Jotform review 2021

Based on our Jotform review Jotform is a very powerful application which allows everyone to create a customized online form.

Jotform review

Jotform is a San Francisco-based company which let its users to create forms using drag and drop from objects and most important factor is that it requires no special technical knowledge for creating an online form.

is jotform legit

Using Jotform, one can create forms and the completed forms are directly e-mailed to their creators and you can also find an option to encrypt the data here.

Jotform is a privately held company founded in the year 2006 and its founder was Aytekin Tank. The company has its headquarters situated in San Francisco, California, United States and it has total of 250 number of employees.

How to use jotform

Jotform lets you to create any type of online form and collect the responses directly in your e-mail. You can create all type of online forms, here are the list of some:

Registration forms

If you are looking for events such as conferences, classes or workshops then online registration would definitely make it easier for you.

Start your form by editing a sample registration template and then send an e-mail to your list to watch the RSVPs pile up! Based on our Jotform review You can fill Jotform’s online form from any device such as smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

combine with payment processors for collecting a event fees as well. use the Jotform’s builder to fully customize your registration form to fulfill your needs.

Application forms

Generally application forms are very important to non-profits schools and companies. Jotform make it easy for you, whether you want it for loans, scholarships, job application or even housing. If you do not maintain the proper application template, then you will not get the task done or the desired information you needed.

Contact forms

This form is the most accurate way for the site visitors to introduce themselves to your site. In Jotform preview different designs so that you get to choose the best one which will easily embed onto your website. All the credit goes to the basic fields like name and e-mail address as well as the detailed functions such as file upload, checkbox, dropdown and CAPTCHA verification.

Request forms

If your company is looking for a easier way to distribute, build and manage request, then you must try the request form from Jotform.

It will help you to manage inquires with great ease and you can send the request with a particular form so that you get approval.

So it does not matter, if you are creating a form for product request or employee request, Jotform helps you in all.

Order forms

If you are looking for a way to collect orders for your business, Jotform make it really easy for you. You can create an online order form very easily and securely.

Jotform’s online order forms are powerful but simple to edit, thus making it easy for the customers to place order in no time.

If you are choosing to make your own order from then choose Jotform from builder to fully customize your form for which will definitely meet your need.

Feedback forms

The sign of success for an organization is getting good feedback from the customers, public or even the own employee of the organizations.

Jotform lets you create feedback form, which you can use to gather information and use them to improve and better working environment.

It also helps to increase the efficiency of the company. To make sure that you are getting the proper feedback, you must have a proper format of the feedback form, which Jotform provides you.


Surveys are a type of document which is used to measures the thought of customers or employees. Jotform offers you each and every survey as well as reporting tools which will help you to find the data.

Using Jotform builder you can customize and design your surveys as per you needs.

Sign up forms

Jotform is a great online tool using which you can get a quick sign up registration for new leads and customers. The thing which you have to do is just to choose a free online sample from Jotform and start gathering the information.

Evalution forms

Evalution forms help you to gather valuable feedback and identify the areas which you need to improve.

Will make it easier for you for the collection of student progress, customer satisfaction, guest feedback or employee performance.

You will just have to select a free template from Jotform and using Jotform builder, customize your template that best suits your needs. One can enter their contact information, responds and also add comments with ease.

Booking forms

The booking templates found in Jotform not only make it easy to collect the information, but also it helps to manage as well as organize response data.

For customers and clients booking is much more easier with booking form and on addition you can customize the format of the booking form by using Jotform builder, making it more efficient for the customer.

Petition forms

Petition forms are definite type of forms used by the charities and non-profit organizations for collecting petition signature online. Using the Jotform’s petition form you can easily collect digital signatures from your supporters to help further your cause.

Report forms

It is really very important to give a proper report to an incident, complaint or bug. With Jotform’s report templates you can get all the information.

The online report form of Jotform is fully customizable. Using Jotform builder you can customize the form as per your needs.

Reservation form

When Jotform is here, you will get rid of the expensive booking software. Using Jotform, start with the reservation form template from hotel reservation to train, flight and tour reservation to get an appointment reservation at a very less time.

You can also choose one reservation templates from the stock and customize the template according to your needs.

Membership forms

Membership forms make it easy for the members if they are willing to join any organizations. The membership forms found in Jotform are free as well as fully customizable. So, start creating your form for your own brand or select any form templetes from Jotform’s stock.

Payment forms

Using a Jotform’s payment form, collecting online payment is very simple. There is no problem if you are looking to collect a customer information and quantity.

Jotform’s payment form can be customized to fit your needs. It does not matter the types or size of business you have.

Get started by creating your own form or select a payment form template from Jotform’s stock.

Why Jotform?

Jotform are the easiest and most convenient form builder having many advanced capabilities, including customization tools as well as industry’s top most design tools. It will also have your form up and running in very less time.

If you are new in form creating and do not know from where to start, then Jotform offers you thousand of prepared templates from where you can start your form building. You will also be able to add stunning background images, your company’s logo and custom color schemes. 

Do I need a coding experience to create a form?

Based on our Jotform review , You do not need to have experience in coding for creating a form in Jotform.

Jotform let its users to create form by drag and drop process from object and do not need to be an expert on coding.

With Jotform theme designer you can edit and change the style of your form as per your needs.

Is Jotform free

Jotform offers you a multiple subscription options as well as a free plan. The people who use Jotform with subscription and a free user of Jotform will not have any difference in functions, they will use the same features as the paid users will use.

Based on our Jotform review ,But the limit of form count will be limited for the free users where as the limit of form count will be unlimited for the paid users.

The form view, upload space and submission storage will also be more for the paid users.

How secure is my data with Jotform?

You can fully trust on Jotform in case of security as Jotfrom takes the security of your data very strictly and seriously.

All the embed codes and the standalone form links are safe and secure (SSL) by default.

Jotform also provide all the users to encrypt their data and also follow the strict European data securing law by letting the users to store or collect their own data on safe German servers if they want to.

is jotform safe

Based on our Jotform review , Jotform is really great and convenient software of creating forms. You will be given a variety of option of creating forms. You will definitely get impressed by some great features of Jotform among which the customization of your own form according to your need is the most impressive feature. So if you are looking for creating a customized form at a affordable price range, then you must check Jotform.


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