How To Get More Surveys on Google Rewards

how to get more surveys on google rewards ? The answer lies in understanding what is google opinion rewards , is simply meaning is to share your personal opinion by survey and earn exciting reward.

It is a very well known reputed survey program started by leading global search engine and that is Google in 2016 at Switzerland.

After a year ago in 2017 it expand in Turkey, Singapore and India. Google introduce this app in Taiwan in 2019.

And later this app successfully available in many developed countries like Malaysia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Norway, Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, United states, Japan, Netherland, Mexico, Hong Kong, Spain, Poland and many other gulf countries. But now at present time it access in around 22 countries successfully.

google opinion rewards

At starting it float as a simple survey mobile app for android as well as I phone users but now later on  it is very much popular for earning rewards and then redeem points. Anybody is eligible to use the app whoever is above 18 years old. 

This survey program uses basically by online customer and online gamers. It will generate a kind of passive income for better living. This website provides you survey and in that surveys they will ask you some questions.

Answer quick survey and then you are allowed to earn Google play credit with Google opinion reward. You can simply monetise your app with reward with this simple survey app 

HOW TO USE Google opinion reward

Google opinion reward is very easy to use. It run smoothly in any kind of smartphone.

First download the app and complete your profile by asking some simply unique questions about yourself. Select your country with postal or zip code, then your age, gender etc. select language ( preferably both Hindi and English).

Accept all the terms and conditions after read carefully. Once you completed the requirement of this app. Then you are qualified to receive survey from wherever you are

how to get more surveys on google rewards

Some peoples have faced terrible situations after downloading the app. They are not frequently received survey.

So they may get frustrated that why do we not able to receive survey after one is done successfully. It’s genuine that one survey came in 10 to 15 days period but some of them received in after a month gap.

There are some settings in Google opinion reward in which you changed to receive surveys as quickly as possible

These are the ways on how to get more surveys on google rewards

  1. First turn on your location always it will increase your chance to receive more surveys. If you are a frequent traveller then your chances high to receive surveys.
  2. Secondly turn on notification so you may be attentive for the next survey when it is ready for you
  3. Change your default setting to allow new survey
  4. It may notice that female received more surveys then men, well it’s a fact.
  5. Young teens received more survey as they are more active on social media
  6. If all these changes not working then do one thing. Delete the app and download again with another email id.
  7. There is no another ways to receive more surveys unless you wait and watch
  8. It’s your choice what kind of surveys you want. Google provides you many options in that regard.
  9. If you are not receiving surveys from last 10-15 days, then send a feedback to the app in which you have to mention your difficulty to not receiving surveys with the screenshot of surveys received on last date.
  10. Open this app 2 to 3 times daily for atleast 10 to 15 seconds so Google may notice you need surveys
  11. Be honest while doing surveys, it  will also increase your possibility to receive surveys

These are some easy steps to receive surveys frequently. If still you are not able to receive survey then click the help button in the home page of Goole opinion reward in which you can access your problem.

MAKING MONEY with Google opinion reward

Monetising money with this app is very convenient. If you want to make some money from Google opinion reward then firstly all you need to create is your PayPal account.

PayPal is an easy way to receive international money. It is very simple and easy to create an account

When you download the Google opinion reward, link your PayPal account with it to receive international payment.

But one thing is very important your email id should be same for PayPal and Goole opinion reward

You can use money with Google play store for paid app. You can buy points, diamond, gems for online games and online shopping also. This app is beneficial for those who love online games where they can earn points and after redeem their points to increase level of the game The minimum amount from one survey is 5 to 10 INR and maximum is 30 t0 40 INR.



  1. Good for extra source of income
  2. Surveys are easy to do
  3. You can redeem your points in other online app and games


  1. There is no referral programme.
  2. The time period of receiving survey is very long
  3. Pay out from survey is very low
  4. Sometime by default settings has been changed and you are not able to receive survey

Conclusion on Google opinion reward

Final conclusion on how to get more surveys on google rewards Google opinion reward is best app for those who love online shopping and gaming. It allow its users to make some quick and easy money to do surveys and get points.

You can redeem your points from Google play store for paid app and for diamonds, gems, points for online games.

You can also redeem your points for online shopping.

There are multiple reviews regarding Google opinion reward. Some people make quick and exciting points from this app within few months while other were waiting for survey to receive

Well there are some problems to receive frequently survey but you can easily fix them up by using some tips and tricks.

It takes a bit to learn anything, all you need to do intelligence and some amount of patience 

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