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How To Sell Clothes Online For Money In 2021

My concern is to ease your struggle of starting your clothes selling services by providing your assistance in choosing the best online place for selling clothes and knowing How To Sell Clothes Online For Money.

Becoming independent is everyone’s desire, some struggle for it while other only dream it. Sell Clothes Online ,Success is for those who make difference by showing gratitude and hard work toward their respected cause.

It’s time to transform those unused purchases into valuable assets!! It is, in fact, real time! Do you wish you had extra storage space in your closet? And have some spare cash in your wallet? Then why not try selling your old clothing on the internet?

You may be sitting on a gold mine if you are prepared to put in some effort and sell your old clothes online. Everything has never been easier to sell, and fashionable and appealing clothes are constantly in demand. Selling secondhand apparel is a fantastic method to generate money for a variety of reasons:

  • Sustainability:

Selling second-hand garments can assist to minimize waste in a culture where most people toss away items that have hardly been worn.

  • Extra cash:

Whether you’re aiming to save for a vacation or an emergency fund, having some extra cash on hand will help you get there faster.

  • Decluttering:

Your mornings will be less difficult if you have less clothing in your closet. It’s the first step in living a more ordered existence.

With the resale industry predicted to reach $41 billion by 2022, it appears that secondhand businesses (both physical and online) are growing increasingly popular, as the pleasure of discovering gently worn apparel becoming more appealing.

Let’s have a look at how you can join in the fun.

How to sell clothes online?

Are you waiting for an idea of selling online clothes to hit your mind? Don’t delays simply start now with these simple steps:

  1. Hire a photographer to catch impressive and eye-catching photos of your dresses
  2. Make  sure pictures are of real clothes
  3. The stuff of clothes is of high or of good quality
  4. Don’t offer your buyers bad quality
  5. Tag the prices on the picture of your clothes collections
  6. Prices should be affordable
  7. Prices should be according to the excellence
  8. Post the picture on different online sites( Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  9. You can also make your clothing website
  10. Run ads on different websites or YouTube for more sales; make sure you get more viewers on your post or ads site
  11. Once your services are accessible to customers, facilitate customers with the timely response
  12. And easy delivery with no charges or fewer charges
  13. Make sure customer receive what he/she ordered for
  14. Offer some attractive offers or discount sales

Are you starting a clothes business And finding the best online places to sell clothes

Great! You’re in the right sport to find a solution for your clothing services. I appreciate your thinking of independence, courage, and determination of finding success.

The first step to start any store or product selling services required: is an idea of a business, Congratulation you have, and you come up with a nice idea in your mind but here I will help you to make your clothes selling plan more attractive and easy for yourself and your customers.

More ease in your business for your customers means more chances for selling, and ultimately it led to great business success. Down you will discover every best and basic necessity of online selling services. Firstly let’s talk about the worthiness of online sailing.

Tips for a Successful Online Clothes Sale

Maximize your chances of success before you get in. The experts we spoke with have a few more pointers that you should be aware of before listing your things on any resale site or app.

  • Condition is key
  • Write detailed descriptions.
  • Put up some fantastic photos.
  • Ensure that the pricing is reasonable.
  • Keep a record of your expenses.
  • Keep up with the latest pop culture crazes.
  • Don’t forget the cost of shipping.

Selling items on the internet is both enjoyable and profitable, which is why so many individuals do it. It may be the quickest and easiest method to generate additional money if you have the correct mentality (and an eye for fashion).

It’s difficult to get rid of stuff. In fact, roughly one out of every ten American homes hires extra storage space.

Instead of wasting money on storage, go through your closet and sell any unwanted items.

You’ll have a clean closet and more cash in your pocket if you sell clothes online or at a secondhand store. If it seems like a win-win situation, you’re right.


You can see the number of online platforms down here. I am exploring one by one for you. You can select one or all of them together for more quick success.

Well, that depends entirely on what you’re attempting to market. Online sites are getting increasingly specialized, and you’ll find plenty of alternatives in our list to help you locate the ideal match for your own style.

The most up-to-date list of the finest sites to sell garments nowadays may be found here.

1. Sell clothes on Shopify

Shopify is a commerce platform where anyone can make their online shop/store and start selling. You can also create your online store on Shopify and provide services to your customers.

For the Shopify store, you have to pay Shopify some money about $29 monthly to run your store on their website.

For the searching website of Shopify search for””.more than 800,000 traders are present on the Shopify platform which can generate revenue of about 1 billion.

2. Selling clothes through Facebook

Facebook is a widely used site on the internet you can take your business from zero to top. It all relies on your hard work. Now the question is how to sell clothes on Facebook? Make your brand page on Facebook.

Choose a short but interesting name for your brand. Make a logo design for your Facebook page’s profile. This logo design should be beautiful and a combination of attractive colors. Try to respond to your customers with kind words on chats if they find anything difficult tries to solve their issue on a spot.

3. Selling clothes on Instagram

Instagram could be a great idea for clothes selling like Facebook. You can make your brand on Instagram or can take help from an instagramer with a huge followers list on INSTA, but for signing a partnership with another Instagrammer you have to pay them.

Instagram can help you to promote your clothes even more quickly by posting your brand’s name on stories and suggesting to people.

Some many famous brands and organizations are adding more success to their business by signing a partnership agreement with instagramer (bloggers, vloggers, etc). You can also hire bloggers on Instagrammer with great fellowship as your brand ambassador.

4. Selling clothes on the official website

Make your brand’s website and promote your website on different online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, ticktock, youtube) in this way you can attract enough traffic to your website it will be productive for your brand.

Yes! you can start your website it’s not super difficult, you can’t count it in easy task too. A website demands your time but it has more positive outcomes than any other online selling method had. Because people feel more comfortable with highly stable and widely service providing brand. You can style your website from any web developer and start your new clothing business.


Great for rapidly selling garments but be prepared to argue over the price.

Poshmark is one of the greatest sites to sell goods online since it is so simple to use. Download the app, start photographing your outfits, and then post them on social media (as well as your own social profiles).

It’s simple to get started, and the firm offers no-hassle delivery. USPS will send you priority boxes with pre-paid labels, and they will charge you a 20% fee.

It’s a platform that encourages social interaction. To increase interest, you must establish a following and share other people’s posts if you wish to sell.

Poshmark users are seeking for bargains. Be prepared to negotiate over your costs, since the typical sale is approximately $15. If you’re good at selling, though, you’ll have no trouble making some quick cash.


ThredUP is changing the way people sell garments on the internet. Simply buy a cleanout kit from their website, stuff it with your clothing, and ship it back for free. The site welcomes lightly worn or high-quality women’s and children’s clothing (sorry, boys).

It usually takes ThredUP 1-3 weeks to tell you how much your garments are worth. After that, you can choose to spend the money on their website, receive cash via PayPal, or donate it to charity.

ThredUP is ideal if you want a simple method to sell your items without having to take photographs or bargain. However, this benefit comes at a cost: a suitcase full of clothes may only fetch $20-$25. Still, it’s better than nothing for almost no work! Right? You may even ask them to return your unsold products for a nominal charge if you want them back.


Depop is great for a wide range of things, particularly antique and quirky, one-of-a-kind stuff

It is a mobile app that is a cross between eBay and Instagram. It’s mostly targeted towards teenagers and twenty-something’s seeking for antique treasures.

Excellent images and descriptions are essential for success, and you should use relevant brand hashtags to increase your chances of being discovered. On the app, you’ll be in charge of negotiating with potential clients, as if you are running your own clothing company.

Depop takes a 10% commission on anything you sell, and you’ll be paid by PayPal.



If you’re serious about making money, you’ll probably have a lot more than just clothing to sell. If you have a lot of accessories or other high-end fashion products like purses, Tradesy is ideal. Any item in good condition in your closet can be sold.

List your things on the site, and if you sell something, they’ll send you a prepaid box to deliver to the buyer or you may print a mailing label from home. It’s the ideal blend of profit and ease.

Tradesy charges $7.50 each piece under $50 and 19.8% for everything beyond $50.


Best FOR: Local Marketing

Craigslist is always an option if you want to go the old school method. While it isn’t as glamorous or fashionable as the other sites we’ve seen so far, it is a dependable tool for connecting you with consumers on your own terms. Listing and selling things is entirely free.

On your local bulletin board, look for the clothes and accessories area and post any items you wish to sell. This is a fantastic choice for non-designer apparel that isn’t accepted by other sites. Your earning potential is even larger because your listing is free!


It is perfect for organizing your everyday clothes, especially high-street brands.

Because it is so simple to use, Vinted is a fantastic resource for both buyers and sellers. Make an account, post your things for free, and then sit back and wait for buyers to come to you. Vinted does offer shipping; however the cost varies based on the size of the item.

Bundling (for clients buying several items from you) and pricing changes are two fantastic features on this site. Offering discounts or extras to customers may help you stand out from the crowd, and it’s simple to accomplish.


Mercari is a mobile app that allows you to sell anything. It’s simple to use, and you’ll save money on shipping if you use their pre-paid labels. You may also choose whether you or the buyer will pay for delivery.

You don’t have to worry about an item being returned after three days because the customer has just three days to return it. It is great for almost everything.

In comparison to similar user-friendly programmes, their costs are generally rather low (10%).

12. LePRIX

Snob Swap was the previous name for LePrix. The firm collaborates with over 500 second hand retailers and use machine learning technologies to improve both the buying and selling experience. If you don’t mind going through an authentication process, then it is the best for high-end designer products in excellent condition.

Obtain a consignment kit and complete the screening procedure. Keep in mind that LePrix prefers clothing in great condition. Save your worn-out hand-me-downs for another occasion (unless they’re very stylish). You can also go in person instead of shipping the clothes if one of the stores is local to you.


Selling apparel is one thing, but Rebag is your best option for turning luxury handbags into cold, hard cash. However, the site is mainly interested in high-end luxury bags, so anything without a brand name will most likely be passed through.

You have to submit photographs of your bag via their app, online, or in person if you live near one of their stores. They will examine your bag and decide whether or not to accept it. Their rules are rather stringent, so read them carefully to prevent wasting your time. If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a quotation and may proceed from there.

Overall, they have acceptable rates, but bear in mind that you won’t earn as much as you would if you sold directly to the client.


When picking up your garments, The Real Real, like LePrix, provides white-glove treatment. This site exclusively deals with luxury labels such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and others, and you may earn anywhere from 55 to 70% of the sale price (It totally depends on the sale you make each year with them).

Although commission rates are not as high as on eBay, The Real Real relieves you of the stress of selling by allowing you to consign your things for free (either through their service of pick up, a pre-paid label, or visiting a few of their flea markets). Your goods will be authenticated, photographed, priced, and sold for you by them.


Buffalo Exchange is always on the lookout for designer apparel in good condition, so if you have some, look no further. Their sell-by-mail service will give you a prepaid shipping bag that can hold roughly 40 articles of clothes if you want it. They’ll contact you after they’ve received your things to see what they can do with them.

16. eBay

The benefit of selling your clothes on eBay is that you may potentially make more money and profit. Their costs are significantly lower than those of competing applications; however the site is a little clunky to use.

You have the option of selling your things at auction or setting a pre-set price for them. I like a fixed price since it allows you to give customers the choice of submitting their best offer. When it comes to eBay, you have to be on top of your game.

Make sure your listings appear professional, have fantastic descriptions, and are correctly key worded. This platform’s users are seeking for particular information. They aren’t only looking for something pleasant to look at. That is why it is far preferable to sell in-demand products to make the most of them.


Material World functions in the same way as ThredUP does. receive a free mailing package for your apparel (although you must pay a $5 deposit), send it in, and within a few days, you will receive an offer from the firm.

You may send in more than just clothes. can also send in whatever accessories you have. In general, the site is searching for high-quality, lightly used or unused goods. They accept just a select group of designers that share their aim for a more sustainable fashion business.

18. ETSY

Etsy is one of the most popular online selling sites, but it’s mostly for crafts individuals who create one-of-a-kind items, so you won’t be able to sell your brand-name clothes here.

It needs to be handmade or antique anything you sell here (over 20 years old). When an item sells, there is a $0.20 listing charge, a normal payment processing fee, and a modest commission to pay.

Overall, it’ll be more effort than selling through an app like Poshmark because it’ll be like operating your own little business. If you want to learn more, check out my guide on starting an Etsy business and making money.

Best apps for selling clothes online

There are many apps you can select any one of them to sell your clothes on an online platform. Some of them are given here: Apps including eBay, letgo, vinted, thredUp, Poshmark, Tradesy, Flyp, and Online cloth selling apps are easier to use and handle your work burden in one pocket.

Why online cloth selling is profitable

Online sailing of any product is easy and fast-growing. How online clothe sailing is fast and easy growing? Because when you start providing online services it becomes a time-saving cup of tea for customers. If the customers have to perform another task, have a hard and busy routine.

Do you think he/she will avail the opportunity of getting best quality clothes at their doorstep or not? Of course yes! What can prevent the customer from buying easily approachable clothes on their mobile screen?

Nothing. Customers will love to have good quality +good designing+ easy delivering system.

Surely nothing is effortless; you have to put your efforts into a great success. Once you are successful to start your business, take it to stability and normal sale rate by promoting your brand on social platforms, once it is done you have a straight path ahead.

The future doesn’t require such hard work as in start but you cannot relax. You have to continue your work with the same passion

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