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How To Become A Freelancer In India

How to become a freelancer in India? A guide giving answers to all the questions is given below. 

If you want to become a freelancer in India, read the brief information below and you will get all the answers.

In this digital era, freelancing is one of the most preferred ways to earn money. 

Becoming popular among youth and middle-aged people, freelancing is known to provide all work-life balance, freedom and money. 

How To Become A Freelancer In India And Worldwide?

To become a freelancer, a person can find potential clients using different sources. Freelancing projects can be found using sources such as social media applications and various freelancing websites such as, Fiverr, Upwork etc. 

According to the services provided by a freelancer, he/she can reach as many prospective clients/employers as possible. 

How To Start Freelancing In India?

Indian freelancers can typically get into freelance projects online. Indian freelancers can search for freelancing projects on portals such as social media applications (Facebook, Instagram etc.), websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Kool Kanya Marketplace and more. 

Freelancers can also get into freelancing projects using OnSite. 

OnSite freelancing can be done by a freelancer who has an established network of clients, employers and companies.

Who Is A Freelancer?

A Freelancer can be simply defined as a self-employed person. He/She can be a person who is not necessarily committed to a particular employee for a longer term.

How to become a freelancer in India or worldwide? Is something that is searched by millions of people today. There are hundreds of articles on the internet, on how to become a freelancer in India? But which way is correct, and which way to be followed is the most difficult choice to make.

To become a successful freelancer in India and worldwide, the most important is to follow the correct way to become a freelancer in India.

Facts And Figures In Regards To Freelancing

How to become a freelancer in India, facts and figures related are explained

Today, 15 Million freelancers are working in India. According to the assumption, the number of freelancers in India will increase to 20-30 billion by 2025.

According to 2018, India was ranked 2nd after the US for freelancing work. As of 2018, 43% of freelancers in India were millennials. 

In 2020, it was estimated that 50% of the workforce will switch to freelancing. 

Freelancers who became millennials were driven by the desire to enjoy their work-life balance and be their boss.

Businesses Hiring Freelancers

Today, hiring freelancers have also been accepted and attractive in many businesses. Starting a business to hire freelancers can be one of the most profitable businesses as of now. If a person channelises his skills and works with being hardworking he/she can be making good money from freelancing. 

Today, many Indians have grown their freelancing writing domain, with hard work and using their skills.

Types Of Freelancing Jobs in India

Any professional skill of a person can be changed to freelancing work. Freelancing jobs can include anything and everything.

The top highest paid freelancing jobs in India are Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design and Blockchain Development.

Benefits Of Freelancing

  • Flexible working hours, work whenever a person wants to, work in the most productive hours.
  • Have control over jobs clients. When a person is into a 9-5 job he/she comes under the control of an employer. On the other hand, when becoming a freelancer a person works for different clients, the freelancer controls the clients, not the clients control the freelancers.
  • Work anywhere a person wants to. A freelancer doesn’t have to go to the office and work but can work at any place he/she wants to. A freelancer can work at home, on a vacation, at a cafe etc.
  • Become your boss. A freelancer never has a boss hanging on his/her head. A freelancer only remains answerable to his/her client and no one else.
  • Earn and keep all the profits. By becoming a freelancer, a person doesn’t have to work on a fixed pay. He/she can decide their pay rate and earn as much as they want.
  • Become Independent. Becoming a freelancer makes a person independent. He/she doesn’t get dependent on one person for their earnings, can have as many clients they want and make the most money possible.
  • Get exposure. By becoming a freelancer, a person can learn as many things as he/she wants to.

Drawbacks Of Freelancing

  • Do not have a steady income or reliable workloads. Becoming a freelancer, a person cannot have a steady income and fixed workload. The income and work of a freelancer can keep on changing.
  • Unable to differentiate between personal and professional or work life. Becoming a freelancer means a person has to work anytime he/she wants to. A freelancer cannot have a fixed number of working hours and cannot differentiate between professional and personal life.
  • The whole work is to be done by one person. Becoming a freelancer means the person has to do all the work, not only complete the work but also find the work, collect payments, and negotiate all work to be done by one person.
  • How To Become A Freelancer In India, Not getting paid, facing fraud etc. This is the most common in the freelancing world, it is possible that the freelancers don’t get paid sometimes. Freelancers can face fraud, or get their work rejected and don’t get paid for the same.
  • No employer benefits. A freelancer cannot get any of the benefits that a company employee gets. A freelancer cannot be getting any benefits such as health benefits, company discounts, insurance benefits, paid leaves etc.

Freelancer Earnings In India

The earnings of freelancers in India range between 1.5 lakh INR and 12.7 lakh INR annually, with an average pay of 4.2 lakh INR a year. Salary estimates are also based on 4.5k salaries that are received by freelancers.

Tips To Become A Freelancer In India

Have Clearly Defined Goals

Before starting as a freelancer, a freelancer must have clearly defined goals. If a person doesn’t know his/her goal, he/she should never be clear about the work to be done. 

How To Become A Freelancer In India, A freelancer should have answers for all why is he/she freelancing? What freelancing work does he/she want to do? Does he/she want to earn additional income? Does he/she want to enjoy the lifestyle of becoming a freelancer?

Go For A Profitable Niche

Usually, a person provides freelancing services for the skills he/she has. Before providing freelancing services, a person should be clear about which of his/her skills will be most profitable. A freelancer should be working in the most freelancing niche he/she can. 

Determine A Target Market

How To Become A Freelancer In India, With working for a few clients, a freelancer gets clear in regards to the target market he/she wants to work for. After completing a few freelancing projects, a freelancer gets clear about his/her target, he/she gets clear about the niche of freelancing projects to go for. By narrowing down the target market, a freelancer can get qualified projects in the niche he/she wants to work for.


After deciding the freelancing work and niche, a freelancer should be clear about the price he/she should charge from his clients. A freelancer should be clear about the per hour charges he/she should get for his work. Usually, a freelancer should be charging his clients by getting paid by other freelancers of the same niche.


To get the best quality work a freelancer should have the best work displaying a profile possible. A freelancer should be having a profile to display his/her work on social media and other freelancing websites. 

Having a good profile can make a freelancer noticed by the clients and get the projects in his/her niche.


How To Become A Freelancer In India, After all the above steps, a freelancer has to set a path for his/her work, a freelancer should have a perfect pitch for his/her clients. Before communicating with a client, a freelancer should be clear about his price for the project, the hours in a week he/or she is going to work on the project, and the number of days he/or she will be able to deliver the work.

Pitch To Client

After deciding on the path, the next work of a freelancer becomes to give a pitch to the client. A freelancer should find prospective clients to pitch to, convenience the clients with their pitch, capabilities and experience and get the projects they want.

Way Of Communication

Before pitching to a client, a freelancer should be clear about his/her way of communication. A freelancer should be clear about his/her terms and conditions with the client, a freelancer should be clear with his client, in terms of his/her charges, terms of his/her work, terms of his/her working hours, terms of his/her work completion date etc.


The first thing a client notices about a freelancer is his/her work and his/her confidence. If a freelancer is not confident about his/her work, the consideration of his/her work gets reduced. 

A freelancer should be confident in front of his/her client all the time, from the first call to the pitch, confirming the project and completing the project.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Working As A Freelancer Legal In India?

Working hard is legal everywhere, in India and also worldwide. The constitution of India provides rights to every individual to work they want to work.

Is Freelancing A Safe Work Category In India?

Freelancing is considered the safest work category in India. Freelancing can be done in almost all the categories such as web development, copywriting work, mobile applications, web designing and everything.

Who Is The Richest Freelancer Today?

Meet James Knight is the richest freelancer today. He is a programmer who has left a lucrative job at Google to pursue his career as a freelancer. Currently, Meet is $1000 per hour working as a developer. It is seen that programming jobs such as software and mobile development pay the highest to freelancers.

Have Freelancers Pay Income Tax?

Yes, freelancers can pay income tax the same as other taxed employees. Same as salaried employees and businessmen, freelancers are also liable to pay income tax.

How to become a freelancer in India? All the answers to the same are mentioned in the above article. A person who wants to start freelancing can get all the answers to his/her queries and concerns in the above article. 

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