How to become a virtual assistant with no experience

How to become a virtual assistant with no experience , Not everybody likes 9 to 5 jobs as their innumerable barrier and limitations.

We are always struggling with our professional life and try to look forward to other alternatives to cope up with it.

Freelancing jobs is the best source of income in today’s pandemic situation.

You can perform multiple tasks at the same time while sitting at your home with a comfort level. With less equipment and resources.

The best part of being a virtual assistant is to work independently and in your own comfort zone. You can choose with whom you want to work and how long to work.

You can work like a king  

Out of many jobs virtual assistants are one of them. Today we are going to line up all the features of a virtual assistant.

Let us know first what exactly virtual assistants are?


A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who can manage clients work load by answering emails, preparing document or letters, checking document file, making arrangements, coordinate schedule of meeting and calendar, doing administrative, handle other employees task and so on.

However virtual assistants have an authority to generalise the tasks are doing in great form or not.

They are in huge demand in online businesses as well as entrepreneurs hence it is less cost effective and does not matter on a specific location.


Specifically they work like an executive assistant and personal assistant, basically it depends upon them how much they are specialised in their field.

Their remote job is not limited, they offer multiple services.

Following are the several tasks done by Virtual assistant

  • Manage and schedule meeting with other client
  • Monitoring other employees
  • Fix appointments with clients or partners
  • Arrange documents and record systematically
  • Arrangements of travel
  • Sending and answering emails
  • Project management
  • Website design
  • transcription
  • Manage account details
  • Maintain wordpress

The job is defined more than that because there is so much potential due to a remote job. No need to set up an office

Just need a good internet connection and a laptop or computer.

How to become a virtual assistant with no experience

How to become a virtual assistant with no experience , Once you choose your niche then you are ready to serve in the job. The beauty of this job is that you need not have any degree. You can go further on the basis of your skill.

Even you can start without having no experience, on the basis of your skill and interest

Here are some steps to follow to become an independent virtual assistant

Let’s start with the deep conversation regarding above steps


How to become a virtual assistant with no experience , It’s the first step related to this job. How you start without selecting a proper niche.

All you need to do is to choose a perfect niche which is in trend. Make it easier to select the niche which is in huge demand. It will give you more benefit  


After selecting the niche just focus where you want to start your job like select your location and decide how you will run your business.

Before going to start your business at least takes business advice with someone who is pro in that field.

The good perk of this business is to set and start from anywhere and at any time.


You selected your niche and location now it’s time to start making your online presence to attain some kind of attention.

It only makes sense when you start presenting online through online platforms. You can choose it by your own

The best platform is to create a website related to your skill basis.

The another platform where you can show your presence are mentioned below

  • Create a profile in linked in
  • Create an account on Instagram related to business profile
  • Join Facebook business groups
  • You can also create your account on upwork
  • Join freelancing sites like Fiverr and freelancer

Though above mention ideas will help you to establish your name as a virtual assistant

They will help you to define who you are. Just present yourself as simple as can and don’t portray like a pro especially when you are a beginner. Being saying so that does not mean don’t show your confidence.


The next step as a VA is of course finding some clients to work with them.

Your client may notice you with an online approach but it takes little time.

Don’t get frustrated when you are not able to find a client. All you need to do is be consistent and dedicated towards your work. These are the key ingredients required for success.

Low your service rate before starting. After getting new approaches you can expand it depending upon your needs. Explore and give exposure to your business after getting some success in that field.


As you can see everywhere there is an excessively competitive world around you and which is extremely hard to crack and cope up with, especially when you are a growing learner.

It’s a hard time for every beginner to build a strong relation between you and your client while serving them.

Hare are few tips you can follow to make a trustful relation

  • Give them some discount
  • Show a kind gesture towards them
  • Speak politely while a deep conversation
  • Show them respect
  • Give them some advice and try to do your best in your work
  • Don’t be hurry in negotiation especially when you have no experience


You learn a lot about VA, now let’s continue this deeper behind this.

One can only hire you if your charges suit them, so all you need to do first is to set your pricing structure.

Now a question rise here is how much you can charge as a beginner?

Figure out how much time you gave to this profession then set out a fix rate, especially a little low when you are at the start.

But you can ask more if you are skilled and pro in multitasking.

On the contrary if you think about your clients perspective, he is always at a beneficial stage hence he neither needs to train you nor give you an office or any other perk.

So decide your price keeping in mind all the faces.


Searching for a virtual assistant job is not at all a hard nut to crack exclusively in the online world. It completely depends on you what kind of job you want, full time or part time.

Plenty of companies frequently offering VA jobs

Here are mentioning some best sites for you

Let’s start defining them to gain more knowledge


Boldly is a distinctive company that hires VAs as an employee not as a contractor. You need at least 7 years of experience if you need work with BOLDLY.

The time flexibility is defined by the employee here.

Most of the VAs are doing part time here.

The company is reputed and works longer.


Fiverr is a freelancing website who offers multiple jobs. You can find many clients over there and even genuine.

All you need to create a great profile on Fiverr to attract more clients.

You just need to place a good and low rated gig to respond instantly.

Fiverr is a great opportunity to make experience and better rates·  


UPwork is again another biggest and good website for freelancers. The website is genuine and many freelancers gain profit from it.

From there you can create your profile hence it’s a user friendly site where you can place a good bid to attain more clients.

The more details you provide on the website the more attention you can seek.  


Fancy hands is a US based VA site who offers numerous job opportunities regarding virtual assistants.

On the website clients are frequently hiring VAs as per their desires.

You can construct a good experience working with the site.


The profit factory is a Canadian based company who offers several jobs to their users.

You can do your job according to your time preference hence the website is too flexible.

Time to time the company provides training and support their users in every best manner


The website is truly genuine and started in 2010. Its main headquarter in ATLANTA, GEORGIA, US

BELAY offers numerous remote jobs to their users. It specialises in virtual assistants, virtual bookers and special media strategies.

Here you can find extremely good clients to work with them


It is a legal trusting brand to recruit employees and provide them the opportunity to serve them.

The beauty of the website is that they charge nothing from you. You can take RANDSTAD service absolutely free.


In TIME ETC you need not a consistent experience but you acquire previous experience regarding executive assistant.

The site is too flexible you can earn much more if you spend a few hour in a week.


Another great website who serves online jobs for their users. The site is completely genuine and free to their users.

You can find various clients across the world. They don’t even ask for experience.

You can do work accordingly on your time schedule.


MY BTLR is an extremely popular website in the field of VAs. They make a relationship between clients and virtual assistants.

You can find many jobs here in consonance with your desires.

Although the website is genuine and they offered amazing clients and employers

This can suit you hence with the simplicity.


The website target is to provide you the best remote job, specifically your niche preference.

One of the best niches they offer you is administrative assistant. In other words, bulk jobs are available as a virtual assistant.

FIND These Clients BY YOUR OWN

Frankly speaking it’s better if you can find a client on your own instead of any other website.

All I’m saying is to find local clients rather than pitching national or international as it gives you plenty of knowledge and experience.

Many companies prefer to deal with direct and local VAs because they don’t want to pay them between people. You can directly approach them.

You can also ask to your friends or family members and can also search job from newspaper

It will also prevent you from scam because beginners have no experience. They start working without knowing them for sake to get work.

While working with local clients give you more courage and confidence to deal with client and handle his tantrums in real




·   You can start if you are passionate. Need not any degree and experience

  • No more equipment necessary, only require laptop or computer and good internet connection
  • Flexible schedule as per your convenience
  • Beginner can also start as a career


  • Highly risk being scammed
  • There are multitasking person needed who can handle many things
  • It is hard to find a good client mainly when you are new in this field
  • Huge competition as anyone can do this job without any degree or knowledge


How to become a virtual assistant with no experience , Well we talk a lot regarding virtual assistant, now let’s come to end with the discussion and give a judgment that is it worth to do this job or not

The beauty of doing this job is that you can start at any time. You can also establish yourself and also Make it a choice of your profession as it does not follow hard and fast.

How to become a virtual assistant with no experience in short Just believe in yourself and take your first step towards this profession.

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