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How to Make Money from your Phone

Do you spend most of your time on your mobile phone? If yes, then there’s some easy way to know how to make money from your phone. So today we are going to talk about 3 simple and easy strategies to make some extra cash.

And do you know the best part of this whole thing? You need no high-quality skills or special technology requirements for the following applications; so if you have a smartphone and the urge to make a good amount of money, you can do it.

ways on how to make money from your phone

  1. Shopping gigs
  2. Selling items or products from your phone
  3. Focus group and opinion survey gigs

Shopping gigs

The simplest and easiest way to make money through your smartphone is to do what everyone does, shopping. Instead of just shopping, through the below-mentioned apps, you’ll be paid for shopping. These are the following applications on how to make money from your phone.

  1. Ibotta-

So here is the way you can earn money by using the Ibotta app-

  • Before you visit the store, open the app and complete a few tasks to find superb offers on your favorite brands and products.
  • Then, go to the store and buy items you have chosen in the app.
  • Once you are done purchasing it, click a picture of your receipt to redeem the offers you have to choose.

And lastly, they will calculate your cash backs and it will be credited to you. It depends on the previous performance of your while doing the tasks. It is compatible with venom and PayPal and you can also claim gift vouchers and cards. This app also works with your laptop or desktop.

  1. Shopkick-

Shopkick doesn’t credit direct cash backs, but you can surely earn points to redeem the gift vouchers and cards. It offers gift vouchers to well-known retailers like Amazon, Lowe’s, and old navy. Here you don’t have to buy or purchase any products to earn points, just walking into a partner shop or scanning certain products will help you to get points.

Focus groups and opinion survey gig

Filling out surveys becomes boring sometimes but through this, you can earn a handsome amount of money. And also, if you become a member of a focus group or do certain activities that will give positive results in helping marketers to understand their customers or audiences, you can make money.

  1. UserTesting-

You need to test some applications or products in a 20 minutes session which will give a good amount of money in return. Yes! It is right, you can make money by using and testing various new things on your smartphone by the UserTesting app. You will get many projects to do in a full day. You’ll be receiving approximately 2 to 6 projects minimum in a week. You’ll be paid for these projects after a week you submit the survey.

  1. Survey junkie-

By using survey junkie, you can get a handsome amount of money by just answering some survey questions or by sharing your online browsing data to get rewards. After each successful project, you’ll be getting points that you can redeem in a cash or gift voucher form towards retailers like Walmart. Surveys can contain a variety of questions asking for your opinion or feeling regarding some particular product or item.

This type of work or task might not seem very interesting but it can surely help you earn a good amount of money by only using your smartphone.

Selling items from your smartphone

Selling anything through a smartphone is also a good way to earn extra cash. The amount of money you will earn depends on the product’s quality, the cost of the product, and also the shipping. So with the right applications, you can easily earn money.

  1. Meesho-

If you want to earn some extra cash by just spending time on your smartphone, then you have to just share or post pictures of the selling products or items through different mediums. You have to convince people to buy those products through you and if they purchase any product, you will get your commission. The amount of money you will earn completely depends on the price you are stating while selling the product. In this process sharing those pictures and sharing those product-related pictures on different types of platforms. And all the other things will be handled or taken care of by meesho people.

  1. Poshmark-

Do you have a pile of unused, old branded clothes which you want to get rid of? But it’s too costly to just throw them away, if this is you then Poshmark is the best app for you to use and earn extra cash in return for your old unused branded clothes.

Simply, you have to click pictures of your old clothes and post them on postmark for sale. You can also make your small closet of your used branded clothes and take pictures of those and make money out of it.

Postmark also hosts many parties where you can showcase your old branded smart-looking clothes and make money from there.

final verdict on how to make money from your phone

In general, if we say, it’s all about what you make out of your condition or situation and how well you focus or concentrate your time to get a productive outcome or results.

Firstly, you have to always search or look for the best opportunities or activities that will give you the chance to earn a good amount of money or something useful. You can use many tack ticks or well-planned ideas which will boost up your outcome or results. And in today’s world, it is very easy to do so by just using your smartphone which everyone has in this generation.

It not only makes money, but it’s also about utilizing your energy and precious time in producing positive or useful outcomes as in today’s world, money is always not enough to have.

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