholesale, retail banking and so on.

All branches of HDFC are linked online across all over india through mobile and net banking network. 

Awards won by HDFC banks are:

  • D.S.C.I (Data Security Council of India) excellence award , 2011 in banking security category
  • India’s Best Bank, in 2020
  • India’s Best Bank, Euromoney award for excellence, in 2019
  • Fastest growing large Bank, in 2019.


Formation of Bank  – 1993

Headquarter-  Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 4594

ATMs- 11,333

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Badhti ka naam zindagi”


The Axis bank is next to the list. It is the third largest bank in the private sector. They have a wide range of ATM networks. 

The services offered by AXIS banks are retail banking, international banking, corporate banking, net banking,agriculture, MSME, wealth management and so on.

The bank runs their branches across the world. The bank is customized as the first generation private bank. 

Awards won by AXIS banks are:  

  • Best Digital Bank at the financial express from the past three years.
  • Best DCM house in India at finance Asia’s Country awards in india, in 2020.
  • Data Analytics Project, at The Asset Triple A Digital Awards


Formation of  Bank – 1931

Headquarter-  Aluva, kerala

No of branches- 1200+

ATMs- 1900+

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Your perfect Banking partner” 


Coming with the next bank is Federal bank, which is the former bank running in India. 

Federal bank has their indicative branches in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi also.  

The services offered by the banks are immense: personal banking, internet banking, tele banking, safe deposit locker, mutual fund product, insurance services, AWB service etc.

Awards won by Federal banks are: 

  • ‘Private Sector Bank Of The Year’, in the gold category at the 20th edition of Outlook money awards, in 2020.
  • ‘Best An The Fastest Growing Mid Sized  Bank in the 25th Business Today at KPMG annual survey’ in 2021.
  • ‘AI based digital leading platform’ award instituted by Banking Frontier in 2020.
  • ‘Best Bank Among Old Private Sector Bank Of The Country’ by the state forum of the banker club at kerala.


Formation of Bank – 1994

Headquarter-  Pune, Maharashtra

No of branches- 2000

ATMs- 2606

The Tagline Of The Bank: “We Care Dil Se, We Make You Feel Richer”


One of the most prominent name in the private banking network sector is Induslnd Bank. It is the first amid the new generation of private banks in india.  

The bank offered ample services for their clients like branch banking, micro finance, loan, service, insurance, wealth management, treasury operation, depository operation and many more.

INDUSLND bank has its own offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and London. 

 Awards won by Induslnd banks are: 

  • Golden Peacock Award by Institute Of Director, India
  • Asian Sustainably Leadership Award By World CSR Congress.


Formation of Bank – 1994

Headquarter-  Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 5288

ATMs- 15158

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Hum Hai Na, Khayal Apka”


If we are talking about banks, then without ICICI bank, we cannot move further. It comes second in the list of private banks with its huge network.  

The services offered by the bank are up to the mark. Customers can deposit or withdraw money through ATMs also.

    They provide services like: loan,  credit card, fixed deposit, saving and current account,net banking, wallet banking to corporate and retail customers. 

Awards won by ICICI banks are:

  • Bank won five awards at the Indian Bank Associates (IBA) Banking Technology Award 2021.
  • Bank won multiple accolades at Business Today KPMG Best Bank Award.
  • ‘Best In Talent And Talent Workforce And Management’ in 2020.
  • ‘Best In Fintech Engagement’ category in 2020.

6. Karnataka Bank

Formation of Bank – 18 February, 1924

Headquarter-  Mangaluru, Karnataka

No of branches- 858

ATMs- 1026

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Your Family Bank Across India”


Karnataka bank is known for its invaluable services to their individual, retail and corporate customers. 

It was the first bank to understand the concept of centralised banking and core banking network.

        Quick and easy money transfer facility available for NRI, also services for loan, trade, borrowing facilities, internet banking through money click, wholesale banking and retail banking.  

Awards won by karnataka banks are:

  • ‘Beat Digital Financial Inclusion’ from IBA- Banking Technology Award 2020
  • BFSI Awards For ‘Best Bank Under Private Sector’
  • ET Business Excellence Award 2019 in the category of ‘Excellence In Banking Services’ 2019
  • ‘Dream Companies To work For’ Award by Dream Companies to work for category by World HRD Congress.

7. Dhanlaxmi Bank

Formation of Bank – 14 November, 1927

Headquarter-  Thrissur city, Kerala

No of branches- 245

ATMs- 257

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Tann Mann Dhan”


The name of the bank itself was named after God. As mentioned above, the establishment of the bank is very early. List of Private Banks in India, It is one of the most prominent and trusted private banks who run successfully in india. 

The name was changed from Dhanalakshmi bank to Dhanlaxmi bank in 2010.

The services provided by the bank are personal banking, corporate banking, NRI banking, micro and agriculture banking, SME banking, financial planning and so on.

              Awards won by Dhanlaxmi banks are:

  • ‘ Best Mid-Sized Bank Award’, in terms of growth according to Business Today KPMGs best bank survey of 2011.

8. Kotak Mahindra Bank

Formation of Bank –  February, 2003

Headquarter- Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 1603

ATMs- 2573

The Tagline Of The Bank: “ Let’s Make Money Simple, Ab Kona Kona Kotak” 


The next name in this category of bank is Kotak Mahindra Bank. It is the third largest Indian bank in the private sector with its remarkable services and offers to their clients. 

The bank offers award winning services and banking product such as personal finance, wealth management, commercial banking, treasury, investment banking,

The purpose of Kotak Mahindra Bank is to provide proper assistance to their clients.  

Awards won by Kotak Mahindra Banks are:

  • Lifetime achievement award at Magna Award by Business world in 2019.
  • ‘Best CEO In Banking Sector’ at the Business Today Best CEO Awards in 2019
  • ‘The Asset Country Award’ at Best Bank Domestic Award in 2019

9.   RBL Bank

Formation of Bank –  August, 1943

Headquarter- Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 435

ATMs- 412

The Tagline Of The Bank: Apno Ka Bank”


We have placed RBL Bank in ninth place. The identity of RBL Bank is from its customers only. Their services are incredible as their roots are printed all over india.

 The earlier name of RBL was Ratnaker bank, later it changed to RBL.

The facilities provided by RBL are: individual and commercial banking, mobile banking, retail asset, business banking, treasury and financial market operation, loan and funding.    

Awards won by RBL banks are: 

  • ‘Best Bank For Microfinance’ by Euromoney in 2019.
  • ‘ Best Self Service Banking Initiative’ by Asian Banker And Finance Technology.
  • ‘Best Small Bank’ By Business Today Financial Award in 2019.

10. YES Bank

Formation of Bank –  2004

Headquarter- Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 100

ATMs- 1450

The Tagline Of The Bank: “ Experience Our Expertise”


Yes bank is a well known name in the private banking sector. It is the fastest growing bank in India with a good rating. 

List of Private Banks in India, Yes bank really cares about their customer, that’s why the bank services are for customer centric only. 

The list of services provided by Yes bank are limitless: corporate finance, branch banking, investment banking, MSME banking, digital wallet etc.  

Their indicative office in Abu Dhabi

Awards won by YES banks are:

  • ‘Bombay Chamber Civic Award’ by Bombay Chamber of Commerce And Industry, Mumbai
  • ‘Lion CSR Precious Award by The International Association Of Lions Club, Mumbai
  • ‘6th Annual Olive Crown’ Awards By International Advertising Association (IAA), India chapter

11. J&K Bank

Formation of Bank –  1 October 1938

Headquarter- Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

No of branches- 1038

ATMs- 1340

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Serving To Empower”


List of Private Banks in India , It is one of the most ancient banks ran compassionately over the years of time in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. 

Their serving characters are finely amazing. Although it is a regional bank, the branches are spread all over the country.

J&K Bank services products are loan, term bank deposit, credit card facilities, Digital banking network, investment option, personal accounts, corporate banking etc.

The bank is privileged by offering great services and products.

 Awards won by J&K banks are: 

  • ‘Best Technology Bank Of The Year’ by Indian Bank Associates in 2020.
  • ‘Top Bank In India’ by Polaris Financial Technology

12. Karur vysya Bank

Formation of Bank –  1916

Headquarter- Karur, Tamil Nadu

No of branches- 798

ATMs- 1780

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Smart Way To Bank”


In the 12th list, we have brought information about Karur Vysya Bank for you. Among the private sector banks, it has the leading commercial banking network in finance.

The banks operate in wholesale banking, corporate banking, treasury, retail banking, NRI, agricultural banking and MSME.

Awards won by Karur Vysya banks are: 

  • ‘Best Digital Banking Solution Of The Year’ by Kamikaze Payments and Card Awards in 2020
  • ‘Innovative Best Practice In Service Excellence’ by Digital Transformation DX Summit Digital Transformation in 2020

13.bSouth Indian Bank

Formation of Bank – 29 January, 1929

Headquarter- Thrissur, Kerala

No of branches- 924

ATMs- 1334

The Tagline Of The Bank: “ Experience Next Generation Banking”


South Indian bank is one of the leading private banks in India. And also the 8th largest branch network amid private banks.

The bank is the first private bank to implement a core banking system.  It is also the first private bank to start an industrial finance branch.

The product of services offered by South Indian Bank are NRI banking, business banking, personal banking, mobile banking, priority banking etc. 

Awards won by South Indian banks are:

  • ‘Most Innovative Project’ by Banking Technology Awards.
  • ‘Best IT Risk And Cyber Securities Initiative’ by Banking Technology Awards.
  • ‘ Best Use Of IT And Data Analytics by Banking Technology Awards.

14. CSB Bank

Formation of Bank – 26 November, 1920

Headquarter- Thrissur, Kerala

No of branches- 426

ATMs- 300

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Support All The Way”


The next bank in the list is CSB bank, earlier name was Catholic Syrian Bank. It is one of the major prime bank in the private banking network sector.

CSB operates in treasury operation, retail banking, personal banking, NRI banking, agriculture and finance banking,corporate and SME banking. 

Awards won by AXIS banks are: 

Right now CSB bank has not won any award. 

15. DCB Bank

Formation of Bank –  1930

Headquarter- Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 347

ATMs- 114

The Tagline Of The Bank: “We Value You”


DCB bank is the first new generation bank that got commercial license by RBI. 

The working space of DCB bank is retail banking, micro SME, SME, mid corporate, agriculture, NBFC etc.

They have a huge network spread all over the country. 

Awards won by DCB banks are:

  • ‘ Best Small Bank In India’ by Business world Magna Award.
  • ‘ The Good Corporate Citizen award by The Bombay Chamber Of Commerce And Industry.

16. City Union Bank

Formation of Bank –  31 October, 1904

Headquarter- Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu

No of branches- 700

ATMs- 1762

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Trust and excellence”


Among the private banks network, City Union Bank raised its footprint and got top rated. The earlier name of the bank was Kumbakonam, but later changed to City Union bank.

The bank operates in multiple ways, some are: NRI banking, gold loan, retail banking, MSME, enterprise banking, retail banking and so on.  However their facilities are truly commendable.

Awards won by City Union banks are: 

  • ‘ Aadhaar Excellence Award by UIDAI.
  • Global Citation & Award by World HRD congress.
  • ‘ Best Training Method For Knowledge Management’ by Knowledge Management Leadership Award.

17. IDBI Bank

Formation of Bank –   1964

Headquarter- Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 1892

ATMs- 3467

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Banking For All, Aao Sochein Bada, Bank Aaisa Bank Jaisa”


It is again another prominent bank in the private sector banking network. 

The bank provided an ample amount of services and their products such as loan, mobile banking, wallet payment, investment solution, retail banking and so on.

The privilege of working with IDBI bank is that they have a huge chain of networks across the country. 

Awards won by IDBI banks are:

  • ‘ Banking Technology Award for best use of Business Intelligence’ by Indian Bank Association.
  • ‘IDBI Bank ranked #1197 in the Forbes Global
  • ‘Overall Best Bank’ by Bradstreet Banking Award

18. Bandhan Bank

Formation of Bank –   2015

Headquarter- Kolkata, West Bengal

No of branches- 999

ATMs- 481

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Aapka Bhala, Sabki Bhalai”


Bandhan bank is a leading private bank in India.

In initial stages of growth Bandhan bank was BFHL which is Bandhan Financial Holding Limited, but later after getting approval from the RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) it became Bandhan Bank.   

The bank operates major services of product like micro finance, mobile banking, MSME, housing finance etc.

     Awards won by Bandhan banks are:

  • ‘Emerging Company Of The Year’ by the Economic times in 2020
  • ‘ Banker Of The Year Award’ by Business Standard
  • ‘Track Trendsetter’ by Governance Now BFSI Award

19. Nainital Bank

Formation of Bank –   1992

Headquarter- Nainital, Uttrakhand

No of branches- 162

ATMs- 1685

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Banking With Personal Touch”


Nainital bank is known as a customer satisfaction bank. It is a commercial scheduled bank. 

The offer services provided by Nainital banks are limitless: internet banking, retail banking, MSME banking, agricultural banking, Corporate banking, gold loan, tax saving deposit.

 Awards won by Nainital banks are:

  • ‘National Payment Excellence Award by NPCI in recognition of excellent performance in cheque truncation system (CTS) in 2019.
  • Social Banking Excellence Award by ASSOCHAM in 2020.

20. Tamilnad mercantile Bank

Formation of Bank – 11 May,  1921

Headquarter- Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu

No of branches- 509

ATMs- 11151

 The Tagline Of The Bank: “Be a Step Ahead In Life”


Tamilnad is the fastest growing bank among `private banks in India. The initial name of the bank was Nadar Bank, but later changed to Tamilnad Mercantile bank.

The bank is truly caring to their customers that’s why their branches spread in urban as well as rural areas also to connect their village clients also.  

List of Private Banks in India , The bank operates in services like saving banking, internet banking, loan for retail and corporates, CBS platform, tab banking. 

Awards won by Tamilnad Mercantile banks are:

  • ‘ Best Bank Award’ among all the private banks by APY in 2021.
  • ‘ Social Banking Excellence’ under small bank category by The Associate Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Of India in 2019.
  • ‘Social Banking And Agricultural Banking’ under small bank category by The Associate Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Of India in 2020.

21. IDFC First Bank

Formation of Bank – January,  2018

Headquarter-  Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of branches- 260

ATMs- 140

The Tagline Of The Bank: “Banking Hatke”


Without mentioning IDFC first bank the list is incomplete. One of the top most leading banks in India. The customers are multiplying day by day by their impressive services product.

The bank operated in 2015 after getting the licence from RBI (Reserve Bank Of India).

The products of services by the bank are: micro enterprise loan, financial services, retail banking, small business loan, corporate banking, wholesale banking etc.  

Despite being so new, many branches are running efficiently from IDFC first bank.

Awards won by IDFC First banks are: 

  • ‘National Payment Excellence award’

Standard by Economic Times in 2020

  • Digital CX award by BARC Asia in 2021
  • ‘Most Trusted Brands In India’ by CNBC TV18 in 2020


 This was the final LIST OF PRIVATE SECTOR BANKS IN INDIA 2021. 

But before investing in finance you have  to decide which bank you want to depend on.

Among all the private banks HDFC comes the best bank by assets. 

I do hope this blog becomes your journey to success.


List of Private Banks in India, Before reaching any bank, you must carefully read their terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary trouble, especially their hidden phrases. 

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