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How to get free stuff online without a credit card

How to get free stuff online without a credit card ,We all are interested in getting free stuffs online without investment or using debit or credit cards. If you are in search of getting free stuff online than you are at right place to get the proper knowledge or information about the same.  

How to get free stuff online without a credit card

Let’s explore the free stuff online to its fullest and enjoy the shopping: 

1. FreebieShark

This website is bundled with lot of free stuff. FreebieShark updates free samples, sweepstakes, instant win games online to win coupons.  

2.My Free Product Samples

My Free Product Samples share free samples, products and discounted toys from Amazon. This may help you save money at the time of occasion or any festivals to cut the cost of the gifts. 

3. Free stuff finder

The importance of this site is that it provides free coupons with amazing deals along with coupon break down to make task easier for new joiner to get the products in free. 


It provide the facility to be a member along with using free samples. The websites also gives coupons, savings, sweepstakes and giveaways along with. One can easily earn points by finishing different activities or task provided on the dashboard. 

You can collect points in various ways such as:

  • You can refer your friends and family to join the site
  • One can answer the riddles without making mistakes
  • Clicking on a link which is sent via email
  • Having a poll
  • Answering trivia questions
  • Getting benefit of sponsored offers.

The prize of $25 gift cards for the top 10 earners are made mandatory to enhance their work process. They get other rewards along with the gift cards to make profit out of it also. They also provide bonus in terms of providing links to delicious recipes. Some of the recipes include Creamy AuGratin Potatoes, Baked Ziti, Mexican Breakfast Tacos and many more.

5. Just Free Stuff

Just free stuff is a website which provide deals and free samples of whatever things you can desire or want to have it. They share samples on pet, beauty, and baby and get involved with other products like educational, games, clothes and many more. It has also a free CD’s section. The coupons and contest information are shared along with other category. Just explore the category to look over it and have a visit on it. 

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the free online survey websites to get the stuff. One can earn Swagbuck points, rewards, gift cards or cash. Along with survey you can earn points by searching, shopping, streaming videos or ads online. The gifts cards can be used in Amazon, Walmart and many more. The cash can be exchanged via PayPal account. Anyone can join swagbucks above 13 years. 

7. InboxDollars

It is similar to Swagbucks to complete the surveys or watch video online or playing videos games, downloading apps and many more. Once you sign up you get $5 bonus to earn extra amount in your wallet. You can even trade the points in terms of free gift cards from your favorite stores. 

8. Similac

SimilacStrongMoms deals in baby formula and samples or coupons with a reward of $400. They also provide free nutrition information and guidance to enjoy the free stuff online. One can make an online baby registry from Amazon, Walmart and many more to make a free samples of the same.

9. PINCHme

It is free to be a member of it to test the products. It offers sample every Tuesday. 20 million samples are teste by six million members. The samples of PINCHme is sent only to 48 U.S states.

10. ShopGala

Every month they ship new samples for free. It hardly takes few minutes to get samples by mail. It is good for free stuff online without payment from user side. In general, free things addict more to the people than the paid one as free things are rougher to use and less risk or tension of losing it. 

11. Free

The sites get updated after every 24 hours for free samples and many other free items. Some of the items that are showcased for free are as follows: 

  • Cleaning products
  • Food products
  • Coffee samples
  • Dog food
  • Bandages
  • Vitamin supplements

The site also gives free drinks and other stuffs at the restaurants. You can get the items for grocery stores and other coupons for different companies and stores. 

12. Freeflys

In freeflys you can browse free samples like food samples, beauty samples, health and other samples. It is very common and famous freebie site to access the Freeflys websites. Hundreds of coupons are for items and sweepstakes too. One can register to get emails on daily basis about Freeflys for free samples and other offers. You can browse it without even signing up in free. 


One of the oldest site with lot of offerings and deals. Some of the options include apps and downloads. It also include physical product samples in to get the stuff in free.

14. Go Freebies

These shares their sample in the home page blog post according to their convenience. They even share the sample information on the left side of the page. They even provide bonus as an Amazon gift cards by signing up in the newsletter

15. 2000 Freebies 

It is very simple and easy to go website for free search samples. It start offering the deals from the current month.

found under a ‘Hot Freebies’ section for easy and convenient use. 

16. Rebaid

Rebaid helps seller to make the deal in free or at discount. It rebates the purchase within three days once the product is bought. You can even get full rebate for health supplements, clothing and many more

17. I Love Free Things

I love free things shares many pages to deal with or use free products or free samples. You can even click on the free stuff or sample items. Some of the free browsing items are baby, beauty, food, clothing and many more. The search button allows you to type specific keywords to get the freebies in the respective field or genres

18. Sweet Free Stuff

This is very popular sample offering website which is available for pet food, beauty products, baby products and many more. Sweet Free Stuff also includes birthday freebies to give meals on your birthday.

19. My Free Product Samples

It shares free samples of the items or products without attaching any strings to it. The free samples My Free Product Samples includes music samples, free book, magazine subscription samples and many more.

How to get free stuff online without a credit card ,They also includes samples like health, beauty, kid, medicine samples and many more to get free stuff online without investing a penny through credit cards. They also helps in giving bonus in terms of giveaways and sweepstakes.

20. Freebies4Mom

This is more of a mom’s site as it benefit moms with its free sample like free food samples, health, cleaning kits, beauty products for both the sex. It also works for other women or girls who are not mom to figure out the products. The moms keep track of the samples and check it out. 

21. Sample Source

Sample source are based on seasonal sample and is different from other sites which uses mail. One can sign up sample source and pick a survey that matches your choice to complete it. Some of the items this carry are as follows:

  • Beauty care
  • Makeup
  • Household cleaning
  • Food and snacks

One can even give their feedback to companies for its growth and improving the quality of the product. You can finish more samples for future use and need.

22. is one of the best site which provide free samples for its best use. Some of the samples are mentioned here which provide samples are as follows:

  • Free books
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Health products
  • Audiobooks
  • Magazines
  • Pet products

Once you sign-up you will get access to free stuff in huge number than any other websites. Joining is not that compulsory to get benefit from the free samples offering or deals. 

23. Free Stuff Finder

One of the expansive site but easy to use. It has a free stuff tab as one of the category.

makes the task easier to find the free stuff deals. It contains coupon database or video coupons to make it more specific or particular about the sites. Free Stuff Finder added ads in its category from a larger store like Target, CVS and many more to make the work easier. The site helps in saving money and live a comfortable life. 

24. All You

All You is a giveaway site along with magazine combined to it. The site is very attractive and is designed easy to use or access the sites. There you will find different blog headers. The visitors get the benefits through magazine in such way:

  • Food
  • Family
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Smart shopping
  • Coupons and deals

25. Hey It’s Free

The hey it’s Free website is easy to access and is one of the attractive site to attract more users towards it more the free use of stuff online. Everything is mentioned in the homepage from features to get the information separately. One can easily use search bar to get the blog posts rather than scrolling it. 

26. Buzz Agent

It represents itself as an international network of consumers who take part in the campaigns for different products and services. 

Here’s how it works: 

A free membership need to be created clicking on the website. To make the task easier fill some of the surveys to let the site know your area of interest or the product you focus on to be used on regular basis.

Once the interest is understood you will get free samples of the desired products for yourself and the family. Feel free to share genuine opinion of the products on your social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and many more. You can use your blog to share your opinion on the respective topic.

One can go through the products and suggest their readers, friends or family members whether to use the product or not. Whether it is good or not?

An honest suggestion to the audience to save their money and time. This is one of the great site to share your suggestion, opinion or feedback which will help the reader in a great way.


      How to get free stuff online without a credit card , These days’ people are more addicted to free items or products to cut down their cost of living. Even they include subscription of Amazon prime or Netflix for one month trial basis.

This one month easy to use and free stuff online makes viewer addicted to it and keep themselves engaged in the same for a day or more than that. These samples provided by the authorized platform never deals in scams.

How to get free stuff online without a credit card, They try to maintain their dignity with full honesty and no fraud or illegal happening or tragedy. They deal genuinely to win their viewers heart and making them feel connected for easy to do work.


  1. Is getting free stuff is easy?

    Yes! One need to search freebies online through a website. Some mention their freebies at the top of the homepage.

  2. What makes online Freebies free?

    Yes! Most the samples are free. One can even join mailing list to get further offer or deals to make the work easier. 

  3. What about Amazon free stuff?

    Amazon gives free subscription or trials to their user for their promotion or making people addicted to their stuff for free. One can use Amazon Prime membership to get the best offers or deals out of it for free. 

  4. Who gets the stuff in free?

    Those who are at least 18years or more than that based on the requirement. Few ebooks or apps are also available for studies and learning new things for the teens of age 13.


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