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How to make 10 dollars fast

how to make 10 dollars fast , The desire to earn extra money is always an opportunity to many. Earning $10 a day is not a big amount but it definitely add happiness on daily basis. There are few  to earn $10 easily online via PayPal or any other option.

how to make 10 dollars fast

If you’re stuck right now, this post can help you figure out how to generate $10 quickly. Let’s get straight into the topic. List of options are as followed:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks help in earning rewards or cash either streaming videos online, completing surveys or playing game online etc. You can easily earn $10 via swagbucks as it provide $5 as instant bonus at the time of singing up and $5 when you refer it to your friends and family.

how to make 10 dollars fast , this way And while completing the surveys you earn additional amount to your PayPal account.

Swagbucks has given 7,000 free gifts cards to its user and $498 million has been redeemed by the members of the swagbucks.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is most popular website in Canada and United states. The survey that you complete helps you in earning $1 and $3 depending on your performance and the survey you choose.

Few survey give you the chance to earn $50 easily without much effort. The amount that you win can be easily cashed out via PayPal account. Survey sites are best to earn small amount for their pocket for their comfort.

3. Start a Blog

Building your blog is easy stuff. But making money out of it is a lengthy process. Once the blog is set and advertised nicely once can start earning through it also. Even the ads or Affiliate marketing links can be posted in the blog to start earning at initial phase. The topic or niche should be very familiar or attractive to get more audience in it. 

4. Freelance on Fiverr

These days freelancing is at utmost craze. One of the trending way to earn money. One can easily earn good amount via Fiverr. If you are good or expert at some things then you can charge for it. The skill that you carry matters a lot as it helps you in earning.

People are paid for their skills and talent. Hundreds of different services are available to sell and buy on Fiverr. One can write a content either for a company or magazine, can opt for voiceover, design banner or involve in graphic design, teach lessons, making a business card, and lot more to cover up in this and turn money out of it. The minimum amount that is paid is $5 and even more then that based on the assigned task. You can also earn thousands of dollars through this.

There are also some other freelancing sites like Upwork which is like Fiverr that make the living easy and worth comfortable. The payment is based on the project that you take care off. Freelancing gives the comfort of work from home or from any remote area or to work from place of your choice.

5. Daily Rewards

This is similar to Swagbucks and is operated by market research Company like Prodege and many other. After being the member of the site one can easily start earning via taking the survey, playing game, watching ads or videos online and many more. When you sign up daily reward is given of $5 including some other bonus for everyone. And the people of Canada, U.S. can log-in for InboxDollars or any other retable website.

6. Use a Cash Back App

Once the purchase is done you may get few cash back if you use a Cash back app. Some of the cash back apps are Rakuten or Ebates and a lot more. This helps you to shop at your desired shop and get cash back through this platform.

The sign up pays you $5 when you do a purchase of $25 or above that. It has a partnership with 2,000 stores and is easily there for Canada and the U.S. The cash back app collects the information of the amount got credited in your account and transfer it to your linked credit or debit card for easy access to it. how to make 10 dollars fast , In the Drop app when links with your card gives $5 as bonce when you join it as new. 

7. PrizeRebel

Even in putting your views or opinions helps you earn cash or free gift cards. PrizeRebel is the best way to earn money via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. The cash can be redeemed via PayPal account. Just download the app and sign-up PrizeRebel and start earning at least $10 on regular basis.

The payment is instant. No late. No fraud. All the information are kept secured and even your opinion are of great help and kept secret. Your name will never disclose when opinion are made public for security purpose. 

8. Upload Your Shopping Receipts

When you buy anything along with it you get a receipts. You can upload the receipts may be grocery or any other purchasing in the app and get cash back. There are some apps to upload the receipts are Caddle, Ampli and many more.

This two app are most popular in Canada and helps a lot to people to get cash back instant as an extra amount in their account. Caddle also gives the surveys to finish it and watching video ads too to earn more. You can also use promo code to get $5 or $10 bonus depending on the number of user used it. 

Ampli gives cash back of about 20% on grocery receipts. Even it include bonus of $5 as a welcome gift at the time of sign-up.

9. Get Paid To Walk

Get paid to walk has many good outcomes. First, it helps you keep fit and fine. Secondly, even this helps you earn a small amount and make you feel happy. Sweatcoins is very great healthy and fitness app which gifts you while running, walking to stay active. It can be converted into cash or points to get the goods at your place. 

10 .Become a Mystery Shopper

Some of the mystery shopper sites are secret Hopper, Premier Service, MSP Canada and many more to finish the gigs. You can rate the services, provide reviews or critique at any place or restaurant. Mystery Shoppers helps in earning $10 to $40 as a token of rewards to earn more. 

11. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars helps in taking surveys, watch videos online, going through emails, online shopping and many more. This is easy to go in the U.S and it paid its user near about $59 million to their viewers.

12. Invest With Moka

It is always good to save little amount at the time of investment and preserve it for future. It round up your investment and save few penny at that time. how to make 10 dollars fast , Suppose if anything cost $2.75 than Moka will deduct $3.00 from the account and save 25 cents for future need. You also win a bonus of $5 once you connect your bank account in it.  

13. Refer Friends

The app or services you like can share with friends and family. You refer them to download such app or services and take benefit out of it. You can even invite others to join and earn extra amount of it. While referring the link to your friends you can easily earn $5 or more than that in a day. 

14 .Rent Out a Room

If you have extra room or spare space than you can rent it to your known one or neighbor via Airbnb. The room can be registered in free but you need to pay rent for it once occupied. Even Airbnb covers insurance for it. One can easily earn $560-$600 per month just using the extra space for rent. 

15. Clickworker

Clickworker collect many task like writing, SEO and a lot more to help in earning $9 an hour. how to make 10 dollars fast , In a day you can earn more than that easily. The only limitation it has that the payment is done once the work is approved. You can get weekly or per day basis by PayPal account or any direct deposit. 

16. iWritT

Writers focus on writing many article for websites or blog to get few penny out of it. They sometimes require little research to write on a topic. The new comes can earn $2.50 per 500 words. Likewise they can earn more writing more articles a day. Even they can earn $15+ an article depend upon the client’s requirement. 

17. Famebit

To reach your daily goal you can engage in Social media platform like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and many more to do the campaign work. The social media are the best space to advertise your work and get lead out of it to earn cash or commission out of it.

18. InstaGC

InstaGC is also a website to do certain online task like streaming videos online or ads, taking surveys and giving your opinion in it to take a stand for the particular brand or product to improve its quality or spreading awareness regarding the same. how to make 10 dollars fast , They get few cash for the same or commission of $10 a day. Once you download the app and sign it up you will start earning near about $10 out of it gradually on daily basis. 

19. Turo

Renting your cars to travelers is a great idea to earn extra cash where your unused car or if it is less in use can be source of earning. If you own a car of $20,000 than you can earn $10 easily per day by renting it for a month or 15 days. 

20. Website testing

This is good in giving feedback on websites. And can make you earn $5 to $15 on daily basis. They provide test via mail to solve the query and give your opinion or feedback easily.

21 .Gigwalk

It helps you get $10 for finishing small task via Gigwalk help. An individual task can help you make $3-$100 from Gigwalk. Gigwalk help you in earn extra paycheck when required. 

22. Content Gather

This is also a way to earn money by writing contents or articles. You can even refer to your known one and get 5% of the transaction amount.  

23. ThredUp

This is an easy way to earn using women’s or children’s clothes. You can collect your unused or unwanted items and send them in a bag and get cash for your items. In this you can get your cash fast. No delay. No hassle. 

24. Uber

Technology have reached to such a state that you can easily get cab or auto at your door without much effort to search and book them on road. Download the app. The best way to earn more than $10 in a day is via Uber. Sign-up and start using the app to book your ride. Whenever you book your ride you get an OTP to confirm your ride with the driver. 

25. Sell Unused Stuff

how to make 10 dollars fast , The stuff that you no longer use like clothes, electronic gadgets, phones, CDs, sports or music equipment’s and many more things from your collection can be sold at minimum price to make the profit out of it and extra cash too.

how to make 10 dollars fast , You can either have your own online store or can make the products or item list on market place like Craigslist, Facebook, Amazon and many more where sell and purchase is an easy process. The tech products can be sold on Decluttr, Clothes can be sold on Poshmark or any other relatable website. 

how to make 10 dollars fast ,  It helps in sharing economy via pooling the car and enjoying the ride. You get paid for your ride that you cover in the town.

even get cash back or coupons at the time of the payment of the ride. You can even use Uber auto for the ride and be at your place safely. Just a click and few information regarding the pick and drop location of the customer help to make the ride easier.  


Shutterstock was founded in 2003 as a membership business that allowed users to download limitless images for a predetermined charge each year. Shutterstock currently contains over 3 million royalty-free photos and a lot more commercial content after 16 years. The company has seven core ideals to which it adheres. 

It is a website that sells photos, footage, and music for use by creative people on their websites, blogs, publications, and YouTube channels, among other places. Shutterstock’s content is generated by photographers and artists, who then sell it through the website. Other creators then purchase the content and utilize it in their own work.


TranscribeMe is a transcription service that serves clients and freelance transcriptionists all around the world. It was started in September 2011.

They have offices in San Francisco, California, and Auckland, New Zealand, as well as Singapore.

TranscribeMe accepts novices, so if you’re looking for a way to supplement your income with a transcribing job, this could be the place for you.

There are specific criteria, even though they recruit beginners. Here’s everything you’ll need to get started with TranscribeMe. To work in your location, 

  • You must be of legal age, which you can confirm by scanning your driver’s license or ID.
  • An email address is required.
  • You must also pass their examination.
  • To be paid, you must have an active PayPal account.

TranscribeMe pays between $15 and $22 each audio hour, although some organizations, such as GMR Transcription, pay per audio minute.

It’s crucial to realize that an audio hour is not the same as a real hour. Because transcribing a single hour of audio can take 3–4 hours, where you may not make $15 to $22 per hour.

As a newbie, your income will be on the lower end of the scale, as those with specialized backgrounds, such as medical or legal, would earn more.

If we do the math and transcribe a 60-minute audio file (one audio-hour) in four hours, your hourly wage is $5.00. Your per-hour rate will be higher if you can complete it in two or three hours.


how to make 10 dollars fast , It’s relatively simple to become a Postmates delivery driver. how to make 10 dollars fast , Signing up is free, and getting started is simple. There are no fees or time commitments, so every time you finish a delivery, you keep 100% of your earnings. You’ll get compensated to deliver goods like takeout, groceries, and even booze as a driver.

Here’s how to get going:

Make a user account – Fill in your name, email address, and phone number, as well as a profile photo and proof of identity.

Receive welcome kit– Postmates will send you a delivery welcome bag in the mail once they have verified that you are who you claim you are.

Go online, download the app — Start accepting delivery offers and start earning whenever it’s convenient for you by downloading the app.

According to many online reviews, you can earn up to $25 each hour. You could also view how much money you made after each delivery and how much money you made.


TaskRabbit isn’t technically a side gig, but it is a platform where you may locate a variety of them. The beauty of TaskRabbit is that it is a secure platform where you can work on your own schedule. It is an ios and Android app that allows users to find, hire, rate, and review local service providers.

All you have to do is build a profile with your skill sets and the price you’ll charge for your services.

Then just start applying for jobs; it’s that simple!

There are almost 200 distinct tasks from which to choose. The majority of the jobs are performed in person, therefore location is critical, but some are performed virtually. Users of TaskRabbit set their own rates, but if you want to receive any assignments, you’ll need to look at what others are charging for that service. It’s unlikely that you’ll get any takers if you price $200 an hour and have no reviews. 


Taking online surveys from Pinecone Research is one of the finest methods to make $10 in one day.

This is due to the fact that Pinecone Research pays $3 for each survey you complete on their platform!

Simply sign up for Pinecone Research, fill out your personal information, and begin taking surveys.

It’s just that simple!

You can also obtain free food or product samples to review in addition to surveys. You won’t be paid for this, but you will be able to do a $3 survey in exchange.

Also to earn $12, all you have to do is complete four Pinecone Research surveys per day, which is completely doable!


One of the simplest methods to make money quickly is to rent out a room on Airbnb. With this one gig, you can easily make more than $10!

All you have to do is to create an Airbnb host profile and begin the process of listing your home, apartment, condo, or room for guests to book.

Listing a house on Airbnb is a big move, but it’s one of the finest ways to make money. However, it is only a semi-passive position because you must still deal with the booking process, check-in, check-out, cleaning, and so on. However, simply advertising a place on Airbnb might earn you a lot of money, so sign up and get started right away!


It’s likely that you’ve played solitaire as a child or even as an adult. With Solitaire Cube, you can now get paid to play cards against other people. According to recent study, monthly mobile users earn an average of $200 each month. 

Solitaire Cube (ios only) is the solution, and it’s a great way to make some extra cash. It is similar to conventional Solitaire, except it is faster to play and you are competing with another player.

how to make 10 dollars fast . You don’t have to go through the tiresome process of setting up the cards or waste petrol to find the nearest casino machines because it’s played on the phone. You only need to download the app to your phone to get started.

Also the game is easily playable in two ways

Practice League

This is a simple task. You are free to play as many free matches as you like to improve your skills. You’ll be rewarded with Z Coins, a virtual money that can be used to play other games, and Ticketz, which can be redeemed for actual rewards ranging from swag to a whole new Porsche Boxter! (However, this takes a very long time to collect).

The Professional League:

This is where the real money is to be found. When you make a deposit, you can begin competing in cash tournaments against other players.

By linking your PayPal account, you may cash out at any moment. This guarantees that your money is both safe and accessible.

33. Play 8-Ball Billiards For Real Money.

Pool Payday is a money-making prodigy software that allows you to play billiards for money in real-time against other people. The software was created by a group of engineers and scientists to help you save money. Pool Payday has aided thousands of people in all 50 states, earning them an average of over $10 each week. 

Every player gets their own unique promo code, which they may share with their friends. When a gamer applies that discount code to their next purchase, they will receive free money.

34. Playing Online Trivia On SWAGIQ

Have a genius IQ and want to put it to the test? We’ve got just what you’re looking for. SwagIQ allows you to quench your appetite for trivia while simultaneously winning rewards. Each trivia game is streamed live and played on your phone, with nearly all of the rewards exceeding $1,000. The questions might be challenging, but if you get ten correct, you win. You will get Swag IQ’s digital money, which you can exchange for gift cards or cash via PayPal.


Because data entry is a time-consuming process, businesses outsource it to save time.

Data entry entails a variety of tasks, including data sorting in Excel, typing, allocating data into tables, and pulling data from websites, among others.

You can look for data entry jobs if you know how to use MS Excel well. Many employment portals, such as Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and Flexjobs, provide data entry jobs on a daily basis.


That concludes the post!

I hope you now understand how to make $10 in a hurry!

But the game isn’t over yet

Making quick money is fantastic, but your ultimate objective should be to create a business that will provide you with passive income for the rest of your life!

how to make 10 dollars fast , The above mentioned options are worthy to earn as much as amount as possible to have a worth living life.

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