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How to get free Money on Paypal

how to get free money on paypal ,Earn PayPal money instantly

Few companies or brands approach the sites to conduct surveys on customer feedback about their products. To encourage users or to attract them in attending the surveys, the websites or apps provide some incentives for completing the same.

There are multiple other options available for earnings through these apps. You can just answer some simple questions while watching TV or going through the feed that let you earn some pocket money with less effort. Some sites don’t pay you right after the completion of tasks while others pay you instantly through PayPal.

After researching through many sites, we have picked the best of them and are listed below. check out below how to get free money on paypal

Best Ways To Earn PayPal Money Fast

1. Swagbucks

The Swagbucks app rewards you just by creating an account. Additional earnings can be made by watching videos, playing games, performs tasks, and other simple tasks present on the app. It takes around 20 minutes to complete a survey. this is the best way on how to get free money on paypal , You have to confront few screening questions and qualify them to be able to complete the survey. You can invite your friends through the referral link.

Once they have created the account, you earn around $ 3 and an additional 10 % commission every time they earn. These reward points are converted into gift cards or equivalent cash through PayPal etc. if you have any queries, you can contact customer support on the website. You may receive the response in less than 5 days.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that gives you cashback offers for purchasing products both online and offline. You earn around $ 5 for creating an account. It is partnered with 1000+ different brands and retailers. Go to find the offers option in the Ibotta app and search for the store you want to shop at. Select the offers and complete little tasks like watching ads etc to activate the offers. Shop generally in the store and submit a copy of the receipt in the app and redeem the offer.  You can also pay directly through the app. However, not all of the retailers out there accept payment through the Ibotta app.

The amount you earn is recorded in your Ibotta account. Once the earning reaches $ 20, it can be redeemed into cash through PayPal. By referrals, you earn about $ 5 for each referral. This app can be used in multiple generic stores too.

The catch here is, you might attempt to shop for unnecessary goods, attracted by the offers, ending up losing more money. This app helps you to earn money only if you could use it wisely. 

3. LifePoints

Unlike other apps, LifePoints doesn’t avail you of any offer like watch ads or play games to earn money. You can only earn by completing surveys. Companies who want to conduct surveys to know their customer’s opinions, hire Lightspeed to create a survey and collect data from the specific audience.

These audiences are chosen from the members of LifePoints through the questionnaire. Those who qualify for the survey and completes it will earn LifePoints as a reward. These LifePoints are redeemed into cash through PayPal, gift cards, etc. the time required to complete a survey is already mentioned on the survey description itself. The LifePoints send you the latest surveys through the mail.

They also mail you diaries to record your daily routines so that they can track customer behaviors and improve their products and services accordingly. You also earn by just recording your behaviors. This is not an app but a site and doesn’t contain multiple opportunities to earn extra money except surveys. The more you attend surveys the more you earn. If you are a person who doesn’t link to share your opinions, this site is not for you.

4. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an online site to conduct surveys. It is owned by Nelson holdings, well known Research Company to conducts customer engagement surveys across multimedia. There is no sign-up or membership fee.

However, the site is not always open for new registrations to join. It’s advised to check now and then for enrollment openings if you want to join this platform. The latest survey invitations are sent to you through email. It asks personal questions to send you personalized surveys.

The website doesn’t provide customer support. Answers to few common queries can be known from the FAQ section. The payment can be done through PayPal. You can’t become rich but it is a good side hustle to make few extra bucks online.

5. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a website that enables you to earn mainly through paid surveys. Other ways of earning include watching ads, completing offers/tasks, visiting other sites, etc. the topic and time required to complete the survey is displayed on the dashboard.

As soon as you complete the survey, reward points are credited to your account. Many special global site challenges and site bonuses are provided to help you earn double the amount of normal earnings.

Some tasks avail you to give feedback on the performance of websites also. People from the USA, UK CANADA, and Australia are likely to earn more money than others through this website. Referrals let you earn 20 % of the commission in each earning.

The PrizeRebel points can be redeemed for e-gift cards like amazon, burger king, etc. you can also convert the reward points into direct cash through PayPal. The site collects your personal information only to get you personalized surveys that match your interests and opinions. 

6. Vindale Research

If you are a resident of the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, Vindale Research enables you to earn money by attempting surveys, watching videos, read emails, etc. it is a research company hired by different brands to know the customer feedback about their products or services. sign up to earn $ 1 instantly.

Provide personal information about yourself and receive personalized surveys from the list on the website or get notified through email. The rewards and time for completing the survey are mentioned on the list. Some more income can be earned by claiming reward codes or polls available in their blog.

Once the rewards reach $ 50, they can be redeemed into cash through PayPal. The site is SSL encrypted and verified by Norton Symantec to ensure acute data privacy of the users. You can cancel the account at any time and there is no membership fee of any kind. The website never asks for your credit card or any account details for billing purposes. The site is compatible with PC, tablets, or mobile screens. You earn about $5 for each referral.

7. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie enables you to earn some pocket money by completing paid surveys, available on this website. Paid surveys are the only option you can earn through this website when compared to others. It is free to sign-up. You have to fill in the details of your personal life and answer your surrounding-related questions. As per the details entered, the surveys that match your profile will be displayed on the website or delivered to you through your email. Each survey pays you around $ 1 to $ 3.

However, the number of surveys is found to be low when compared to other sites. All the rewards from the surveys are recorded in the form of points. These points can be redeemed into dollars through PayPal or gift cards like amazon etc. there is a minimum threshold limit of $ 5 to let you cash out. If you live outside the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, you can’t access the Survey Junkie site.

8. Lucktastic

Lucktastic app is owned by Jump Ramp Games, a company popular for free mobile gaming. You should be a U.S. resident to access this app. Once you download the app, you are supposed to enter the details of your location for confirmation of residence. Coming to the operation of the app, you should scratch off the cards and dive through the app. After some time, scratch-off games will be opened which reset every morning.

you have to view an ad to get access to the cards. You win if you can match three symbols. These rewards can be converted into instant cash through PayPal or gift card or check, received through the mail. If you have at least $ 2 you can redeem it into cash. On the other hand, you can collect tokens to enter into different contests and win rewards. The tokens accumulated will be displayed on the top of the website. 


These were the tips to know how to get free money on paypal ,When you have ample time in your hand, you can earn some side income through the apps. You have to accept the fact that, none of the sites ever going to make you rich.

There are innumerable apps or websites available on the internet that helps you to earn money. It is advisable to research properly, go through customer reviews before diving in completely to save yourselves from scammers that just steal your data and never pay you in return. 

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