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How To Make Money Online In India

How To Make Money Online In India, in today’s growing world, this question can have an end number of answers. A person can be using his/her talent in many ways and earn money from the same. In this digital world, there are more digital ways to make money in India, instead of offline ways. Yet, both the ways can be used, the list of different jobs/works to make money in India are mentioned below.

How to make money in India, with a detailed explanation the answer to the same is mentioned below.


In this digital world, for many creative people and people who want to work from home, freelancing is a great option. Freelancing is one of the top-paying answers to how to make money in India. The highest paying freelancing jobs in India are content writing, blogging, digital marketing, web development, graphic designing and block chain development. A few of other well-known freelancing jobs in India are tour guiding, drop shipping, translating, app testing, surveying, virtual assistance services etc. 

Freelancers in India earn an amount from a range of ₹1.5 Lakhs to ₹12.8 Lakhs annually with an average annual earning of ₹4.2 Lakhs. 

Business Ideas (Selling Products etc.)

India is known as a country of business, today more than 50% of Indian families are into business. According to statistics, business ideas are one of the best answers to how to make money in India. The basic idea to a business is to purchase and sell products/services. A person can do anything he/she wants such as food, recipes, products, old or antique products, digital products etc. To this, the earning of businesses in India varies on the business done.

Becoming An Agent

Today, becoming an agent is one of the best ways to make money in India. In today’s busy world many people don’t have time for their work. When it comes to buying a property, renting a house, planning a trip, buying insurance, people always look for an agent to work for them. With becoming an agent a person in India can even work from home and make a good amount of money.

Data Entry Jobs

Even today, when the world is getting into automation, there are many data entry jobs available to be done manually. There are a huge number of verified data entry jobs available in India. Data entry is known as one of the easiest answers to how to make money in India. Data entry is known as one of the simplest jobs a person can do with no special skills being required. A person in India finding a data entry job (online and working from home) can make around ₹300 to ₹1500 per hour.


Tutoring is not only an answer to how to make money in India but also worldwide. Every person has some skills that he/she can teach, on the other hand there are always some people available to learn different skills. A person can not only teach academics but can teach anything and everything languages, food recipes, application development, coding and much more. The earnings of a tutor in India depends on what he/she teaches and the quality of teaching.


Investing in stocks can be a great way to make money in India. A person can earn by investing in the top companies stock, can keep a watch and buy-sell the stocks when profitable. Firstly, to invest in stocks or to make money from stocks a person should do a complete research in regards to stocks and related things. A person can also take suggestions from a person who is already investing in stocks. Depending on the stocks and amount invested a person in India can also make crores of rupees by investing in stocks.

Affiliate Marketing/Multi-level Marketing

In this digital world, affiliate marketing and Multi-level marketing are one of the best ways to make money in India. With affiliate/multi-level marketing, a person just has to share the product links to as many people as possible, convince people and make people buy the products and services from their generated links. With affiliate/multi-level marketing a person can earn in a range of ₹0.3 lakhs to ₹9.3 lakhs which comes to an average of ₹3.0 lakhs.

Earn Through Apps

How to make money in India, in this digital world there are many apps as an answer to this question. There are many apps today that let people make money in many ways. Using these apps a person can complete tasks, invest, play games, participate in quizzes and earn through many ways. Top apps to make money in India are Cointiply, Swagbucks, Perk, MooCash, RozDhan, U Speak We Pay, Google Opinion Rewards, Pocket, Evernote, Flipd, Otter, Top Tracker and Wonderlist.


A Caregiver can be defined as a paid or unpaid member of a person’s social network who helps him/her with activities of daily living. With having basic qualifications and skills any person can become a caregiver in India. With working in a family environment a person can make a good amount with becoming a caregiver in India (and also worldwide).

Pickup Services (Work For Uber, Ola, Or Rent A Car)

In today’s world where the cost of living is increasing, there are many people who don’t buy cars, cannot afford cars or avoid buying cars. Today, Ola/Uber services are getting more than 1,50,000 individual bookings per day with around 1.5 million drivers working in these companies. Today, people prefer renting a car or using cab services to travel, instead of purchasing a car. Using cab services a person can easily travel in a car without even purchasing a car or bearing maintenance costs of it. To the same, providing these services can be a great answer to how to make money in India.

Earning From Rents

Earning from rents is one of the easiest ways to make money in India. A person can rent anything he/she owns. It can be a house, car, books, services, clothes. A person in India (and worldwide) can rent anything and make money from it. A person just has to find the correct person who wants his/her own products and/or services and earn money from it. A person can make a good amount on the services/product he/she has rented.


When it comes to making money from YouTube, a person can earn money on Youtube by applying for the Youtube Partners Program. Youtube is known to help its creators to monetize their channels in many ways. YouTube helps its creators to earn from advertising revenue, channel memberships, super chats and super stickers, channel memberships, merch shelfs, and Youtube Premium Revenue. Depending on the popularity of the channel a Youtuber can also earn millions from his/her channel.

Delivery Services

In this busy world, providing delivery services for groceries, medicines, food items, are much in demand. Being a much-needed service for any community a person can make a great amount from delivery services. With a little hard work, a person can have a profitable delivery business in no time.

Providing Employees

In today’s world, there are many business and company owners who don’t have time to find and hire the correct employees for them. Employers are looking for people who can sort employees for them from different sources and complete the hiring process on behalf of them. Providing Employees services is also known as working as a freelancer HR. With providing employees, a person can earn a particular amount as a commission for each employee hired.

Midwifery Services

Midwifery service provider can be defined as a health professional who is trained to support and care for women during pregnancy, labour and birth. The Midwifery helps people to stay healthy in pregnancy and, if no complications arise, even to give birth with little intervention. In a country like India, Midwifery services are known to be one of the most demanding services. A person, especially a woman can earn a good salary by working for around 9 months providing the Midwifery services.

Writing And Selling Books Online/Offline

In this digital world, if a person has a talent to write he/she can work from home and earn a good amount by selling their books online or even offline. The same books that are sold online can be printed and can also be sold offline. A person can earn lakhs of rupees by sitting at home for a good written book. Today, the most popular app/portal to sell books online is Amazon Kindle.

How to make money in India, which has many services, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, freelancing and business as an answer to it. A person can select any of these options depending on the work he/she wants to do. Yet, the above options can just be said as a brief idea, the options to make money in India don’t end here, even these ways cannot end anywhere. A person can use anything and everything depending on his/her talent to make money in India. A person can use of the talent he/she has with deciding the amount he/she wants to earn and the scope in the work he/she is going to do.

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