Lifepoints review

lifepoints review ,LifePoints is a free Survey Website or online platform that rewards you the users for completing surveys  and other activities like mini-polls, product testing, and behavior tracking it had a huge number of  members over 5 million.

lifepoints review

Based on our lifepoints review They have paid over $22 million to their members or users up to date. 

LifePoints survey site was created by Light speed, global research, and analysis company. It works as a  hub for market research and allows consumers and people to influence the future of products and  services by sharing their opinions by answering Surveys.  

How does Lifepoints works

If a Company wants to know something about consumer behavior or their preferences.  

They give work to Light speed to design a survey and collect and analyze the data of the given  information. The will be survey is rolled out to LifePoints Website and its members who fit the target  audience and who qualify for and complete by answering the questions with honesty they earn from Life  Points Surveys.  

Based on our lifepoints review ,Members can redeem their LifePoints earnings for gift cards, PayPal credit, or charitable donation which  Reward rates vary by survey because it varies from business to business that’s the reason some just pay  only 60 LifePoints while others pay 350 Points.  

LifePoints is a worthful site to answer Surveys. It depends on how the users redeem their Points. But  the rate will be somewhere between 8.3 and 9.09 cents each. In general terms, the user can redeem 550  LifePoints for a $5 gift card. 

LifePoints Surveys expire 3 years after users earn from them or also after 12 months of no account  activity by the user. So, if the user may take a hiatus from LifePoints and the users should make sure  that cash in their points before 12 months elapse. 

Is LifePoints Legit

Yes, LifePoints is a legit and legal Website on the online rewards platform for anyone over the age of 14  from all over the world. If the users complete surveys, they’ll get the promised points for the work that  they had done. And once the user accumulated enough points to redeem than the rewards are real. 

How do you Make Money with the LifePoints survey site?

There are some ways to earn from LifePoints, online surveys are the only bread and butter of the  website. The users can access available surveys when they login to the LifePoints website there on the  home page. LifePoints will also send out survey invitations by email to every user monthly. 

As mentioned before the reward rate varies from survey to survey depending upon the time it takes to  complete a survey by each user. That had offered as low as 60 points and as high as 350 points. Longer  surveys generally pay more points. 

Most surveys begin with basic behavioral questions designed and also demographically to determine if  the user is fit the target audience or not. If the user does then the user proceeds to the rest of the  survey. If the users don’t achieve that eligibility then they are screened out and directed towards the  end. 

How to Sign Up on Lifepoints.

Users will earn 10 LifePoints for registering and validating their valid email address and for another 10  for answering some questions about their household and themselves to match the survey-taking  opportunities. 

Product Test.

Whenever a new product or Survey is posted LifePoints may mail its users to test the product at home  and subsequently review the Product. This can be a fun way to get new experience and some wisdom  about businesses with a new product while earning rewards is amazing.  

Recording Behaviors.

LifePoints may email its users’ behavior diaries, asking them to keep track of how often they do certain  things. This information is used to inform product or service, development teams.  

Like during a survey, users are offered 1,000 LifePoints to record all transactions made with a credit  card for a month.  

Get Paid on Lifepoints

When the users had accumulated enough LifePoints, now they can redeem them for their own choice  of: 

PayPal credit which means the money is transferred to the user’s PayPal account.  • • Electronic gift cards  

• Charitable donations. Now, this is the best thing that represents the company’s Goodwill and it makes  sense that this is a legit Website.  

If the users want to donate $1.80 to UNICEF, they can do it for just 205 points. And For a $5 Amazon gift  card, they all need is just 550 points. The smallest PayPal credit that the users can claim is 10 dollars and  that costs 1,200 points.

If the users prefer the versatility of cash they can redeem for a PayPal credit for the slightly low value of  8.3 cents per point. Note that the email address that the users used to register with LifePoints must  match your PayPal email. If it doesn’t, they’ll need to add the LifePoints email to their PayPal account  which is a Must. It takes 10 business days to acquire those points.  

Advantages and merits of LifePoints

The users must Know that How Long the Surveys Take and How Much they’ll Earn. Survey topics won’t  be revealed beforehand but the estimated time to complete the survey and the rewards rate is much  less. This is important because the users know going in how much of a time commitment they’re  making and what the payoff will be. 

To Earn Rewards Fast the users can cash in their LifePoints for a gift card which is a Reward and with as  little as 550 points. Realistically they could earn that within some weeks. 

Flexible Redeem Options – When it comes time to cash in the user’s LifePoints, they can choose  between several popular gift cards like Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, and more and also a PayPal credit, or  a charitable donation. This variety means that there’s something for everyone who answers Surveys. 

User’s Opportunity to Influence Product and Service Development – This may not be important to the  users of the LifePoints website but some people like the idea of helping inform product and service  development to the businesses.  

Disadvantages and limitations of LifePoints.

It will be Hard to Qualify – The purpose of the surveys is to support market research and businesses to  give them an idea about consumer behavior.

But sometimes the companies hosting them are looking for  input from a specific group of people. The first few questions typically assess whether the users belong  to that group or not.

If they don’t, they won’t get and screened out and don’t get the LifePoints Surveys. If this happens several times in a row, it can get frustrating. 

Users may attempt a bunch of surveys and may qualify for only two out of the lot. In one case, users will  be screened out after spending about five minutes answering questions and Surveys—that annoys the  most of the users. The good news is that the users usually get two LifePoints just for trying and although  this isn’t always the case. 

Only Limited Ways to Earn –Based on our lifepoints review Some other paid survey websites like Swag bucks offer a ton of ways to  earn points and also wide options to redeem them. So, if surveys aren’t the user’s thing then also the  users can still earn rewards for shopping online, watching videos, etc.

It takes some time to Receive Rewards – Although the users can earn enough points to get a reward  pretty fast, it takes up to 10 business days to receive gift cards or PayPal credit once the user redeems it.  

No Mobile Application– It seems that LifePoints used to have a mobile application but it has since been  discontinued in favor of the LifePoints website. That’s unfortunate for many users across the globe. This  is because many people prefer using a mobile application to launching a webpage on their mobile  phones.  

Is LifePoints Best Survey platform

People Who Enjoy Sharing Their Opinion enthusiastically. Since LifePoints is a general survey rewards  platform and it’s best for people who don’t mind taking surveys and sharing their views and opinions  about a particular product. 

People Look to Earn a Little more Extra Money – If users are keen to earn a few extra dollars here and  there, paid surveys are a simple, no-commitment way to do it. 

People Who Don’t Have Time for a Side Hustle – taking surveys for money is the most effective use of  time for someone who wants to grow their wealth and some little wisdom about Surveys Websites.

But  not everyone who needs extra money has no time to invest in a side hustle or to do a part-time job or  even a Freelance job.

LifePoints can be the best fit into the busiest of lifestyles—even just five minutes  here and there will eventually add up an extra income.  

Who Should Avoid LifePoints?

Impatient people – If the users lack patience then the user might find themselves getting annoyed if  they have to attempt multiple surveys before qualifying for it. It might be best to skip LifePoints and  opt for another platform called My Points that rewards other online activities like watching videos and  browsing the internet.  

People Expecting Big Money from Surveys

Paid survey sites are a good way to make a few extra dollars, but you have no possibilities and even a  chance of getting rich from them. People wanting to earn serious cash should invest their time in  building a lucrative side hustle instead of taking online surveys that pay much less. 

People Who Don’t Enjoy Sharing Their Opinions – LifePoints is a general survey Website, and also a  product testing and behavior tracking. If users don’t enjoy sharing their views and opinions, it isn’t right  for them to work on.

How do you use LifePoints?

The users can only redeem LifePoints if they have enough LifePoints in their accounts to redeem the  prize or Rewards in the LifePoints rewards catalog which has the lowest value in the LifePoints Survey  Website.

All LifePoints must be redeemed online only. To redeem Points the users should go to the  Members’ page on the Website and check it.  

What are the LifePoints on my survey?

Based on our lifepoints review ,LifePoints is a website that allows users to earn points redeemable for gift cards and also other options  by completing surveys and working on simple tasks.

They are available all over the world and offer  surveys in a maximum of 26 languages. This means almost everyone can provide feedback and earn  points on the LifePoints Surveys Website.  

How do I get more surveys on LifePoints?

Completing and keeping user’s profile surveys up-to-date will increase the chances of participating in  more market researches Surveys that seem relevant to the users’ lifestyle and interests. To access these  profile surveys. 

How do users earn points on LifePoints?

The users will earn LifePoints through participating in online opinion surveys, mini polls, games, product  testing, answering questions, and other non-survey options offered by the platform and its Website.  When the user first completes their profile they earn 33 LifePoints. This process captures demographic  and behavioral info that completes the user profile.  

Do surveys pay?

One legit and legal survey opportunity pays those survey-takers drawn from cash sweepstakes. Even if  users are lucky enough to win a few sweepstakes, it likely won’t lead to early retirement. Prizes range  from the amount of $5 – $200 at most in cash or goods. For many better-paying sites, the users must be  invited to complete online surveys.  

Are Online Surveys Safe?

Lying and cheating on online surveys is became normal but ultimately it is you the decision-maker.  Participants will make more money, but the company will end up with useless market research and 

consumer behavior.

Another danger of signing up with a paid online survey site is that the site may turn  around and sell the user’s contact information to the spammers so be careful .

read all the terms and  conditions and then agree and then work. Surveys sites are the best way to share your opinion which  benefits a business.

These were everything we spoke on lifepoints review


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