How to increase employee engagement survey participation

how to increase employee engagement survey participation ,An employee survey in an organization is essential to listen to their voices and take action. It is to improve your business along with taking care of their voices.

Thus, conducting employee surveys becomes essential yearly to take the response and take necessary actions. However, the employee survey response rate matters here. It can be poor, good, or excellent might depend on various factors. Here, we have discussed the best ways to improve your employee response rate.

Make Awareness of Employee Survey

how to increase employee engagement survey participation , Any new joiner must not know about employee survey and their participation is necessary for their development and company’s development. You can do this when they are in the training period. 

  • Inform about employee survey while in training secession.
  • At the end of training secession, your top management personal might address the new joiners. Here, they have to brief them about the employee survey, and their participation will help them and your organization.
  • When they are on the floor, their functional managers must intimate them in meetings and formal discussions.
  • Managers must ask them to read in employee welfare programs.

Thus, a new joiner will show interest to participate in an employee survey for the first time in your organization. The 10 to 20 percentage of non-participant might be the new joiners who ignore the survey due to lack of information. Thus, every new joiner must be aware of such surveys happening annually and their participation is essential. Here, you can get a good response when you have bulk recruitment. 

Conduct Minimal Employee Surveys

Too many surveys in a year will lead to non-participation by your employees. Here, you will get a response rate of less than 50%, which is a poor employee survey response rate. It can happen due to the following reasons.

  • Your employee might find the repeated question in more than one survey in a year.
  • Your employees might find irrelevant survey questions, which they do not wish to answer.
  • Taking 3 to 5 surveys in a year might be like a burden to do in a pressure-full work environment.

Thus, conducting employee surveys half-yearly once is the best. Either, yearly two surveys are enough to hear their voices and respond to them appropriately. By adopting this way, you can see a higher employee participation rate in your organizational survey. Here, you will get a higher response rate or above 70%. It is an excellent rate and your employees are with you.

Take Survey as per Demography and Nature of Business

Your business might be in global locations and there will be more than 1000 employees working across the global cities. It is advisable to prepare questioner as per the business demography. It will lead to getting higher employee survey response rates.

The reverse will happen if you frame a questioner and ask your employees from all locations to answer them.

Here, employees from different countries might find it irrelevant to them. how to increase employee engagement survey participation , Hence, the survey response rate will be lower as they might not take such a survey seriously. Thus, it is advisable to take a survey as per the demography and frame questions related to that business.   

Employee Survey Announcements

Today, your employees might work 24/7 and 365-days a year. Thus, they will work in different time zones and different shift timing. It is not possible to address by the CEO or any top person from the management or HR personal to announce such surveys to all of their staffs.

Thus, you can announce by addressing them in different shifts such that your employees will value your announcement as you have taken your time in the wee hours and came to the floor to address them. However, you can use the below-mentioned ways to address your employees.


You would have registered an official e-mail ID to each of your staff. Thus, you can send a formal invitation to participate in the employee survey.  


Your employees will have access to the employee self-help site. You can put a notification there to intimate such survey dates. 


You can send bulk SMS to all of your global employees at a one-time message about the date of the employee survey.


It is advisable to address your managers to give intimation of an employee survey to their team. It will help to take them seriously when a manager announces to the entire team on the floor. 

AV Mediums

It is advisable to make use of the audio and visual mediums available on your work site. Here, you can announce and gather attention with your employees working in different shifts.   

Thus, by making use of the above-mentioned mediums, you can announce the employee survey message directly and indirectly by using messaging and audiovisual techniques.  It will bring a higher response rate, which can go above 80%. It will be more than excellent when your employees show interest, participate, and give good responses. 

Use Technology to Access Survey in all Platforms

Today, your employees might work at the site, offsite, and from home. The staff that is unable to present in the office must be able to participate in a survey on their smartphones, laptops, home PC, and tablets. how to increase employee engagement survey participation , Thus, your survey must be enabled to function in Windows, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, and any other software, which is accessible in a different region. The advantage of using all platforms is as follows.

  • A work from home employee can access the survey on his laptop or desktop, which runs on Windows or Ubuntu.
  • The iMac users can participate in the survey on their Apple phones, iMac laptops, and tablets.
  • The android phone users can take the survey when they are out for project work.

Thus, your employees can participate in your survey on the same date and time by using various devices, which functions of different operating systems. It will bring full survey participation and you will receive an excellent response rate. 

Prepare Minimal Survey Questions

Not all of your employees might like to answer a lengthy questioner. Such lengthy questioner will lead to getting false feedback as they simply tick answers to complete or finish their survey at their end successfully.

Here, namesake survey participation happens without getting proper employee feedback. Thus, prepare minimal questions, which are relevant to employees. It will bring a better response and you can expect full participation.

Here, you can exempt asking the repeated question like their name, age sex, and qualification. Moreover, you can omit demographic questions, which will be irrelevant to your employees present in a different location.

The best survey an employee can finish is by taking ten minutes. Thus, it must have minimal questions. 

User Designs

Your employees will stay and participate in an online survey if it looks attractive and user-friendly. You can check this online by seeing the number of views, the time a survey participant uses, and how often they come of the site due to unimpressive user designs.

It is advisable to change the user design in such a way that it is looking attractive and your employees will stay and enjoy answering the survey questions.

Thus, an attractive questioner format with your business color and logo if any will be good if you wish to have them. Otherwise, you can make use of the best in user designs and form a separate survey questioner, which is attractive and soothes the eyes of survey participants.

It will bring excellent employee survey responsive rates. Either, you can expect 90% participation by your employees.

Technical Issues

Most of the time, your employees will make fun, when they hear the announcement of an employee survey. It is because their services will show slowness when all of the employees take a survey at the same time.

Here, they will not get a survey-completed screen after submitting them online. Moreover, the site will be slow that your making will be delayed due to system hanging issues. Thus, this kind of repeated survey will make every employee skip the survey.

Thus, you must sort out such technical issues related to the server end and make them speedier irrelevant to any other running process that is functioning on the same servicer.

You will get a poor employee survey response if such a server issue happen. 

Hire online Survey Service Provider

A small organization with less than 500 employees can hire an online survey service provider if they are not having an IT team to do it.

Thus, you can make it online, take your employee’s voice, and respond appropriately to improve business efficiency. They will give you a demo, which every employee can log in and check.

Thus, the online survey service provider uses the best in user designs and you will not find any technical issues like page not found error, slowness, and hanging. Thus, you will get a good response from your employees.

Here, you have to frame the question and give them. They will show the real-time survey statics by giving you an admin login.

The big organization can avail them if there are some technical issues with the existing survey tool.

Prepare Questions  in Simple Language

Your online survey question must be in a simple language such that it is readable and understood by all employees. It is because; some questions will be irrelevant to an employee.

However, when it is in simple language, he or she might answer them instead of skipping them. Your online survey question must be short and crispy to read and understand by all. 

Avoid Though Questions

The online employee survey is questions are the same for all. Thus, the management must not prepare though question, which might not be answerable by all employees.

Here, the junior staff might think the online survey is for the senior team and might skip the survey. Moreover, if they attempt the survey, they might tick irrelevant answers.    

Employee Online Survey Confidentiality

Not every employee will give negative feedback if his or her answers have confidentiality. The management must brief this in meetings and address the employees.

It is because; a few of the employees might skip the online survey, as they are not willing to answer any questions, which are positive and negative. Here, an organization can expect 60-to 70 percentage participation, which is a poor employee survey response rate. 

Schedule a Flexible Date

You will get a full response when you conduct an employee online survey on a day when the workload is less. Thus, you will get higher survey participation.

Moreover, give access to different devices for those not present in the office, work from home staff, and anyone in a different location on a project. Thus, you can expect an excellent response from your employees. It will work out well when you ask for a good date to take this online survey from your employees. 

Send Reminders

The employee online survey message sent in different forms might be deleted. Hence, you must send reminders such that they will keep a note of it. If you did not send any reminders, they might forget and might not attempt the online survey if you schedule them on the weekends, where everyone will live the office earlier. 

Do not Put Pressure

Your employees must voluntarily come and take part in an online survey. Pressuring them to take an online survey will lead them to skip the next survey you conduct in the same year.

It is because; no employees will wish to take part by putting pressure on them. It can happen when a unit manager wants to show full attendance of his team by taking part in an employee online survey.


how to increase employee engagement survey participation ,These are the points, which must be the best practice any organization must follow to get excellent employee survey responses. A poor employee response in your organization does not desire a place to work by your employees.

Thus, you can improve by implementing, developing, and hiring the necessary technology and sources to make it easier and simple for your employees.

Conducting an online employee survey is a good practice as it saves time and money. Moreover, it is unique and the data can be segregated to improve further. 


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