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How To Earn Money From Instagram In India

How to earn money from Instagram in India has various answers. The top/most used ways to earn money from Instagram are Brand Partnerships, Promote Affiliate Links, Sponsored Content, Shopping, Fan Membership and Exclusive Content, License photographs and videos, Consulting, IGTV Ads etc.

Many Instagram users believe that, according to their followers, they are eligible to earn money from Instagram and some believe that they are not eligible.

Every Instagram user wants to earn money from Instagram, but also has so many questions and doubts in regards. 

How to earn money from Instagram in India? Can I earn money from Instagram? Am I eligible to earn money from Instagram? Do I compulsorily need a high number of followers on Instagram to make money from it? Do I have enough followers to earn money from Instagram? Should I get some more followers to earn money on Instagram?

Becoming A Brand Ambassador/Influencer For Your Brand And For Others

Being an answer to all these questions, the top answers for how to earn money from Instagram in India are explained below.

Becoming a brand ambassador is one of the best answers to how to make money from Instagram in India.

An Instagram brand ambassador can be defined as a long-term brand partner also known as paid spokesperson to promote a company’s products, talk about the brand positively on social media, and in all embody its values. 

If a person is someone who enjoys interacting with a community, creating a following (number of followers), and presenting their and others brand loyalty, being a brand ambassador could be a great path for him/her. 

To become a brand ambassador in India a person can look for companies, visit the company’s website and check its career page to see if it has a position for a brand ambassador, or can also check online job boards for possible postings.

On an average, a brand ambassador in India can make an amount of ₹3.8 lakhs.

Affiliate Marketing/Social Media Marketing Or Becoming A Social Media Influencer

Affiliate marketing can be defined as a system that allows influencers to promote a brand’s products or services and earn a commission from the clicks or sales generated by their Instagram page. Affiliate marketing typically involves four main players, which are, the brand, the affiliate network, influencers/affiliate marketers and the customer.

Affiliate marketing is an answer to how to earn money from Instagram in India for being one of the easiest and the highest paid jobs on Instagram. Affiliate marketing can be done by any of the business owners or bloggers. An affiliate marketer in India can earn in a range of ₹0.3 lakhs to ₹9.3 lakhs.

Sponsor Content/Sponsor Posts on Instagram

An Instagram sponsored content/sponsored posts are exclusive posts created and published by an influencer on their own account in exchange for some sort of compensation. The Instagram influencers come into play in the marketing world through sponsored content/sponsored posts and can be said as the way to leverage their Instagram account for a lucrative career.

To begin, to become a sponsored content creator, an influencer/blogger needs to navigate to their profile and select the post they want to promote. How To Earn Money From Instagram In India, After the same, they need to tap the promote button on the post page. Aa an alternative, an sponsored content creator can also go to their Instagram Insights, scroll to the Promotions data, and tap the Create Promotion link to use the same.

Becoming A sponsored content creator, even a micro-influencer on Instagram can make an amount of ₹6,531 per post.

Shopping/Selling Digital and Physical Products

Is shopping one of the answers to how to make money from Instagram in India? How is it possible?

Shopping is a way to earn money on Instagram, a person has to set up their own product catalog, which he/she can promote by making all their content shoppable. A person selling products on Instagram can tag products on Instagram products on the Instagram surface. He/she can also organize products in a variety of collections. Instagram is also known to provide rich insights on their store’s performance.

Fan Membership And Exclusive Content

Fans membership on Instagram includes the amount/a monthly subscription fees paid by the fans to access exclusive content from creators they follow, including various Lives and Stories. The users who have been subscribed to a content creator/creators will get a purple badge next to their username to stand out from the list of followers.

To earn fan membership on an Instagram account, a person needs to start selling people posts and stories. The influencers/bloggers can choose to put their profit or brand on the post and in the caption, and direct their followers to the page or the website linked.

License Photographs and Videos and Sell Them

Instagram can sub-licence the content of any of its users. Licensing photographs and videos on Instagram can be defined as licensing a user’s photograph or video to any third party, with or without giving any notice or offering any payment to the user or also informing the user or the user being aware in regards to the same. 

If the user is aware of his/her picture being licensed, he/she could charge a particular amount to the person, to whom a particular picture/video has been licensed.

Consulting In Regards To Instagram

How To Earn Money From Instagram In India, Consulting in regards to Instagram, well-known as IG consulting, was founded by Ibrahim Guldiken, and based in South Florida. Instagram consulting is one of the best answers to how to earn money from Instagram in India.

IG Consulting can be defined as consulting services created for the purposes of providing consulting services for International and also National clients in the business development, management, accounting and real estate arenas on Instagram and some other social media platforms.

An IG consultant in India, on an average can earn ₹12,52,118 per year.

Earn Money From IGTV Ads

Today, IGTV ads on Instagram also known as IGTV monetization is a revolution. The Video creators on Instagram will earn money directly for their content. The IGTV monetization works through the videos (15 seconds ads) that will appear to the audience watching the IGTV channel.

IGTV ads are a great answer to how to make money from Instagram in India for its earning value. 

To be eligible for IGTV monetization an Instagram user should have atleast 10,000 followers on his/her account, belong to an eligible country to earn through IGTV monetization and have an IGTV video with a minimum length of 3 minutes.

Badges/Go Live With Badges

Instagram badges are a renowned feature which allows its users to show support to creators during a live video. 

When a user purchases a badge during a live video, a heart icon appears next to his/her name in the comments. Once badges are purchased, the Badges remain next to the user’s name during that live.

To earn from Badges on Instagram. Firstly, a person needs to check his/her “Profile” and tap “Professional Dashboard”. If they are the users eligible for monetization, they will see a button to “Set Up Badges.” 

How To Earn Money From Instagram In India, To be eligible for badge monetization on Instagram a user needs to have a professional Instagram account, be 18+ years old, should comply with the Instagram’s Partner Monetisation Policies and also Community Guidelines, be in a region to access the badges and have at least 10k+ followers.

If the user is not yet eligible for monetization, he/she can apply in-app by tapping “Apply for monetization” and check their Professional Dashboard for status updates.

Teach Your Audience On Instagram

Teaching on Instagram is one of the most working answers for how to earn money from Instagram in India. 

Becoming an Instagram coach can be one of the highest paid jobs for the eligible Instagram users.

The user can create an inspirational video or a tutorial video (in relation to the topic they want to teach), include brand hashtags and brand names in the video, make the video live and lastly get paid for it.

On average, becoming an Instagram coach, gives an earning in the range of $250-$300 per video in India.

Earn From Instagram Stories, Masks And Filters

An Instagram user with a good number of followers can earn from creating Instagram stories, masks and filters by collaborating with various brands, for brand promotion on Instagram.

With creating Instagram stories, masks and videos/reels with making filters, with collaborating with brands, having promotion agreements with brands, getting into affiliate marketing with brands and earning a good amount for the collaboration and products sold.

Earning from Instagram stories, masks and filters depends on the popularity an Instagram user has, the number of followers a user has and the brands he/she goes to collaborate and affiliate marketing.

Freelancing On Instagram

Freelancing is a vast topic including various answers to how to earn money from Instagram in India.

Freelancing on Instagram includes every type of freelancing work: writing captions, writing other content, teaching, digital marketing, adding product reviews etc.

To earn money from Instagram in India, firstly, a user has to do his/her market research and understand what their followers are looking for. The best way to get into freelancing on Instagram is extensive market research. For a start and learning, a user can check out other profiles that are popular in their field. The users can market, advertise and keep innovation to stay on top of the game.

An average freelancer in India earns in a range of ₹50,000 to ₹80,000 from Instagram.

Build Community And Earn From Instagram

Building community on Instagram is a varied answer to how to earn money from Instagram in India.

Building community on Instagram includes various types of different earnings methods such as affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship, selling products on Instagram, reviewing other products on Instagram and others web portals, promoting brands and products, becoming a consultant, becoming an influencer etc.

How To Earn Money From Instagram In India, An Instagram user, with building a good community, can choose any of these ways to earn money on Instagram and earn money in accordance with his/her field chosen. 

Furthermore, these are the top ways to earn money from Instagram in India. Yet, these are only the top ways to earn money on Instagram, the ways doesn’t only end here, being a creative platform Instagram could have an end number of followers to earn money from Instagram in India.

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